Suspected spy was arrested by Latvian security service in December

Latvia's counter-espionage Security Police (DP) announced January 26 that last month they arrested a suspected spy, a Latvia citizen believed to have been passing information to a foreign power.

"On 19 December 2017 DP initiated criminal proceedings pursuant to the Section 1 of the Article 85 of the Criminal Law about the illegal collection of non-disclosable information in order to pass it to a foreign country or foreign organization directly or through a third party, or illegal collection or passing of non-disclosable information pursuant to an assignment from the foreign intelligence service directly or through a third party. Within the criminal proceedings on 19 December 2017 an authorized search was made in several objects and a person was detained," the Security Police said in a statement.

"According to the information obtained in the pre-trial period and based on the objects seized during the search the plaintiff applied the detained citizen of the Republic of Latvia the status of a suspect pursuant to the Section 1 of the Article 85 of the Criminal Law and the Section 2 of the Article 223 of the Criminal Law about making, repairing, buying, keeping, carrying, transporting, transferring or selling of guns, gun parts, gun munition, pneumatic weapons, explosives or explosive gadgets without a requested license," it added.

The suspect is being held in custody pending trial, a measure approved at a court hearing, but due to the ongoing nature of the investigation no further comments are being released at this point, the statement concluded, along with a reminder that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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