BBC hopes Latvian invasion will be a ratings winner

A forthcoming show produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) simulates a full-scale Russian invasion of Latvia and the use of nuclear weapons in the Baltic - all for the purposes of entertainment.

The UK's Daily Mail reports that the show titled "World War Three: Inside The War Room" is a simulation of a military conflict in which Latvia is invaded by Russia.

Its NATO allies - and most particularly a selection of former British decision makers - dither about how to fulfill their obligations under NATO's Article 5, which views an attack upon one NATO member as an attack on all.

"The exercise, designed by military strategists, envisages a Russian invasion of Latvia to support pro-Kremlin separatists who have taken over 20 towns near its border," the Daily Mail said.

A BBC website dedicated to the show says:

"A war room of senior former British military and diplomatic figures comes together to war-game a hypothetical 'hot war' in eastern Europe, including the unthinkable - nuclear confrontation."

In a move of questionable wisdom, a publicity picture for the show appears to show pro-Kremlin rebels sporting the flag of Latvia's eastern Latgale region - which is likely to cause a good deal of offense in Latgale itself.

Last year, the use of Latgale's flag in a similar manner on social media prompted an investigation by Latvia's internal security service, the Security Police.

The BBC is far from the first foreign media outlet to assume Latgale is ripe for the picking by Russia - but the people of Latgale itself have rather different ideas, as LSM found out when we asked them

Quite how many theoretical Latvians are killed in the simulated invasion is not revealed in the Daily Mail's coverage, which instead focuses on British reluctance to use nuclear weapons despite first use by Russia.

The show airs on BBC2 at 11 p.m. Riga time (9 p.m. in the UK) on Wednesday 3rd February. 

Vic Adams/Adomavičius
At the moment every citizen inLithuania has been given a Handbook on how they should fight the Russians ,should they appear internally or on the borders.Its highlyprobable, that they will also attack the Russians in Latvia,as they have done in the past because we are "Brali Tauts" ,family,same blood!
ASV un krīvi licit mīrā Latveji
Pavel Kas
BBC' show authors reserved there places in the hell. Russia has not invaded even Donbass, though Donbass is terrorized by Kiev troops. Donbass had not choice after a coup d'etat in Ukraine which was organized, financed and ruled by the US officials (Nuland and others) and their European subordinates. Anti-Russia regime in Latvia was established 25 years ago and anti-Russian Latvia exists since the moment of USSR destruction. So, the situation is very different and the only reason for such show is to present Russia as aggressor and to prepare people to preventive attack against Russia
Jan Liekmann
Great documentary. And sadly quite realistic. Such conflict sadly remains relatively probable, more probable than we'd like to. Putin might want to challenge NATO and prove it's worth nothing when they hesitate to defend one of it's member states like Latvia. There is no separatist movement in Latgalia region but there can be created one with propaganda in Russian TV and provocations. Everyone will know Russia is behind this but no one will know for sure - it's called hybrid war. Russia has done it in Ukraine and they could do it in the Baltics too. I expect our authorities to learn from this.
Pavel Kas
The only realistic thing is that US rulers and their British and EU satellites and their subordinates (satellites of satellites) have the only major goal - to destroy Russia as they destroyed USSR.
Russia even doesn't know about these plans :) What for? Poor country and nothing else...
Provocating act. Latgalians are not seperatists. Many of them are beter patriots thanmany in Riga under pro-russian Ushakov mayor...Notfunny. Serious analytics say we couldmore can get help from Poland nor West in such conflicct! Old West sucks...
Not funny. Loks like provocation...
dont forget folkens,we are the strongest alliance in the world, and ofcourse some eggs will be broken.
Džordžs Fridmans par ASV ģeopolitik
Viņš ir pārliecināts, ka kari Eiropā ir neizbēgami! Viņš atklāti pauž, ka ASV galvenā rūpe ir novērst Vācijas un Krievijas savienību, jo viņu savienība ir vienīgais spēks, kurš mūs – ASV, var apdraudēt. Vinš atzīst, ka ASV aktīvi apgādā ar ieročiem un kara tehniku Baltijas valstis un Ukrainu. ASV to dara apejot NATO. Šo darbību būtībair radīt frontes līniju ap Krievijas robežām, viņu mērķis ir nevis atklāti iebrukt Krievijas teritorijā, bet darīt to ar robežvalstu rokām, sakurinot karus pie Krievijas robežām, tādejādi pašiem paliekot ēnā. Ukraina, Latvija, Lietuva, Igaunija, Sīrija - ir tikai instrumenti ASV ģeopolitiskajā plānā!
Nepadodieties provokācijām!
Karš ir pats izdevīgākais un ienesīgākais bizness, atstājot aiz sevis pat narkotiku biznesu! Kara ekonomika ir vajadzīga valdībā, bet ne cilvēkiem
Jauns aukstais karš sākās pirms 23
Viņu mērķis ir vājināt Krieviju, lai tās valdība nevarētu stāvēt pretī Ameriks kontrolētajam režīmam pasaulē. sankcijas pret Krieviju, faktiski ir III pasaules kara sākums, kurā uzvarētāju nebūs - tā ASV ekonomists, finansists, žurnālists, bijušais Reigana valdības finansu ministra vietnieks, bijušais Wall Street Journal redaktors, ekonomikas profesors vairākās universitātēs, vairāku godalgu saņēmējs finansu jomā Pauls Kraigs Roberts ...
Kretīni! Ieritiniet savu apakšlūpu atpakaļ un NECERIET!!!
German (saxsons) invading Brittain and obliterating country would be intteresting to wach... But seriously! This show whole idea is bad.
LATGALLIANS ARE LATVIANS . ITS separatism is fictional , created by muscovites .
Given that we're talking about the BBC, just curious, what is LSM's relationship with Latvijas Televīzija and Latvijas Radio? are you guys merging?