Resolving Rigvir

It is unthinkable that a medical professional -- or even a business professional -- would intentionally foist a bogus cure onto a cancer patient.

Whatever happened to PAFI?

Back in January 2016 LSM reported on Riga-based Peace Ambassadors for Iraq (PAFI), an organization that describes itself as "an internationally-oriented, non-governmental organization that is dedicated to achieving peace in Iraq and the Middle East."

Things of Latvia: Latvian Radio Theater

In recent years I have developed an obsession, probably unhealthy, with 'Latvian Radio Theater'. These are radio plays exhumed from the archive and broadcast after 10 p.m. in order to fill up time that would otherwise be hard to fill. They deserve a wider audience.

Why I am batting for #Balvi2027

Exciting news June 14. Latvia will have another European Capital of Culture in 2027. That gives us just ten years of flattery and free goody bags in order to win an honor that would be ours anyway.  

An audience with Edvard Munch in Daugavpils

Really I should have taken the bus to Daugavpils, as this started at a bus stop. Specifically, it started at a bus stop in Cesis, a smallish town located in what might be described as north-central Latvia. It ended in Daugavpils, a large-ish city in what could certainly be described as the far south-east of the country.