Latvian citizen suspected of people smuggling via Lithuania
Lithuanian border guards in the Lazdijai district near the Polish border have detained a Latvian citizen who has taken four migrants from Latvia to Poland in his car, the Lithuanian State Border Guard Service has announced, LSM's Latvian language service reports.
Three more detained on suspicion of fake vaccination
Three healthcare workers in Sigulda have been detained on suspicion of providing or receiving fake Covid-19 certificates. Crinimal proceedings have been initiated, the State Police (VP) said November 17.
Postal service warns again about online fraudsters
Latvia's state-owned postal delivery service, Latvijas Pasts (LP) has issued a second warning about criminals attempting to defraud people by means of bogus postal delivery notifications.
Fake news kingpin found guilty of inciting ethnic hatred
The Collegiate of Criminal Justice of Riga District Court found Niks Endziņš guilty of inciting ethnic hatred in connection with his entries on Facebook to "eliminate the Chinese", LETA reported November 4.
Latvia makes some progress on OECD anti-bribery recommendations
Two years on from receiving a list of 44 recommendations from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Working Group on Bribery in International Business Transactions (OECD WGB), Latvia has fully implemented 16 recommendations, partially implemented 19 recommendations, and did not implement 9 recommendations, according to the latest review of progress.
Postal service warns about fraudsters
State JSC Latvijas Pasts (Latvian Post) warns about the current activity of fraudsters on Whatsapp and other social networks, LP said in a statement November 2.
Iceberg spotted in River Daugava
Rīgans were treated to an unusual sight October 28 when an 'iceberg', resembling a large scoop of vanilla ice cream, was towed along the chocolate-flavored River Daugava as part of an anti-corruption publicity campaign.
Four more detained over fake Covid certificates
This week, police detained four persons in Riga Region on suspicion of falsifying Covid-19 vaccination certificates, including a family physician, the LETA news agecy reported October 23.
Over 200 offenders caught on first curfew night
Law enforcement initiated 228 administrative infringement proceedings regarding the failure to comply with Covid-19 restrictions on the first night of curfew, State Police said October 22.
Four detained over suspected fake vaccination process
Law enforcement officers have recently detained a group of four more people suspected of being involved in a sham vaccination against Covid-19 at a medical institution in Rīga, LSM's Latvian language service reports. 
Man attacks Latvian letter 'Ī', winds up in hospital
If further proof was needed that mastering the Latvian language is no easy matter, it is now available courtesy of a drunken hooligan who came off second best in a clash with a letter of the alphabet.
Warning over fradulent calls in Denmark, France and Italy
Latvia's financial regulator, the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FKTK), has repeated a warning about fraudsters, who make phone calls to randomly selected inhabitants of Denmark, Italy and France posing as employees of FKTK, the State Revenue Service of the Republic of Latvia, Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia or other state institutions.

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