Steal our secrets, says Latvian cyber-security agency

Latvia's dedicated cyber-security agency has come up with a bold challenge to hackers: steal our secrets if you can!

Cyber security guardians at, in association with the Accenture IT consultancy, are running a special 'Hack night' on June 2, with some very respectable prizes up for grabs for the most invasive thief of the night.

"Interested in IT security? Apply to Accenture Night Hack event! You will have a chance to test your silks by attempting to get into our lab machines to steal secrets. The ones providing us the most secrets will get rewarded!" the organizers promise.

"Pizza, snacks and refreshments to keep us hacking through the night," will be provided, they add in a crucial piece of additional information.

Those wishing to attend should have experience in IT security and the event will take place in English. For more details, click HERE (it's okay, this is not a phishing attempt, honestly).

This is the latest in several "hackathons" with journalists and the NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence both recently running hacks of their own.


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