Can Latvia's traffic cameras send multiple penalties in a single day?

There are about 100 stationary photo radar cameras in Latvia that record violations in road traffic rules, and as well as having the ability to detect excessive speed, they can also read license plates and check if cars are fully insured with a valid technical inspection document.

With that in mind a viewer of the Latvian Television program "Studio 4" had a question - in theory could someone receive five or ten separate penalties in a single day for driving past different cameras, even if not speeding?

Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) representative Mārtiņš Mālmeisters told the program that because all the cameras work the same way, it was indeed possible that the same offense could be detected and punished by different cameras, as each would provide evidence of a vehicle being used improperly in road traffic.

A penalty with a different protocol number would be imposed each time, but in practical terms, a driver could only expect to get caught by stationary cameras multiple times if he or she was also exceeding the speed limit multiple times.

However, it should also be noted that police can also conduct spot checks on cars to see if they are roadworthy and legal, even if they are not speeding.

It is estimated that about 1% to 2% of drivers drive without a compulsory OCTA insurance policy, and 200 to 300 such vehicles are involved in road accidents each year. There is a guarantee fund that will compensate the other party involved in the accident, but action will be taken against drivers who do not have an OCTA policy, which may result in fines reaching into tens of thousands of euros.

The penalty for driving without an OCTA policy depends on the type of vehicle - the driver of a moped can be fined from 30 to 55 euros, a driver of cars - from 85 to 120 euros, and the driver of a truck or bus - from 400 to 700 euros. In addition, the penalty for driving without a roadworthiness test is from 55 to 120 euros.

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