IT goods stolen from ELKO warehouse
Over the weekend of May 9 and 10, a major theft occurred at a warehouse of the largest IT product distributor in the Baltic States, "ELKO Grupa" in Riga.
Police on high alert over holiday weekend
Police will increase operations over the holiday weekend to make sure people are observing restrictions to limit the spread of the Covid-19 novel coronavirus, according to acting State Police Chief Andrejs Grišins on April 30.
Kristīne Misāne to be released from jail
Kristīne Misāne, a Latvian citizen who was previously in line to be extradited from Denmark to South Africa but was instead transferred to Latvia, was released from prison on Monday, April 20, reported LSM's Latvian language service.
Liepāja churchgoers put private prayers before public health
A church in Liepāja, Latvia's third-largest city, continued to hold public gatherings over the Easter weekend, despite emergency laws designed to protect the public from the spread of coronavirus being in place, reported Latvian Radio April 17.
Fake news spreads in Latvia via WhatsApp
Today a fake news WhatsApp message warning about the coming spread of a phone virus has been spreading in Latvia via the mobile messaging application, according to Information Technology Security Incident Response Institution on March 23.
Around 300 Latvian dependents held in jail overseas each year
The high profile extradition case of Kristīne Misāne has put the spotlight on Latvians detained abroad. On average, 300 Latvian citizens and nationals (so-called "non-citizens" are also entitled to consular protection) are detained abroad for various types of crimes each year, reported Latvian Radio on February 25.