Heat wave on Thursday after rainy start of the week

After a chilly few days the weather will turn warmer on Wednesday culminating in a mini heat wave on Thursday reaching +30C, reports LSM's weatherman Toms Bricis. 

Monday will be rainy and chilly across Latvia with gusts of wind at 20 m/s in the coastal regions. On Tuesday wind and rain will subside however the air temperature will still be at +15..+19C. 

After a rather cold night the weather will warm up on Wednesday to +19..+24C.

While a brief heatwave is expected to hit the country on Thursday with temperatures of +25..+30C. However it will quickly give way to heavy rainfall and, in some places, hail. 

Temperatures are to fall from Friday reaching just +20C in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday. Brief rainfall is expected across the country.

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