Customs stopped 3,000 attempts to smuggle sanctioned goods in 2022
In 2022, the Customs Office of the State Revenue Service (VID) identified 3,000 cases of the transfer of goods subject to sanctions across the border, the Deputy Director General of the VID, Director of the Customs Office Raimonds Zukuls, told Latvian Television on January 26.
Murder-for-hire prevented by Latvian State police
The State Police's Office for Combating Serious and Serial Crimes prevented the murder of an entrepreneur during a specially prepared operation, by detaining the suspect – an acquaintance of a victim born in 1992. The suspect is in custody, police said January 18.
Trial of Saeima deputy Grevcova begins
The Rīga City Court on Tuesday, January 17, continued to review a criminal case in which Saeima deputy Glorija Grevcova (For Stability!) was accused of providing of false information to the Central Election Commission (CVK). She pleads her innocence.
Cartel found among public transport companies
The Competition Council (KP) identified an illegal agreement in the activities of three public transport service providers and applied fines of almost EUR 2 million in total, KP said on January 17.
Security authorities want greater punishments for war supporters
Since Russia's war in Ukraine, the state security authorities have detained dozens for public support of the aggression. Court sentences are mostly mild in these cases, causing confusion in society and among security experts, Latvian Television reported on January 14.
Incredit Group fined EUR 16,000 for unfair commercial practices
The Consumer Rights Protection Centre (PTAC) has imposed an obligation on the “Incredit group” to end unfair commercial practices and a fine of EUR 16,000 for disguising consumer advertising as lending advertising to economic operators, the PTAC said January 12.
Parking lots filling up with confiscated cars
It has been a month since amendments to the law came into force which toughened up the rules on drunk driving, and already they have had a big impact – not necessarily in terms of fewer drivers caught, but certainly in terms of the number of cars being seized by police.
Border guard caught smuggling person across Russia-Latvia border
The Internal Security Bureau (IDB) has asked the Prosecutor's Office for the initiation of criminal proceedings against an official of the State Border Guard regarding the illegal transfer of a person across the Russian–Latvian border and taking a bribe regarding the committing of the offense, the IDB said on December 28.
50 drunk drivers caught at Christmas
According to information provided by the State Police, 50 drivers were caught driving while intoxicated during the three-day Christmas holiday period from December 24-26.
LTV's De Facto probes failed cancer diagnostics center project
Millions of euros from European funds and from Rīga Stradiņš University were invested in a "Nuclear Medical Center" which should have become a state-of-the-art producer of cancer diagnostic preparations. However, the money ran out way quicker than expected, and a criminal case for the deliberate cause of insolvency has been initiated, Latvian Television's broadcast De Facto reported on December 11.
Three charged in Bunkus murder case
Three persons have been charged with the murder of insolvency administrator Mārtiņš Bunkus, Rīga Court District Prosecutor Aldis Lasmanis said in a press conference on Thursday, December 8.
President rejects 13 pardon applications
Latvian President Egils Levits has rejected all of the latest 13 applications for pardon he has received from convicts, the Presidential Chancellery reported December 5.
24 criminal cases for drunk driving in one week in Latvia
For a week now, driving a car under heavy alcohol intoxication of 1.5 promilles and more has been a criminal offense, instead of an administratively punishable act. Despite that, drunk drivers still sit behind the wheel, and between November 25 when the act came into force, and December 1, police have launched 24 criminal cases, Latvian Radio reported Friday.
Security Service cracks down on 'Baltic anti-fascists'
On November 28 this year, the State Security Service (VDD) initiated criminal proceedings relating to anti-governmental activities in channels on the Telegram communication application by people calling themselves “Baltic anti-fascists”, the VDD said.
Scandal-prone Jūrmala mayor loses court case and position
On Friday November 26, the Criminal Affairs Department of the Senate left unchanged a verdict by which the long-time Chairman of Jūrmala City Council Gatis Truksnis (Green Party) and his office manager were found guilty of falsifying documents in connection with the business trip. With the entry into force of the judgment, Truksnis loses his mandate as a council member.
October was productive for scammers in Latvia
In October, the amount of funds defrauded from customers of the four largest Latvian banks was registered at EUR 1.4 million, while the amount of potentially defrauded money prevented last month amounts to €500 000, according to data from the Finance Latvia Association on November 21.
LTV: Should car theft victims do police work?
A viewer turned to Latvian Television's broadcast 4. studija with a story about her stolen car, how she herself found it, while the police hid under a pile of paperwork. The viewer and the broadcast, aired November 16, asks: should the victim become a detective?
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