May on course to be warmest ever recorded in Latvia

After a few scattered rain showers May 23, the remainder of the month is expected to continue dry and sunny, with odds shortening that it could end up the sunniest May on record. 

During the second half of the week, the weather will be sunny and without rain, the air temperature will rise to +20 Celsius to + 25 C in the afternoons, and at the weekend up to +28 C, and even at night the temperature will remain a balmy +9 to + 14 degrees.

Also, next week a wide and powerful anticyclone will ensure more heat and dryness with only remote chances of brief thunderstorms to provide precipitation. The temperature in the last few days of the month could even reach the +30 C mark.

Due to dry weather, the chance of forest fires will increase significantly, and drought may start to adversely affect agriculture.

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