Competition Council confirms building supplies cartel ruling

The Competition Council has fined construction supplies retailers Depo DIY, Kesko Senukai Latvia and Tirdzniecibas Nams Kursi a total of 5.78 million euros for running a cartel, the Competition Council's representative Toms Noviks told the LETA newswire October 12.

Slow pace of justice revealed in Audit Office report

The often slow pace of justice in Latvia was brought into sharp focus October 10 when the LETA news agency reported that last year, almost half of all criminal cases being investigated by the State Police were more than five years old.

110 Taiwanese citizens deported

The 110 Taiwanese citizens who were detained in Riga and the Riga region in August for telephone fraud have been deported to their country of origin, Latvijas Avize daily reported on September 27.

Vandals burn down speed camera

A traffic monitoring camera was burned down on the A8 road near Jelgava on September 20, reports LTV. It is the third camera consumed by flames this year.

Counterterrorism team and revenue service bust tax fraud gang

The police have arrested a major gang of money launderers and tax fraud perpetrators swindling the state out of the Value-added Tax, causing losses of about €1.7m to the state budget within the past 18 months, the State Revenue Service said.

Russia's spy-smuggler service revealed

The Riga based Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism, Re:Baltica, has released the first in a new series of reports outlining the close ties between Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) and smugglers of contraband goods into the Baltic states.

Fugitive goes back on the run in Cyprus

In a move notable chiefly for its utter predictability, a fugitive wanted by Latvia for involvement in a politically-connected bribery case has gone back on the run after being given the chance to do so, the LETA news agency reported September 11.

Policeman and business owner arrested over paying non-taxed wages

For the first time a person has been arrested in Latvia for paying non-taxed wages in cash. The case, which also saw the arrest of a now former policeman, follows a story aired in March by LTV's Forbidden Method over a security company that evaded paying taxes for its salaries. 

Four people to be prosecuted for smuggling a ton of drugs

The Customs Police of the State Revenue Service has handed over to the prosecutor’s office a criminal procedure on what is the largest hashish contraband bust in Latvia’s history. Criminal prosecution will be started against four people, the service reported.

Another tender likely for flagship prison project

Taking into consideration that construction companies which bid for the right to build a new prison in Liepaja are all asking more than the government can afford to pay, a new tender is to be announced, the Justice Ministry's State Secretary Raivis Kronbergs told LETA August 22.

Police bust ring selling luxury cars illegally

The Financial Police of the State Revenue Service in August busted an organized group that had been illegally selling luxury automobiles and household equipment, avoiding to pay more than €2.8 million in value added tax (VAT), LETA was told at the Revenue Service.

Police arrest 110 in huge Chinese swoop

Latvian State Police said August 15 they had undertaken a major operation August 14 in and around Riga during which they arrested 110 people, including large numbers of foreign nationals.

Alleged Ukraine fighter acquitted

The Riga City Vidzeme District Court on August 4 acquitted Artjoms Skripniks, a man from the south-eastern Latvian city of Daugavpils, who was charged with illegal participation in the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

Join the hunt for Latvia's most wanted

Eurocops are asking the public for help tracking down the continent's most-wanted criminals, with two Latvian drug smugglers and an armed robber among their number.

Latvian connection in Trump-Russia business probe

A web of complex property deals, large-scale financial transactions involving offshore companies and links to Russia that is the center of attention in Washington D.C. also has - or potentially had - a Latvian connection.