Police bust ring selling luxury cars illegally

The Financial Police of the State Revenue Service in August busted an organized group that had been illegally selling luxury automobiles and household equipment, avoiding to pay more than €2.8 million in value added tax (VAT), LETA was told at the Revenue Service.

Police arrest 110 in huge Chinese swoop

Latvian State Police said August 15 they had undertaken a major operation August 14 in and around Riga during which they arrested 110 people, including large numbers of foreign nationals.

Alleged Ukraine fighter acquitted

The Riga City Vidzeme District Court on August 4 acquitted Artjoms Skripniks, a man from the south-eastern Latvian city of Daugavpils, who was charged with illegal participation in the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

Join the hunt for Latvia's most wanted

Eurocops are asking the public for help tracking down the continent's most-wanted criminals, with two Latvian drug smugglers and an armed robber among their number.

Latvian connection in Trump-Russia business probe

A web of complex property deals, large-scale financial transactions involving offshore companies and links to Russia that is the center of attention in Washington D.C. also has - or potentially had - a Latvian connection.  

Case against whistleblower likely to be dropped

Despite attempts by the Security Police to secure the criminal prosecution of Juris Jurass, the former head of the Criminal Intelligence Process Division at the Latvian Corruption Prevention Bureau (KNAB), the prosecutor has decided to close the criminal probe that had been launched against him over disclosure of state secrets, the prosecutor’s decision obtained by LETA suggests.

Arson possible cause of toxic blaze

Prima M, the company which owns the territory in the Latvian sea-side resort-rown Jurmala where a major fire occurred June 18 to 19, suspects arson to be the cause, LETA reports.

Magazine releases 'oligarch case' transcripts

Conversations recorded by anti-graft authorities in 2009-2011 reveal the influence of so-called oligarchs within the Riga Commercial Port, airBaltic and other prominent companies, painting a picture of political power subverted to serve the business interests of the few, reported the Ir news weekly that released transcripts of the conversations on June 15.

Please keep it in your pants, gents

Riga's municipal police pounced on a public penis June 16, slapping said errant appendage with a hefty 250 euro fine for petty (or perhaps petit) hooliganism.

New anti-corruption chief approved

Latvia's parliament, the Saeima, on June 15 approved the appointment of a new head of the national anti-corruption bureau, a position that has been fraught with problems for the last decade.

One released in 'Trasta' graft probe

Jorens Raitums, one of the persons detained in the so-called Trasta Komercbanka case, has been released from custody, the LETA newswire reported June 13.

New anti-corruption chief named

The new head of Latvia's dedicated anti-corruption force, the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) has been named.

Illegal cigarette factory busted, seven detained

The State Revenue Service's Customs Police have busted a major counterfeit cigarette production facility in Babite Region, the Revenue Service's Director General Ilze Cirule told a press conference May 25.

What have you got in the trunk? Oh, a Portuguese tourist.

Riga's ever-vigilant municipal police scored another success May 22 when they found a Portuguese citizen in the trunk of a Riga taxi. Luckily, this was not the victim of a mafia hit en route to burial in an obscure forest, but a gentlemanly volunteer.

Map: Crime rate across Latvia

The Vārkava municipality has the lowest registered crime rate in Latvia at 6.12 per 1,000 inhabitants, followed by Vaiņode and Ērgļi at 6.4 and 6.48 respectively.