MP denied access to state secrets

The Latvian Constitution Protection Bureau (SAB) has denied clearance for access to state secrets to MP Inguna Sudraba (For Latvia From The Heart), the chairwoman of the ad hoc parliamentary committee probing the so-called "oligarch affair".

The prosecutor’s office has revised Sudraba’s appeal on SAB’s decision and sent its response to Sudraba in late February, said Aiga Eiduka, the spokeswoman for the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Sudraba who chaired the parliamentary commission that completed its work in January, did not provide a clear answer on the contents of the decisions made by SAB and the Prosecutor General’s Office. "It is in process," she said.

SAB director Janis Maizitis when asked about SAB’s decision in relation to security clearance for Sudraba, avoided a direct answer. "If there is no official position, there is no need for security clearance," said Maizitis, refusing to elaborate on the matter.

As reported, in July 2017 the Latvian parliament set up the ad hoc committee to probe the so-called oligarch affair to look for signs of state capture and to examine the quality of pre-trial investigation. Sudraba and several its members applied for security clearance in order to get acquainted with materials on the oligarch case.

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