What overseas media is saying about Latvia's election

How are foreign media writing about today's Saeima elections? Here is a selection.

The Reuters international newswire has a nice, straightforward straightforward piece by  Johan Ahlander and its man in Rīga, Gederts Gelzis.

Similarly the rival Bloomberg newswire has a preview concentrating on the issue of populism from locally-based correspondent Aaron Eglitis.

Radio Free Europe has a preview piece that concentrates on the Russian angle, a fairly common tendency among foreign media coverage of Latvia.

Transitions Online has a piece that rounds up what other outlets are saying.

The UK's Daily Express has a typically sensationalist headline with the word "SHIVERS" capitalized for emphasis. 

Euronews has a fairly lengthy piece but unfortunately gets the distribution of seats among the different constituencies wrong, claiming the 100 Saeima seats will be allocated thus: Rīga (30), Vidzeme (27), Latgale (15), Zemgale (15) and Kurzeme (13).

The actual numbers are Rīga (35 seats), Vidzeme (25 seats), Latgale (14 seats), Zemgale (14 seats) and Kurzeme (12 seats), as confirmed by the Central Election Commission.


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Adel Sdn
And in French medias the official press agency of the French government (Agence France Presse) can't even make the difference between Latvia and Lithuania... They were supposedly in Rezekne, but I didn't see any of these so-called journalists and I live just by the main poll station. Fake news or real ghosts? Sad day for French journalism. Source: https://www.lexpress.fr/actualites/1/monde/la-lettonie-vote-les-pro-russes-et-les-populistes-en-pole-position_2038517.html
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