Snow set to go by end of week

The snow which has fallen on much of Latvia in recent days will linger a few more days, weather forecasters said December 4.

Heavy snow to hit Latvia

Intense snowfall is expected to hit Latvia in the next several days, with a blanket of snow to cover the country, plus the weather to get very cold starting Sunday, reports LSM. 

Seven cm of pure white snow

Latvia's northern and eastern reaches were covered in snow on October 25 with the thickest snow blanket of a whopping seven centimeters recorded in Gulbene as well as the Līvāni municipality, according to the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Weather promises clear skies until midweek

In the first half of the week, the weather in Latvia will remain sunny and warm, but in the second half of the week, days will be colder and cloudier in most parts, according to weatherman Toms Bricis.

Rainiest September this century recorded in Latvia

From September 1 to September 19 there has been 121 mm of rainfall recorded in Latvia, making it the rainiest September this century against an average of 71 mm of weather that usually falls this month, according to data by the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Indian summer around the corner

While Saturday will still be cloudy with drizzle expected throughout the day, it will be warm for the season at +15..+20C. 

Heavy rain washes away roads

Heavy rain in parts of Latvia has caused several roads to become impassable and in some cases, to disappear altogether.

Dog days peaking this week

This week sees the peak of the sultry dog days of summer 2017, with temperatures of up to +30C expected over the week.

Warm week ahead

This week will be warm across Latvia with temperatures close to +25C expected with nights being rather warm too, forecasts say.

Changeable weather this week

This week brings changeable weather but air temperatures are expected to pick up on some days compared to last week, reports LSM's Latvian-language service. 

Bad weather saves lives

The less than spectacular weather Latvia has experienced so far this summer has had one positive effect: fewer people have drowned than usual.

Weekend weather will be not too bad

The weekend of July 8 and 9 will see generally pleasant weather, though there will still be rain showers in all districts, according to forecasters.

Freak weather rips through Sigulda

Sigulda in central Latvia is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, but nature's attractions turned nasty June 20 with hurricane-force winds, torrential rain and hailstones leaving a trail of destruction in their path. 

Stormy start to the week, frost may follow

After a weekend of glorious sunshine across the whole of Latvia, the working week gets under way in less spectacular fashion with the promise of cooler temperatures at the start of June, according to LSM weather-watcher Toms Bricis.

Real summer, and real thunder, on the way

Finally, after what seems like years of telling you each Monday mornign that the week's weather in Latvia will be cold with snow, we can change the record: a possible heatwave is approaching! 

Another day, another cold record

On the morning of May 11, the national cold record fell in Latvia, according to the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.