Want healthcare? Pay your taxes! says government

After the Latvian health sector’s reform, patients not making social security contributions (paying labor taxes) will only be entitled to family physicians’ services, emergency care and treatment of some specific conditions, information released by the Health Ministry suggests.

Doctors to strike on July 3

The Latvian Family Practitioners Association has announced strike action starting July 3, the head of the association Sarmīte Veide told LSM.

Healthcare sector uncertainty continues

There was further evidence of discord among officials with regards to healthcare May 29 with family physicians threatening strike action and government figures bickering over what reforms were needed, when, and how much they should cost.

Audit Office bashes Health Ministry over major hospital's debts

Botched management-level decisions and inactivity have worsened the finances of the Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital - the largest hospital in Latvia. The Health Ministry knew about the goings-on but did nothing, says a State Audit Office report published April 11.

Mental health in the twilight zone

A new journalistic collaboration looks at problems with mental health care in Latvia. A lack of databases recording the whereabouts and histories of people with serious mental health issues poses a potential threat to the public, as several cases already show. 

Hopes rise for healthcare talks results

The leading health workers' union has withdrawn an imminent threat of industrial action, signalling that it is hopeful of progress in talks with the government over funding for the health sector.

Health Minister sacks Stradiņš Hospital head

Latvia's Health Minister Anda Čakša has sacked Normunds Štāls, a board member of the Stradiņš University Hospital, over delays in the project for building a hospital wing, reported Latvian Radio.