Much warmer weather ahead

It seems that following considerable snowfall over recent days, the weather is about to undergo a rapid turnaround into warm, spring weather.

On Tuesday evening, Latvia will be crossed by a warm front, which will bring rain in many places. The temperature of the air will drop to -1 to + 4 degrees Celsius, while the front will also bring with it southerlu and southwesterly winds on Wednesday.

On Wednesday afternoon the air temperature will rise to +10 to + 15 degrees, but clouds will predominate and there could be more rain showers.

Thursday night will be warm - the temperature will fall only to +3 to + 8 degrees, but the day will be warmer still at +12 to + 17 degrees, thought western districts of Kurzeme and Vidzeme will be a few degrees cooler. Thursday will be cloudy, with the sun only appearing for a few moments. We may also hear the first rumbles of thunder of the spring storm season.

On Friday, temperatures will temporarily dip again, and during the day are unlikely to get higher than +9 C, but on Saturday and on Sunday it will be warmer and the sun will shine.


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