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The Last Supper as smorgasbord - Ieva Iltnere's Babylon

Ieva Iltnere is a name that means a lot to those interested in contemporary Latvian art. Her personal exhibition is on display at the Māksla XO (Art XO) gallery on Elizabetes st. 14 until November 17, reported Andrey Shavrey (Андрей Шаврей) from LSM's Russian-language service.

About a dozen works painted this year are on display in the two rooms of the gallery, mostly in a large format which seems to be favored by Ieva Iltnere. Each detail in every work is painted scrupulously, and a sense of style presents itself readily, which, by the way, is a giveaway of mastery. 

You can see a whole tribe of mysterious Indians here - in particular, An Indian with a child and a Japanese bride Fei-Fei by a bum's motel. While Migrating birds are painted like a whole cloud in which an outline of a face can be seen, but below a lady on a boat is seen going against the stream.

White night paints an imaginary theater - and a pretty one at that - along a leopard with the head of a mythological creature beside it. What's more, the scene is painted on the shore of Daugava. Contours of the Railway bridge are seen in the background, and it seems that in reality the Triangula bastion is located there, seen by many - and perhaps rightfully so - as a disgrace for the Old City of Rīga.

The culmination of the small exhibition is the picture titled Smorgasbord. Behind a net, outlines of Christ and the apostles can be seen, an analogy of The Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci. Though it doesn't seem quite godly in there. What is it?

"You can see what's happening around in the world," Iltnere told

"Everything has changed its place. I think we live in the times of Babylon, and that's where the name for my current exhibition comes from. I have went to many countries, it's Babylon there too. While the theater in the picture, it's not a project, it's only dreaming about what could have been," the artist said.

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