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Why mushrooms should go into a basket, not a bag
Why it is important to collect mushrooms in a wicker basket and not in a plastic bag? This is a question that always occurs to novice mushroomers. Luckily an explanation is at hand thanks to LTV's "Pārtikas revidents" (Food inspector) show,
Beer production down slightly in 2021
Latvia laid off the beer slightly in 2021. According to figures published August 30 by Eurostat, domestic beer production fell from 75 million liters in 2020 to 74 million liters in 2021.
Cranberry season is red hot right now
While the Latvian love of mushroom-picking is well known, any canny mushroomer knows that when the mushrooms are refusing to show themselves (as has been the case during the current dry spell), it pays to keep an eye open for other sources of picking pleasure in forest and marsh.
Beekeepers buzz about production prices
Beekeepers predict that overall honey yields are likely to be good this year. Because of the cool spring and late plant blooms, there are also large differences among keepers. The trade is also affected by the increase in energy resources and fuel, Latvian Radio reported August 3.
Fruit and veg low on the Latvian menu
Any notion that the Latvian diet is a particularly healthy one consisting of the consumption of copious qualities of gherkins and forest berries is comprehensively mashed by Eurostat figures showing Latvians eat fewer fruit and vegetables than their EU counterparts. 
Ukrainian refugees open restaurant in Bigauņciems, Latvia
Two months after arrival in Latvia, war refugees from Severodonetsk opened a restaurant in Latvia, Tukums municipality. It has not been easy to start a business in Latvia, as the expectations of state aid were not fulfilled, Vidzeme regional television reported July 15.
Food price growth slows down: traders association
Compared to the previous quarter and the corresponding period of last year, the increase in food prices is declining, according to data compiled by the Latvian Association of Traders (LTA), newswire LETA reported July 13.
Home Cafe Days are open for visitors
Latvia’s, parishes, cities and villages are inviting guests in for a cup of coffee and a home-made snack as part of an initiaitive called 'Home Cafe Days'.
Wild Food Festival returns to Zaube
Following a couple of years of Covid-enforced absence, the popular Zaube Wild Food Festival will make a welcome return and take place on July 9 from 12:00-18:00 at the village of Zaube in Cēsis district.
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