Possible corruption in Ventspils music school contracts
Due to suspicions of corruption, there is a risk Latvia will have to repay 10.95 million euros allocated from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to the project for construction of Ventspils Music School, according to comments from the Central Finance and Contracting Agency’s (CFLA) official Daiga Reihmane, reported by the LETA newswire.
Illegal pesticides on sale at Rīga Central Market
Although penalties for the distribution or use of illegal plant protection products may reach up to 350 euros for individuals and 700 euro for legal entities, unauthorized weed or pest chemicals can easily be obtained at the Rīga Central Market.
Former official fined for false asset declaration
The RĪga City Latgale District Court on May 24 found Inga Koļegova, former head of the State Environmental Service guilty of providing false information in her public official’s asset declaration and fined her with €3,010.
Anti-corruption cops swoop on Rīga Tourism Development Bureau
Latvia's dedicated anti-corruption force, the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) said May 13 it is probing the Rīga Tourism Development Bureau (RTAB) for a range of serious offences including forgery, fraud and wasting public money.
Stag season opens again in Rīga
While the legal deer hunting season in Latvia is short, the stag season is longer... infinitely longer. Unfortunately the first buck of the year was recently spotted in Rīga, in a state of rutting over-excitement and making full use of its seasonal coloration for display purposes: namely, pink tights, pink hoodie with yellow spots and a pair of black knickers disappearing distressingly into the recesses of a more than ample hind quarter. 
Journalists were on Rīga transport payroll, anti-graft squad investigating
The multiple ongoing scandals at the Rīgas satiksme (Riga transport) municipal company increased by yet another order of magnitude April 28 with LTV's De Facto investigative show revealing the identities of more "consulatants" paid large sums of money by the company for services of dubious value - with the suspicion that the payments were more about ensuring political support than anything to do with running a transport system more efficiently.
Anti-graft squad searches hospital, detains three people
The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) on April 5 launched criminal proceedings and detained three persons at a Rīga hospital in connection with suspected "abuse of official powers", according to information released by the agency April 15.
Businessman sentenced to three years for offering bribe to Jurašs
Responding to the prosecution’s protest, Riga Regional Court last week sentenced businessman Valērijs Vasiļjevs to three years in jail for offering a bribe to the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau's (KNAB) former officer Juris Jurašs (pictured above), the LETA newswire said April 8.
Daggers seized at border with Russia
Latvia's border customs officers have become quite accomplished at catching illegal consignments of cigarettes and other contraband coming into the European Union from Russia, but on April 3 they found something else: 28 military daggers hidden in the cab of a truck.