10 questions to: For Latvia from the Heart

Here are the answers of the For Latvia from the Heart party to ten questions about their policies.

1. Do you plan to reduce public administration?

We'll start with reducing the number of MPs from 100 to 60, which is the first point of our election program. We'll merge ministries that are functionally similar, reducing government by 40% and raising its efficiency by 100%. 

2. Do you plan to reduce local administration?

We aren't planning it for now. 

3. What are the three ministries that you would most like to lead?

Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Finance Ministry.

4. How should the work of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) be changed? 

We should evaluate whether similar investigative institutions should exist and we should prevent double functions.

5. Should Latvia remain within the European Union and NATO?

Latvia's benefits from partaking in the EU and NATO should be evaluated. 

6. Name three economic measures that could substantially increase budget revenues.

1) We should resume economic ties with our neighbors.

2) Research and innovations and experimental production should be supported, increasing value added and creating budget revenues.

3) The economic reasons, and previous mistakes by the previous government, over which people have left Latvia or why there are not enough children in the families that have remained, should be solved. Business should be supported both in cities and in the countryside. Put together, this will create income in the state budget.

7. Should defense expenses be increased to 2.5% of GDP within the next few years?

No. It should be decreased to achieve budget sustainability and decrease government debt. We support defense expenses on the level of Germany (1.3% of GDP).

8. Should there be a lower VAT rate for more goods and services? 

We will reduce VAT on food as per the example of the absolute majority of EU countries. As the first step, we will reduce VAT on bread.

9. Which political forces do you consider as potential allies, and which would you refuse to work with?

The values of our party, like a traditional family, education, and national wealth are important. We can't cooperate with people who steal from the state and represent the interests of foreign countries.

10. Name three measures you would take to improve healthcare.

We will improve the accessibility of health promotion and prophylactic measures for residents across all their lives (including an intensified control of imported goods).

We will ensure humane healthcare.

We will introduce controlled drug pricing.

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