Baltics now a 3 billion euro venture capital market

According to the Baltic Venture Capital Association, the private equity and venture capital market in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania has grown sevenfold during the last five years to stand at more than €3 billion in 2019.

Baltic VCA held its annual conference in Pärnu, Estonia, on August 21-22 with 200 participants from 13 countries.

Kristjan Kalda, Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, one of the constituent members of Baltic VCA, said:.

“In 2013, the total volume of private equity and venture capital market in the Baltics amounted to €385 million with only a few investors. Today, we have grown to become a €3 billion market and a home for teams with various investment strategies."

The Nordic and Baltic countries make up a so-called 'New Nordics' region in investors' parlance.

“The New Nordics is becoming a region of interest for institutional investors, alongside Japan and USA. Private equity and venture capital investors consider the Baltics an attractive investment region, characterized by professional and dynamic approach,“ Kalda said.

The Baltic VCA association aims at introducing and marketing the Baltic countries to institutional investors, as well as private equity and venture capital investors. The is a member of the Baltic VCA association. You can read more about its activities and check investment data at the website of the Latvian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association.


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