Map: Unemployment rate in Latvia 2016

The unemployment rate across Latvian municipalities and cities ranged from a record low 2.7% in Garkalne to 24% in the Cibla municipality in year-end 2016.

The capital Rīga posted a 4% unemployment rate while the rate at Latvia's second-largest city Daugavpils was 9.1% and 8.6% in Liepāja, the third-largest city.

As can be gathered from the map, Latvia's eastern reaches - the Latgale region - have significantly higher unemployment than the rest of the country.

Unemployment rate (%) among people who are able to work. December 31, 2016 (Source: CSP)

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The data is presented as part of the Tautas Panorāma project by Latvian Television and LSM seeking to give voice to the people prior to the 2017 municipal elections.

Source: Central Statistics Bureau data for 2016.

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