Normal week weather-wise with thaw towards the end

A fairly unexceptional week is expected weather-wise in Latvia. Temperatures will generally be slightly above last week's chilly days, with the western Kurzeme region considerably milder than the rest of the country, which will continue to remain sub-zero apart from on Monday when a partial thaw might take place.

While daytime air temperatures will mostly remain in the 0 C to - 5 C range, in Kurzeme the temprature could reach +3 degrees, while at night, according to whether there is cloud cover or not, the temperature will be between -7  and - 12 C.

Next weekend the weather will become warmer with temperature climbing as high as + 5 C during the day, but a little frost is expected at night.

There will be a good deal of cloud this week but little in the way of precipitation untilt he weekend when snow and rain are expected.

The prevailing winds during the working week will be slow to moderate southern and southeast winds, but at the weekends, the wind will switch to come from the southwest to west.

With the possibility of repeated thaws and freezes, drivers are warned that roads could be extremely slippery.


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