Supreme Court rules same-sex marriage request will be considered

Latvia's Supreme Court on Friday overturned an administrative court decision to refuse an application to register a same-sex marriage, reported LSM via LETA.

Supreme Court press spokeswoman Baiba Kataja said that the court agrees with the administrative court decision that current regulations do not allow registering same-sex marriages in Latvia.

The matter however should have been considered in a context not of marriage, but of registering familial partnership, and it should be established whether the refusal does not contravene the Latvian Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights.

That means, continues the Supreme Court, that it's impossible to conclude whether the applicants' rights weren't violated unless their claim is accepted and reviewed in a proper manner.

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Andrew - . While I'm sure your offer to 'get to know' such a hunka-hunka-burning-love as SayNo2BigGay is well placed, I'd assume he'd feel better making someone's acquaintance in more 'glorious' locales. ;)
As a Latvian-American, I see what's going on with 'gay marriage' and what has been following it. Don't let them pollute Latvia! Example: Up to three-quarters of 'gay marriages' are polyamorous, in other words, the 'spouses' give each other permissions to commit adultery! Example: We've had 'gay marriage' for a while now. Yet there's an alarming epidemic of syphilis among gays! Example: It hasn't even been a year since the five Supreme Court justices imposed 'gay marriage' like dictators, and already we've been hearing about people trying to make the courts open the country to polygamy! Example: Big Gay got this country to swallow the foolish gay-marriage idea, so now they're getting even bolder by trying to make men able to walk into women's and girl's private rooms! It has to stop somewhere.
as a gay man living in the UK I personally know many examples of "open" marriages; the "married" type of open relationship where both "spouses" can have sex with others outside their marriage. I don't see why they want to call their relationship marriage if they don't act like they are in one anyway.
Jesus Christ! You make us sound satanic! we're not actually that bad if you get to know us you know?
Wow, you have a whole Twitter account solely dedicated to obsessive ramblings about the evils of gays. Why does a heterosexual spend so much time thinking about gay people? (I'm not going to refute your wacky assertions about homosexuals as it would be piddling in the wind to try and engage in a serious conversation with you.)
Hopefully an opening for our gay friends to enjoy the same rights as herto couples, and not a Latvian legal maneuver to deny rights close the issue forever.
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