Annoying individual deported

Self-styled "reportage" purveyor, British citizen Graham Phillips, was deported from Latvia Wednesday night.

Phillips, known in Russia and Ukraine for his heavily biased reporting from Eastern Ukraine for Russia Today - but a virtual unknown in his homeland - had repeatedly made a nuisance of himself at an event in Riga on Wednesday.

Ignoring repeated instructions from police to act like a journalist rather than an attention-seeking 3-year-old, he was briefly detained, mugging for the cameras as he was placed in the back of a police van amid scenes that provoked no calls for his release from the rest of the press pack.

Phillips was the only person arrested at the event.

An earlier attempt by Phillips to fly a drone at the event proved unsuccessful when the machine refused to take off.

Later he was escorted to the border and politely asked to sling his hook, LSM understands.

Via social media, the smooth-headed propagandist declared himself delighted to be back in Russia, praising its press freedom. 

Latvian Interior Minister Rihards Kozlovskis confirmed Phillips has now been blacklisted and will not be granted future entry to Latvia, an arrangement likely to be agreeable to all parties concerned.

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