Barracks not ready, NATO troops in Latvia will live in tents

Part of the Canada-led multinational NATO battalion arriving to bolster Latvia's defense will have to live in tents until the fall, as reconstruction of barracks at the Adazi military base will not be completed for several months, the LETA newswire reported May 17.

The matter was discussed at a closed meeting of the Defense Ministry's officials and Saeima Defense, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee members May 17.

Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis told LETA that overall, the project was being implemented on schedule. If the allies had any concerns, these would have been made known to the Defense Ministry, he said.

"Logistics teams of the allied troops are already operating in Adazi. It's a complex process. There will be almost 400 logistics specialists here soon, who will be involved in construction and setting up the technical equipment," said Bergmanis, saying that the first troops from the multinational battalion had arrived in Latvia quite a long time ago.

The entire battalion is to be deployed to Latvia by June, but it will be impossible to build the new barracks by that time, which is why some of the soldiers will have to stay under canvas.

"The Canadian side has been very understanding and is ready to give the barracks to soldiers from other countries, while the Canadians will be living in tents up until part of the barracks is reconstructed. By the fall, however, they will all have a solid roof over their heads," claimed the minister.

However, readying the facilities for the troops to be stationed in Latvia seems to be lagging behind similar preparations in Estonia and Lithuania

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