Bizarre 1990s Kinder egg court case continues in Latvia
A petty theft court case from the early 1990s in which a 14-year-old boy is charged with stealing candy, including a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg, and electronics which are presumably now laughably obsolete, is still underway, according to Latvian Television’s “Panorāma” broadcast on January 14.
State Police chief steps down
Interior Minister Sandis Ģirģens (KPV LV) announced that after 40 years of service State Police Chief Ints Ķuzis will leave the force, according to LTV on January 15.
Latvian mother faces extradition from Denmark to South Africa
A Latvian mother is facing the propspect of extradition to South Africa from Denmark to face trial after fleeing with her children, prompting questions to be asked by LTV's De Facto investigative show about whether Latvia has done enough to represent its citizen in a complex international legal wrangle.
Drug use among young a cause for concern in Liepāja
In 2019 Liepāja Regional Hospital treated 12 children and youths after they suffered ill effects from smoking marihuana, and the number has alarmed medics as it is twice the number treated in 2018, according to Latvian Television's daily news broadcast “Dienas ziņas” on January 8.
Central banker Rimšēvičs' defense hits an early snag
The trial of outgoing Latvian central bank governor Ilmārs Rimšēvičs on corruption charges hit an early hitch for the defendant December 20 with the judge ruling that one of the lawyers on Rimšēvičs' defense team, Normunds Duļevskis, could not represent his client as he had previously provided legal assistance to one of the witnesses in the case, reported LTV.
Tax scam worth 325,000 euros shut down
On November 8 the State Revenue (VID) Tax and Customs Police Department began criminal proceedings against a criminal group for tax avoidance and money laundering, which created losses of more than 325 000 euros for the national budget, VID announced on December 13. 
Lembergs' family barred from entry to United States
Following the news that Latvian businessman-politician Aivars Lembergs has been placed on a United States Department of the Treasury blacklist, freezing his assets and those of several entities linked to him, the U.S. Department of State has added to his woes by barring several members of his immediate family from entering the U.S,, too.
Lembergs named on U.S. sanctions list
Aivars Lembergs, long-time big cheese in the port city of Ventspils, was named as the target of United States sanctions December 9, on International Anti-Corruption Day.
Rīga Central Market terminates agreement with tenant over “cigarette mafia” case
Rīga City Council announced on November 28 that the Riga Central Market, which it controls, has terminated its tenancy agreement with the company Tirdzniecības nams Latgales priekšpilsēta (Latgale Suburb Trading House) after several searches were conducted on their premises related to the illicit trafficking of cigarettes. They have until January 13 to evacuate the territory.
LTV investigative journalists infiltrate Central Market cigarette mafia
LTV's investigative journalism program Forbidden Method (Aizliegtais Paņēmiens) has produced another notable scoop after conducting a six-month operation in which reporters infiltrated the Riga Central Market's illicit cigarette mafia, releasing the first of several episodes covering the 12,000-euro-per-month operation on November 25.
Police search Riga Central Market, several people detained
The Riga Central Market was searched on November 21 and several people were arrested, according to the State Police. LTV adds that the market’s Internal Security Department Director Maksims Danovskis was also searched. He was appointed to the board only a week earlier.
Six years since the Zolitūde tragedy - lengthy proceedings continue
It’s been six years since the Maxima supermarket roof collapse in Zolitūde in which 54 people lost their lives. However the ongoing criminal case resulting from that dreadful event continues to frustrate victims' families and loved ones, reported Latvian Radio November 21.
Foster parents accused of abusing eight children
The Prosecutor's Office will prosecute foster parents who have physically and emotionally abused eight foster children over several years, including two underage girls whom the foster father sexually abused, according to LETA.
Latvia was EU homicide hotspot in 2017
Latvia has more more homicides per head of population than anywhere else in the European Union, according to latest information published by Eurostat November 6.
Anti-graft cops search Preiļi council offices
The Latvian Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) has conducted procedural operations, including a sanctioned search of the Preiļi District Council offices, according to information reported by LTV on November 5.
Rimšēvičs case to continue in late December
The bribery case against the Bank of Latvia Governor Ilmārs Rimšēvičs will continue on December 20, it was decided at an initial case hearing November 4, at which the court also turned down a request by Rimšēvičs' defense counsel that hearings should continue behind closed doors.
Rimšēvičs trial starts in Jūrmala
One of the highest-profile trials in Latvian history got under way November 4 with central bank governor and European Central Bank governing council member Ilmārs Rimšēvičs appearing in court in Jūrmala on charges of corruption and money-laundering, alongside businessman Maris Martinsons, reported LTV.
Anti-corruption cops nab former Daugavpils mayor... again
The former mayor of Latvia's second largest city, Daugavpils, has been detained by officers of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Burea (KNAB), Latvia's dedicated anti-graft force, LTV reported October 9. It named politician Rihards Eigims as the detainee.