Pārtikas revidents

"Pārtikas revidents". Uzturvielas un termiskā apstrāde

Pārtikas revidents

"Pārtikas revidents". Ziemassvētku galds

Vai kāpostu sula ir veselīga?

Is cabbage juice healthy? Answer provided.

Take note – story published 2 years ago

It is a question that may, or may not, have wracked the minds of philosophers from Aristotle onwards. Now LSM, via the LTV show 'Pārtikas revidents' (Health checker) can provide an answer to the ancient conundrum: "Is cabbage juice good for you or not?" 

For people suffering from indigestion and similar gastric afflictions, cabbage juice can help to find a balance in the body, but it should be consumed in moderation, says Ritvars Ziedonis, a family doctor at the Stopiņi outpatient clinic, presented by the show as something of a cabbage expert.

"I would definitely not tell anyone that cabbage juice should not be used, but nor would I say that it should be used a lot. Let's treat it as a normal fermented product,” advises the doctor, answering the key question regarding whether cabbage juice is healthy.

People with indigestion, possibly also constipation, need bacteria to work on their behalf. "We are used to living in symbiosis with these bacteria, the intestinal tract is full of them. Cabbage juice helps us find this balance. If you like the taste of kefir, yoghurt and other fermented products, then it definitely is not a bad thing,” Ziedonis points out.

At the same time, the doctor emphasizes that drinking cabbage juice should be done in moderation and preferaby not to the exclusion of other stomach-friendly foodstuffs.

"I'd like it if people use different products - the more [variety], the better, the same as with cabbage juice, just don't overdo it."

Thankfully, the medic did not go into any detail regarding the potential after-effects of excessive ingestion of cabbage juice, which we shall leave to the febrile imaginations of our readers. 

Nor is that the end of LTV's extensive cabbage coverage over the festive season. On December 26 viewers were treated to a special recipe from chef Renārs Purmalis as part of the 'Finished in Nature' show, which it is claimed is ideal for Christmas cabbage leftovers and involves the reduction of already-greatly-reduced stewed cabbage to an even finer puree with the addition of some butter.

In fact it is the briefest recipe we have encountered since 'toast' and runs: 


  • Stewed cabbage

  • Butter


The stewed cabbage is heated with butter and blended. Add spices to taste.

Rest assured that throughout 2021 LTV and LSM will continue to bring you all the latest brassica news as it happens.


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