Dalai Lama: "Russia could join the EU"

Exiled Tibetan religious leader the Dalai Lama appeared on LTV September 26 in an interview on the popular 1 pret 1 (1 against 1) strand.

The Dalai Lama had just delivered a series of public talks to a paying audience at a stadium in the Latvian capital, which he did also in 2014.

The start of the show had pictures of his followers awaiting him outside the luxury Ridzene hotel in central Riga, which was recently in the news as a notorious meeting place for Latvia's oligarchs.

Once settled down with his interviewer, Gundars Reders, the Tibetan leader ranged over various topics, decrying the modern world as "too materialistic" and saying that mediation had helped him overcome his sexual urges.

He also suggested Russia might one day join the European Union, possibly replacing the United Kingdom and the furthermore other 'Unions' in South America, Asia and elsewhere might one day coalesce into a global union of peace and enlightened thinking.

He declined to give any definite opinion of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin other than to note that they were similar in some respects.

You can watch the whole thing above.

(Note: as broadcast the interview was in English but with a Latvian voiceover. You may be able to catch the English conversation behind it.)

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