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Enter the dreams of an artist

Zane Zelmene's Simulacrum is a series of virtual reality objects that take the audience inside the artist's dreams, opening February 22 at the RIX-C gallery. 

Zelmene is known for cutting-edge art experiments. At the exhibition, three virtual/augmented reality headsets immerse visitors in three of the artist's lucid dreams.

"What are lucid dreams? These are dreams in which you understand you're dreaming. To me, these are very colorful dreams which I can influence by way of spawning objects and move around using flight," she told Latvian Radio.

Visitors can not only move around Zelmene's dreamscapes, but also interact with them and create new objects.

"The places include ones I've seen in dreams, but never been to before. I went to visit the places afterwards, mostly Rome and Greece, and made 360-degree photos and put them inside this program," the artist says.

Her dreams also include out-of-body experiences, which are also reflected in Simulacrum.

"It's sort of like you fly outside your body and see yourself from the side. In order to show the experience in the physical world, and in a woke state, I've made two masks that are connected and give off signals to one another," says Zelmene. 

Visit until mid-April. 

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