Luxembourg contributes to Baltic defense

Under the memorandum of understanding signed by Latvia and Luxembourg this week, Luxembourg will grant to Latvia 3 million euros towards the further development of the Adazi military base just outside Rīga, Latvian Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis said on the morning news program of public Latvian Television March 16.

$100m from US defense budget to be used for supporting Baltics

The US House of Representatives and the Senate's Armed Forces Committee last week approved the United States' defense budget, which foresees $100 million to be used for supporting the Baltics, according to the document published on the Senate's web-site.

Graph: Defense spending

Latvia's defense budget will reach 2% of GDP next year, as per a promise to the country's NATO partners. A total €576 million will be spent on defense, €126 million more than this year. Latvia's defense priorities are currently developing the Ādaži military base and the combat abilities of the armed forces.

Latvia's defense spending will hit 2% of GDP in 2018

Latvia's Defence Ministry was quick to point out October 10 that the budget submitted to Saeima will see the country's commitment to defense spending hitting the NATO recommended minimum of 2% of GDP, as previously planned.

Watch: U.S. cavalry in action in Latvia

The United States Army on October 4 posted a short film to its official YouTube channel showing its soldiers and those of allied NATO countries performing live-fire drills in Latvia as part of exercise 'Bayonet Shield'.

Tech team-up produces military identification app

Latvia's state mobile company, Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT), together with the Defense Ministry and the Riga Technical University, has come up with a prototype app that allows identification of enemy troops and military equipment, LMT president Juris Binde told Latvian Television September 21.

Spot a 'little green man'? Tell the Security Police

With the start of the so-called 'active' phase of Russia and Belarus' ZAPAD military drills just across the Latvian border, the Security Police are reminding the public that they can report any suspicious activity involving potential little green men.

Rinkēvičs: we cannot rule out provocations

Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs said September 14 that while the ZAPAD military exercises being conducted just across the border by Russia and Belarus are not expected to turn into genuine military conflict, they could spawn other attempts to test NATO's resolve. 

Military issues mushroom alert

While international attention is focused on the threat posed by the ZAPAD 2017 military exercises being conducted by by Russia and Belarus along the borders of the Baltic states, Latvia's armed forces on September 9 identified a more imminent, clear and present danger to national security: mushroom pickers.

Belgian jets into Baltic action straight away

F-16 jets of the Belgian Air Force got an early scramble when they were called to conduct an intercept over the Baltic Sea within hours of taking over Baltic Air Policing duties in Ämari, Estonia on September 5.

Report reveals Baltic 'bot' barrage

The NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence in Riga (STRATCOMCOE) has produced a report suggesting a large amount of social media traffic in the Baltic states, in both Russian and English, is produced by automatically-operated accounts or 'bots'.

58 wartime explosives removed from Baltic Sea

The international mine clearance and ordnance disposal exercise Open Spirit 2017 has resulted in disposal of 58 explosive remnants of war found in the Baltic Sea, the Latvian Defense Ministry said.

NATO drills continue on land, at sea and in the air

While international media may be all a-flutter about the large ZAPAD military exercises being conducted by Russia and Belarus close to the borders of the Baltic states, Latvia continues to host other smaller but no less important NATO drills.

Soldiers' wages to be raised by €50

On August 29 the government decided to raise the wages of Latvian soldiers and officers by €50. They will be paid €520 a month starting October 1. 

Commander reflects on the art of war

When he's not planning a pincer movement or checking everyone has their berets on straight, there's nothing Latvia's Chief of Defense likes more than a nice bit of Abstract Expressionism.

Canada adds artillery battery to its Latvian forces

On August 13 additional soldiers and equipment of the Canadian military arrived at the port of Riga to join those already in place as part of NATO's 'enhanced Forward Presence' (eFP, sic) multinational battlegroup.

Latvian soldier receives posthumous U.S. honor

A street in the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center, Michigan, U.S., has been named after Sergeant Voldemars Ansevics, a Latvian soldier who died in the line of duty while participating in the international military operation in Afghanistan in 2009, according to, the military news portal of the Latvian Defense Ministry.