Serious crimes on the rise in Latvia
The number of serious crimes is increasing in Latvia, so the responsible authorities are discussing improving the effectiveness of the police, Latvian Radio reported September 30.
Lawyer Rebenoks victim of murder, say police
Pāvels Rebenoks, a lawyer and until recently an adviser to the former Minister of Economics Ralfs Nemiro (KPV LV), died on Saturday night, in what is believed to be a case of murder, Latvian Television reported September 20.
Rīga transport company will try to claw back money from former bosses
The municipal transport company in the Latvian capital, Rīga, paid out millions of euros in consultancy fees to individuals with dubious expertise and many of whom had clear connections to the political parties then in control of the capital, LTV's De Facto investigative show reported September 13.
Lembergs turns to US court over sanctions
Ventspils former mayor Aivars Lembergs, suspended in connection with the sanctions imposed on him last year, turned to the US court against the US Treasury's Office for Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and its head, said the Minister of Justice Jānis Bordāns (New Conservative Party) on Latvian Television Thursday, August 20.
Meroni removed from storage of Lembergs' arrested property
Riga Regional Court, in the so-called criminal case of Aivars Lembergs, has removed the lawyer Rudolf Meroni from the storage of the property arrested in criminal proceedings, according to Latvian Television information published August 17.
State Police seizes illegal firearms
Officials of the State Police have removed a significant amount of firearms, their essential components, explosives and explosive devices from an illegal group discovered several months ago, State Police said July 27.
New Administrative Liability Law in force
On Wednesday, July 1, the new Administrative Liability Law entered into force, taking the place of the Code of Administrative Violations, issued in 1985, Latvian Television reported on July 1.
Maxima Latvia warns about fake app
A malicious app has appeared in app stores with an identical visual design as that of supermarket chain Maxima Latvija, the company informed on June 29.
VID: alcohol smuggling levels relatively low in Latvia
Alcohol smuggling is not extensive in Latvia, and the situation with illegal cigarette rates is improving, the Director of the State Revenue Service (VID) Tax and Customs Police Board, General Kaspars Podiņš, told Latvian Radio on June 26.
VID stops alcohol production from disinfectant
In June, the Tax and Customs Police Board of the State Revenue Service (VID) opened criminal proceedings against a group of persons engaged in the illicit manufacture, storage, transfer and possible sale of alcoholic beverages, made  out of disinfectants, VID said on June 26.
VID starts criminal proceedings on unaccounted wages
The Tax and Customs Police Board of the State Revenue Service (VID) opened criminal proceedings in May this year regarding untaxed cash payments in a construction industry company, VID informed the media in a statement on June 25.
Central Market cigarette mafia returns
Latvian Television reported on June 1 that half a year after revealing the system for illegal cigarette trade in the Riga Central Market, changes to law have still not been adopted but traders have started to renew the industry.