Things of Latvia: A colourful pole

One hundred and twenty five kilometers from Riga on the Vidzeme highway, just before the turning for the town of Smiltene is the little 'Jautrais ods' ('Merry mosquito') cafe. The food there is good, fresh and cheap.

Things of Latvia: 'Nu'

Latvian is not the easiest language to learn - at least for English speakers - but it's nice that many visitors to the country do go to the trouble of learning a few words, such as 'Sveiki' (Hello), 'Lūdzu' (Please) and 'Paldies' (Thank you).

Things of Latvia: Latvānis

If April is 'birch month' when every self-respecting Latvian is gulping down gallons of birch juice, July might be regarded as its evil sibling, 'Latvānis month.'

Special Report: Asphalt in Alūksne

Following the publication of our feature about potholes earlier July 14, we were surprised to receive a furious reaction from one reader who accused us of slandering the fair city of Alūksne by using a picture of potholes there that he claims no longer exist.

A Good, Short Day

June 9 marked three years and nine days since A., 17, started living at the Liepāja Orphanage. 

Explainer: How the Saeima works

The Saeima ('a gathering, a meeting, a council') is the Latvian unicameral parliament. It consists of a hundred representatives from across Latvia whose chief function at the parliament is debating and making laws, and the approval of various high officials in their jobs.

Trump praises Latvian-made golf glove

US President Donald Trump lavished praise April 1 on a Latvia-made golf glove, crediting the five-fingered leather accessory with improving his handicap.

Viewpoint: Genius wanted - apply here!

Are you a Latvian genius? Do you know a Latvian genius? Would you like to be a Latvian genius? If you can answer "Yes" to any of these questions, or ideally all of them, you are just the person we are looking for!