Colder weather to set in on Tuesday

Monday will be this week's warmest day as on Tuesday a cold weather system will cross the country, bringing clouds, rain and of course colder air temperatures, forecasts say.

On Tuesday night it will be raining across the country, but only in the west throughout the day. Nighttime temperatures will be at +5..+7C and +8..+13C in the coastal regions. Meanwhile daytime temps will drop to +10..+15C and a colder +5..+9 in the coastal regions. 

The workdays after that will be dry and sunny and slightly warmer. Northwestern winds will ensure that the coastal regions will be significantly colder at +6..+11C, including the capital Riga. 

Change of wind will ensure Friday will be quite warm at +16..+21C and again colder in the coastal regions, particularly in western Latvia. 

Nighttime temperatures will be about +2..+7C. The weekend is likely to be cold once again but there'll be little by way of precipitation. 

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