Ideal leaf-watching weather this week!

The outlook for this week may be potentially stormy as far as politics are concerned, but the weather is expected to be excellent with an unseasonably warm and sunny seven days expected, say forecasters.

There is even the possibility of record-high temperatures for the time of year.

Only on Tuesday night in some parts of Kurzeme and Vidzeme is rain likely, while the rest of the week will be rain-free with plenty of sunshine.

Prevailing winds will be slow to moderate from the south and southwest, allowing the formation of mist in the mornings in some places.

Air temperatures at night will be in the range of +4 to +10 degrees Celsius, but in the afternoons the air will climb to a very comfortable +14 to +18 degrees and in the second half of the week could even reach +20 degrees. Just Tuesday will be a bit colder.

On October 11 and 12, the national heat record is +19.5 C and +19.9 C, and these records may tumble if things pan out as expected.

Long-term forecasts also indicate that an unusually warm period of weather could last until 16th-18th October.

Combined with the changing colors of the leaves, this could be a classic week of leaf-watching, so get out and enjoy the fresh air and riot of fall colors. Clear nights also mean there is a possibility the northern lights may be visible.