10 questions to: the Action Party

Ahead of October 6 parliamentary elections we bring you some question and answer sheets from each of the 16 competing parties, listed in the order in which they will appear on ballot papers. The third installment concerns the little-known Action Party.

1. Do you plan to reorganize local government administration?

Yes, we will reduce the small municipalities by merging them with big and strong ones, as well as fixing the time limit for local government leaders to manage the municipality for no more than 2 consecutive terms.

2. What are the three ministries that you would most like to lead?

Defense, Foreign Affairs, Finance.

3. Should Latvia remain within the European Union (EU) and NATO?

Yes, we must be in the EU and NATO, but the NATO contingent in Latvia should leave so as to avoid creating tensions.

4. How and in what way should the fast credit business in Latvia be restricted?

Quick loans in Latvia should be prohibited by law because repayment of these loans sends people into debt and poverty.

5. How and in what way should gambling business in Latvia be restricted?

Put [gambling halls] out of towns at a specific location and check that no incapacitated people are allowed to enter such institutions.

6. What are the three measures in the economy that could significantly improve the revenue side of the state budget?

Cancel sanctions. Establish normal economic relations with all neighboring countries. Rearranging the transit industry.

7. Do you support the Cohabitation Act, which would also provide a basis for legal relations for same-sex couples?

No, in Latvia there is the basis for traditional families.

8. Should defense expenditure be increased to 2.5% of GDP in the coming years?

No, it should be reduced to 1% of GDP.

9. Do you support the planned transition in minority schools to studies only in Latvian?

No, minority schools need to keep learning in their mother tongue. The Latgalian language must also be preserved.

10. What are your three main measures to improve the health care system in Latvia?                   

Increase the budget provided for medical studies, provided that people have to work in the sector for 5 years afterwards.

Increase funding to improve the material and technical base.

Raise salaries for medical staff.

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