LTV goes 'One on One' with Latvian-American businessman Pēteris Ragaušs
Latvian Television's One on One interview show ventured into the English language January 21 when the guest in the studio was Pēteris Aloizs Ragaušs, an American-born businessman from a Latvian family who has ambitious plans to build a gas terminal in Skulte as well as a range of other financial interests in the country. He has also invested in the current cinema release Pilsēta Pi Upis.
On becoming a Latvian citizen: Part 2 - Documentation
Having decided to apply for Latvian citizenship, my next step was to do very little for a couple of years. Rather, I quickly obtained most of the necessary documents and assumed the rest would take minimal effort so could be put off until that mythical moment we all dream of "when I have some free time." 
Latvia's overseas missions: where and why?
How many representatives does Latvia have abroad, how much does it cost, and why is it important for a country like Latvia to get involved internationally in the long term? Clear enough questions, but ones which are perhaps taken for granted much of the time. So here at LSM we decided to establish the actual facts and figures - and the results may surprise those who regard Latvia as an insular nation.
Sling your hook! My part in the Latvian centenary series "Sarkanais Mežs"
I have always preferred minor character actors to A-list film stars. They might only get a scene or two, but the presence of these strangely-shaped, broken-nosed, odd-looking and heavily-accented figures gives a film a human appeal and variety that can never be conveyed by the handsome and beautiful leading men and ladies.  
Things of Latvia: Not writing about the "Caurvējš"
This is the last Thing of Latvia. Looking back, we have written about more than 30 different Things of Latvia. Some have proved popular, some not. Some have been well written, some less so. But of one thing we can be certain, in one thing we can take some pride: we have never stooped to writing about the "caurvējš".
A valuable resource: 'trust' as Nordic gold
While we may not have much in the way of oil reserves (excepting Norway) or gold deposits, the Baltic states and the wider Nordic region do have other valuable resource on which to draw. One of them is not even a physical thing, but is instead a concept: trust, says Ulf Andreasson from the Policy Analysis Department at the Nordic Council of Ministers.
Things of Latvia: Chris Norman
In the 1970s and 1980s the United Kingdom had an amazing list of colossal and incomparable rock stars dominating the charts: David Bowie, Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury et al.
Things of Latvia: "Tehnisku iemeslu dēļ"
If you happened to notice there was no ''Thing of Latvia'' last week, and you were in the mood to guess why, it would be reasonable to speculate that we at LSM were ill, lazy, drunk or out of ideas. Such surmises might be correct in one, several or all respects. However, we could quite easily maintain our dignity and reputation by answering that there was no ''Thing of Latvia'' last week tehnisku iemeslu dēļ or due to technical reasons.
Things of Latvia: Clapping
A great deal of research has been done on the behavior of crowds, their psychopathology and their tendency to express the more regressive aspects of the human psyche, but as far as I am aware, none of these studies have focused on clapping in Latvia.
Pope quiz
Pope Francis visits Latvia on September 24. The day has been declared a public holiday by the Latvian parliament. So here's a quiz about our visitor, the history of the Catholic church in this part of the world and some other Popetastic facts.
Viewpoint: House sitting
A couple of weeks ago our colleagues at the LSM Latvian-language service unveiled a new project they had been working on for a long time: a multiple choice quiz devised to give voters in the forthcoming Saeima elections some idea of their general political affiliation.
Things of Latvia: Sighing
A bar-room acquaintance once told me that while travelling many years ago in Eastern Anatolia, he made the mistake of "tut-tutting" during a conversation. While a local was complaining at length about the difficulties of life in a remote village, he delivered what may even have been a tut rather than a full tut-tut as a gesture of sympathy and understanding at the many trials with which life likes to torture us.
On The Peculiarities of Latvian Drinking Culture
LSM brings you another piece from the #3 issue of the Centenary Magazine made by the culture website and paid for by the Culture Ministry. In this one, poet and culture connoisseur Aivars Madris looks at Latvian drinking culture as recorded in local literature.
Ten historical and new Latvian ''start-ups''
We bring you another piece from the #3 Centenary Magazine made by the portal and paid for by the Culture Ministry. This article by Jeļena Solovjova looks at ten Latvian startups - from the early 20th century to the present day - unearthing Latvia's diverse manufacturing history. 
Who's afraid of Rīga's Moscow suburb?
In cooperation with the culture portal, LSM is publishing pieces from their recently published centenary magazine. This piece probes one of Rīga's most colorful neighborhoods, the Maskavas priekšpilsēta or Moscow suburb. With a dark past and high crime rate in the 80s and 90s, it remains very much a "a city within a city", as described in this neighborhood profile by Agija Ābiķe-Kondrāte.
Things of Latvia: City cats
Seemingly without care and without anyone to care about them, street cats are legion across Latvia's cities.