Pictures: Possible future looks of Riga Central Station

A jury for the sketch competition for the Rail Baltica bridge and development of the central public transport hub in Riga has awarded second place to two entries, as none of the sketch designs met all the criteria of the contracting party, the jury told reporters Monday.

The two second-place finishers are Latvia's Outofbox and a design firm from Denmark.

PLH Arkitekter with COWI (Denmark)


Outofbox (Latvia)

Eiropas Dzelzcela Linijas (European Rail Lines) will hold talks with both companies to arrive at the best solution.

Given the complexity of the project, the fifteen sketch designs of the Rail Baltica bridge and transport hub in downtown Riga submitted for the competition is a very remarkable number, the jury said earlier. Construction is to start by 2022.

In July this year, Eiropas Dzelcela Linijas announced an open sketch design competition for constructing of the Rail Baltica structures in Riga.

The competition territory covers 14 hectares and encompasses the historic central railroad station of Riga, the embankment from Dzirnavu Street to Krasta Street, and the planned Rail Baltica bridge over the River Daugava.

Rail Baltica is a proposed high-speed line to link Helsinki with Berlin through the Baltic capitals by 2024.

The key goal of the project is to renew regional integration by re-joining the Baltic states with the European rail network.

The project will cost Latvia about €1.27b. The first part of the project acquired more than 80% in funding from the Connecting Europe Facility.

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Rail baltica is a bad project. It's not good for average Baltic people, who cannot effort the travel to Scandinavia. People who can effort will take an airline. So it's a waste of money. It's better to use the money to reopen closed lines for locals, like cross border trains between Jelgava and Šiauliai, and extend the local train from Vilnius to Daugavpils. The tracks are still there. And of course daily trains between Liepaja and Riga, and Ventspils and Riga. Nowadays in Kurzeme are nearly no passenger trains. Spend the money better than this kind of prestige projects.
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