Vote for your favorite Rīga architecture of the year

An expert panel has singled out 11 projects vying for the 2016 Riga Architecture Award. Locals are invited to vote for their favorite on Facebook, the Rīga City Council PR department told the press Monday.

The nominated projects include public and private buildings, some of which are important landmarks like the Rīga Motor Museum, Latvian University's Academic Center for Natural Sciences, the renovated national art gallery (winner of the 2016 Latvian Architecture Award), and the restored Rīga Castle.

The rest include several modern apartment complexes in central Rīga, an administrative building, a park on Saharova st. 35, a factory on Krustpils st. 35/35A and a set of infrastructure projects to move port activities away from the city center.

"The Rīga City Architect's Office invites everyone to partake in judging the objects put forth for the architectural achievement award '2016 Riga Architecture Award'...Vote for your favorite object by pressing Like and voice your opinion in the comments," the office said on Facebook.

The award winners will be announced on October 3 by the Rīga city architect Gvido Princis, who is to take into account the popular vote alongside the jury's choice and impressions from on-site visits.

Last year's award was won by the National Library, designed by a pack of architects lead by Gunārs Birkerts. 

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