Anti-corruption chief says he can improve agency's reputation
Jekabs Straume, the recently-installed head of Latvia's dedicated anti-corruption agency, the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) told Latvian Radio December 11 that despite a decade of strife within the bureau, he is hopeful of improving its reputation and operational effectiveness.
Businessman out of jail and out on bail

Riga Regional Court has approved releasing businessman Boriss Rjazanskis, who in 2015 was convicted of bribery and handed down a five-year prison sentence - but appealed the verdict, on EUR 0.5 million bail, the LETA newswire reported November 23.

Unruly visitors get epic dressing down from Riga policeman

This is a video that needs little introduction save to say it involves an unwise flag theft by two Austrian visitors and an absolutely epic telling-off administered by Riga's municipal police force in fluent English - with a little bit of German at the end for good measure!

Season's speed king slapped with fine

Latvian state police said November 21 they had a new leader in the race to be the dumbest driver in the country after speed cameras caught a motorist doing 213 km/h in a 90 km/h zone.

Latvian Daesh volunteer gets 10 years

A young Latvian man was sentenced November 16 to 10 years behind bars for his attempts to join the Islamic State or Daesh terror organization, reported LSM's Latvian language portal.

Power grid boss quits amid green energy fraud scandal

Andis Pinkulis, the board chairman of Sadales Tikls power distribution operator, has quit his post after Economics Minister Arvils Aseradens suggested he might bear responsibility for allegations that some combined heat and power (cogeneration) plants obtained their green energy operating licenses by fraudulent means.

Whistleblower 'Neo' has sentence upheld

The Supreme Court on October 27 upheld Riga Regional Court’s January 17 ruling sentencing Ilmars Poikans, Latvia's most famous whistleblower, to 60 hours of community service, the court’s representative Baiba Kataja told the LETA newswire.

Police detain 11 people in large-scale tax fraud case

The State Police's Economic Crime Unit has detained eleven persons suspected of defrauding Ogre Region municipal housing agency Ogres Namsaimnieks of €90,961, including three high-ranking employees at the agency, the State Police told LETA on October 26.

Competition Council confirms building supplies cartel ruling

The Competition Council has fined construction supplies retailers Depo DIY, Kesko Senukai Latvia and Tirdzniecibas Nams Kursi a total of 5.78 million euros for running a cartel, the Competition Council's representative Toms Noviks told the LETA newswire October 12.

Slow pace of justice revealed in Audit Office report

The often slow pace of justice in Latvia was brought into sharp focus October 10 when the LETA news agency reported that last year, almost half of all criminal cases being investigated by the State Police were more than five years old.

110 Taiwanese citizens deported

The 110 Taiwanese citizens who were detained in Riga and the Riga region in August for telephone fraud have been deported to their country of origin, Latvijas Avize daily reported on September 27.

Vandals burn down speed camera

A traffic monitoring camera was burned down on the A8 road near Jelgava on September 20, reports LTV. It is the third camera consumed by flames this year.

Counterterrorism team and revenue service bust tax fraud gang

The police have arrested a major gang of money launderers and tax fraud perpetrators swindling the state out of the Value-added Tax, causing losses of about €1.7m to the state budget within the past 18 months, the State Revenue Service said.

Russia's spy-smuggler service revealed

The Riga based Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism, Re:Baltica, has released the first in a new series of reports outlining the close ties between Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) and smugglers of contraband goods into the Baltic states.

Fugitive goes back on the run in Cyprus

In a move notable chiefly for its utter predictability, a fugitive wanted by Latvia for involvement in a politically-connected bribery case has gone back on the run after being given the chance to do so, the LETA news agency reported September 11.