Latvia reveals cake-baking plan

Latvia has announced an ambitious plan to bake three cakes.

The popular combination of flour, eggs, sugar and some form of raising agent will be given a centennial twist with special added ingredients, Aiva Rozenberga of the Latvian Institute (the body charged with promoting Latvia's image abroad) told the Rita Panorama morning news show on LTV.

The cakes will be baked under the 'Baltic Centenary Way' title to tie together the anniversaries of the Baltic Way and the founding centenaries of the three Baltic states.

The idea is to thank neighboring Estonia and Lithuania for their solidarity over the last century and during the events of the Baltic Way in 1989 in particular.

"We wanted a way to say congratulations on your centenaries, and how do you normally celebrate things? By baking a cake," Rozenberga said.

"Everything has been thought through," she told the hosts, reassuring them that the baker due to be given the honor of opening their internationally significant oven was highly experienced in such matters and has a tried and tested family recipe at the ready.

Members of the public are also to be encouraged to don their aprons and oven gloves, bake cakes and share them with any hungry-looking people, particularly Estonians or Lithuanians, who happen to be spotted along the route of the original Baltic Way.

Following the all-important baking process, the resultant sweet treats will be presented to our neighbors in Estonia and Lithuania for consumption. However, it seems unlikely all 4 million of them will get a slice, unless the cakes' proportions are truly extraordinary.

Though it's tempting to keep one cake for ourselves, the third cake will in fact be given to Finland (also considered a Baltic state during the inter-war period) which celebrates its centenary this year.

You can read more about the initiative HERE. It also involves a plan to pass cakes from hand to hand over hundres of kilometers, which sounds like a recipe for disaster.

The origins of the cake date back many years, but the cake really rose to prominence thanks to a previous publicity drive masterminded by Marie Antoinette.

And what consideration of Latvian cakes would be complete without this?


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