Disease prevention department backtracks on cyber attack claim
The Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) - which is one of the agencies responsible for handling Latvia's preaprations for the coronavirus - announced February 27 its website had come under suspected cyber attack at noon, but backtracked on the claim a couple of hours later.
Keeping women in the kitchen while men go to space
Psychologists have long debated whether our DNA or environment defines who we are as a person, and on February 24 the Forbidden Method (Aizliegtais paņēmiens) investigative journalism program dove into an analysis of Latvian television advertisements in an attempt to further untangle the 'chicken or the egg' question of whether the gender roles presented in ads are intrinsically a reflection of, or whether they themselves influence society.
Latvian officials say all is in place for coronavirus response
Latvia's government and senior officials from the health sector, border guards and others met in Rīga February 25 under the auspices of the Crisis Management Council (KVP) as part of their preparations for any possible arrival of the coronavirus in Latvia.
Around 300 Latvian dependents held in jail overseas each year
The high profile extradition case of Kristīne Misāne has put the spotlight on Latvians detained abroad. On average, 300 Latvian citizens and nationals (so-called "non-citizens" are also entitled to consular protection) are detained abroad for various types of crimes each year, reported Latvian Radio on February 25. 
No more EU cash for problem-plagued e-health system
No further European funds will be invested in Latvia's e-health system, therefore the third round of planned upgrades to the system will not be implemented, Health Minister Ilze Viņķele (For Development/For) told reporters February 21, according to the LETA newswire.
Danish court clears way for Misāne's return to Latvia
A Danish court on February 20 upheld a decision by the Danish Attorney General to overturn the planned extradition of Latvian citizen Kristīne Misāne to South Africa, clearing the way for her return to Latvia to face criminal charges in her homeland instead of on another continent. 
Misāne extradition put on hold by Denmark, says sister
Denmark has temporarily suspended the extradition of a Latvian citizen, Kristīne Misāne, to South Africa, where she is accused of child abduction and document forgery, Misāne's sister Marīte Batrack told LTV February 19.
Latvian children's watchdog head to quit
The State Children Rights Protection Inspectorate (VBTAI) head Marianna Dreja will step down from her position on February 28, Welfare Minister Ramona Petravica (KPV LV) said in an interview with commercial TV3 television February 19.
Verdicts delivered in Zolitūde tragedy case
On February 18, 2020 – six years and three months after the catastrophic collapse of a Maxima supermarket roof - the Rīga City Pārdaugava Court passed down its verdicts for the defendants in the Zolitūde tragedy criminal case.
Unmarked police camera catches 1,600 offenders
Over the last four months a special unmarked police vehicle fitted with a 360 degree camera has been keeping an eye on the driving culture and violations of Rīga residents, and has already caught 1,600 offences on camera, according to the State Police on February 15.
President pledges further action in Misāne case
Latvia will continue to defend the interests of its citizen, Kristīne Misāne, should Denmark extradite her to South Africa, President Egils Levits said after talks with Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš and ministers and officials involved in the controversial case including Prosecutor General Eriks Kalnmeiers, Minister of Justice Jānis Bordāns, Ombudsman Juris Jansons and others.
Return to Valmiera: Now I'm a millionaire!
Valmiera native Jānis Uzāriņš has returned to Latvia after seven years in England, and regaining the feeling of home along with his family and career makes him feel like a millionaire, according to a Latvian Radio broadcast on February 13.
Baltic states mull joint deposit recycling system
A meeting of Baltic Assembly committees in Tallinn February 14 focused on the circular economy and digital cooperation, with the possibility of a unified recycling system for all three Baltic states among the subejects discussed.