Three for the Weekend: Colors of the fall

The fall is here, and it's a wonderful time of the year, perhaps indeed the time to visit Latvia. We've themed this load of 'three for the weekend' accordingly. 

See: Restored Freedom Monument revealed

The Freedom Monument was unveiled on October 19 following three-month long restoration works. It was extensively cleaned, including its three gilded stars, and as ever high-ranking officials were present to see Latvia's most recognizable monument brought back to close to mint condition.

Things of Latvia: Andris Kivičs

As a rule of thumb, the longer any particular Latvian party is drawn out, the higher the chance someone will put on something by Andris Kivičs, use his lyrics to make an ironic point, or simply mention him, often apropos nothing, to score an easy laugh.

Sprechen Sie Kultur? German Language Days under way

The first ever "German-language days in Latvia" are taking place October 17 until October 19, putting 'Ļettland' in touch not only with its European Union partner but also with important elements of its own history. 

The 'Māra of Latgale' statue - The face of a region through the 20th century

About 80 years ago, a monument to Latvian unity was erected in Rēzekne, eastern Latvia. Twice felled down by the Soviets, the sculpture, officially known as simply 'United for Latvia' but locally known as the 'Māra of Latgale', has come to symbolize the historically rich and culturally complex eastern reaches of Latvia, reports Latvian Radio's Vineta Vilcāne. 

Latvia, Lithuania to present new 'Balts award'

On Baltic Unity Day, when Latvians and Lithuanians jointly commemorate the events of the Battle of Saule, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Latvia and Lithuania, Edgars Rinkēvičs and Linas Linkevičius, have announced the establishment of a new "Balts’ Award" said a press release from the Latvian Foreign Ministry September 22.

Major space conference under way in Riga

Europe's major planetary science conference is underway in Riga, with the chance for children to visit a special space exhibition and many of the talks and lectures available to watch online.

Three for the Weekend: Bleak-end

With Saturday being the only weekend day with little rain and a bit more sun in the forecast, this "bleak-end" LSM suggests soothing your soul with classical music, films and delightful urban survival techniques. 

Three for the Weekend: Cinematic weekend

This weekend is all but exclusively focused on cinematic events with two film festivals taking place concurrently with the Nuit Blanche festival. The Days of Poetry are also taking place across Latvia -- as you can see, it's really busy. 

Artist Ahilan Ratnamohan on what makes Latvians tick

A year ago, the performance artist Ahilan Ratnamohan knew next to nothing about Latvia. Now he's speaking proficient Latvian, loves our staple bread soup and is convinced that the cornerstone of Latvian identity is the country house. 

Did we send 'kūka' or 'torte' to our neighbors?

Though Latvian is in general quite good at communicating in an unambiguous manner, there are a few hidden traps for the language learner. Among these is the difficulty of knowing precisely what type of sweet treat you are consuming with your coffee: is it a kūka (cake) or a torte (cake)?

Crowds turn out for Riga city festival

Not even changeable weather was able to put a dampener on this year's Riga city festival, with organizers claiming more than 200,000 people enjoyed the entertainments on offer.

Film industry to suffer setback following centenary, says expert

A total sixteen, largely state-sponsored films were commissioned for the silver screen when Latvia celebrates its centenary next year. However this means the return to normal funding regime will spell trouble for the industry, says Dita Rietuma, head of the National Film Center.