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Catering industry body calls for ongoing state support
Restaurant managers are calling for an immediate decision on the resumption of the catering industry after the currentl lockdown ends, as well as for the provision of long-term state support, the Latvian Restaurant Association (LRB) said November 4, the LSM Latvian language service reports.
Latvia harvests its first-ever saffron
October and November is the time of the harvest of the most expensive spice in the world – saffron. This autumn, the first-ever harvest of saffron has also been gathered in Latvia, Priekuļi, Latvian Radio October 23.
Food-hygiene service busts illegal meat producer
The Food and Veterinary Service (PVD) has discovered an illegal food production plant in Bauska county Code parish, from which nearly two tonnes of unsanitary food products have been removed and destroyed, ReTV reported October 8.
Rīga Food 2021 fair begins
The international food fair Rīga Food 2021 began Wednesday, September 8, and will take place until Saturday, September 11, at the Ķīpsala Exhibition Center.
Booze in Latvia not as cheap as you might think
Despite its reputation as a cheap booze destination, the price of alcoholic drinks in Latvia is not as low as many people might imagine, when compared with other European countries. 
Poisonous mushroom warning
With rain bringing out the first serious showing of mushrooms this year, medics are warning foragers to be sure of identifying their fungi accurately or risk potentially life-threatening consequences.
Latvians tend not to be binge drinkers
New figures about drinking habits and alcohol consumption suggest that very few Latvians drink on a daily basis and relatively few on a weekly basis. Instead we tend to favor a tipple once a month and even then it's not exactly a bacchanalian blow-out.
Latvia grows juicy melons this year
This year, due to dry and warm weather, there is a good harvest of watermelons and melons in Latvia. In recent years, there have also been more farms in Latvia that try to grow watermelons, Latvian Radio reported August 6.
74 million liters of Latvian beer
If you're looking for a random fact to drop into your conversation next time you're down the pub, how about this one: last year, Latvian breweries produced more than 74 million liters of beer. To be precise, 74,546,098 liters, according to Eurostat data to mark International Beer Day on August 6 -- as if awareness of beer needed to be raised. 

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