Gusty start to the week in Latvia, with rain later

The clear skies of last week have disappeared and this week will start with strong gusts of wind, according to LSM's weather forecasters.

On Monday morning, in the vast majority of parts of Latvia, the sky is cloudy, but in many places in Kurzeme it is clear. Air temperature at 5 was +5 .. + 8 degrees, but in Kurzeme, where the sky is clear - about +2 .. + 4 degrees, according to the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center.

On Monday morning air temperatures are generally from +5 to +8 degrees Celsius, but slightly colder on the coast where skies are clearer.

South and south-easterly winds are expected to strengthen through the day reaching up to 13 meters per second at times, slightly offsetting increasing air temperatures of around +12 C.

Tuesday night will see the arrival of a large cyclonic weather system bringing rain to much of the country on Wednesday. Rain can then be expected every day until Sunday, with Saturday likely to be stormy.

On Sunday skies will clear again to provide some brief respite, but at the cost of chilly temperatures with morning frosts possible. 

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