Man denied kidney transplant because of Covid-19 contact

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29-year-old Mārtiņš Čampa has severe chronic kidney disease. On Tuesday, a suitable kidney had been found for transplantation. But the operation was cancelled because of possible contact with Covid-19, Latvian Radio reported January 14.

The early morning of January 12 came to Mārtiņš with a pleasant surprise: a kidney had been found for transplantation. However, the operation had to be cancelled. The reason is that Martin's daughter was a Covid-19 contact person in kindergarten. Although Mārtiņš was only a second-degree contact, the operation is so serious that it could not happen. Mārtiņš does not condemn medics - he calls on the public to understand that the price to be paid for not complying with the epidemiological requirements can be extremely high for others.

“This week the opportunity really was there, it is an opportunity that cannot be missed,” said Mārtiņš Čampa, who unfortunately had to miss this chance. 

Mārtiņš Čampa is a 29-year-old physiotherapist. In the early morning of January 12, he was out skiing until he received a call.

“The call was kind of formal and asked about my state of health. I didn't have any symptoms of cold, which is important before the transplant. Consequently, the caller also said there was a compatible donor and a transplant could take place. And that I should move toward Stradiņš hospital to do checks before surgery," said Mārtiņš.

Mārtiņš rushed home. After a moment's thought, he remembered his daughter was a Covid-19 contact person - which means Mārtinš is also a contact person. He said it on the next telephone call.

“To which, of course, the reaction was a pause. And discussion with surgeons, and after this discussion, the caller said, unfortunately this is an obstacle in this case.” 

But the story isn't about anger and resentment toward medics. Mārtiņš is very well aware of why the operation could not have happened - if he had been ill and had used immunity-suppressing medicine after the operation, the disease could have been very severe and even life-threating.

The disappointment is toward irresponsible society members who do not observe the epidemiological rules and spread the virus, which costs others dearly.

“I would gladly decide on my own health and the quality of my life or leave it in the hands of medics, rather than being directly dependent on Covid-19 skeptics and leaving it in their hands,” said Mārtiņš.

Šķiet tikai retais no mana "sociālā burbuļa" zina par manām veselības nedienām, arī šī ieraksta mērķis nav tās...

Posted by Martins Campa on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital doctor – transplantologist Jānis Jušinskis explains this unfortunate coincidence that a potential recipient should be denied transplant because of Covid-19 is a first.

“We have to completely exclude Covid-19's likelihood because there is high risk if the transplanted patient gets it. In this case, you cannot exclude that there was no contact. (..) If he, God forbid, got the virus and have a kidney transplanted, then the consequences would be very negative,” said Jušinskis.

He didn't know how long Mārtiņš would have to wait for the next call. But it has to be remembered that each kidney translplant is associated with another person's death. It is therefore important that people consent to organ donation after death. The kidney offered to Mārtiņš saved another person's life. But Mārtiņš has to keep on waiting.

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