Fake news spreads in Latvia via WhatsApp
Today a fake news WhatsApp message warning about the coming spread of a phone virus has been spreading in Latvia via the mobile messaging application, according to Information Technology Security Incident Response Institution Cert.lv on March 23.
Around 300 Latvian dependents held in jail overseas each year
The high profile extradition case of Kristīne Misāne has put the spotlight on Latvians detained abroad. On average, 300 Latvian citizens and nationals (so-called "non-citizens" are also entitled to consular protection) are detained abroad for various types of crimes each year, reported Latvian Radio on February 25. 
Danish court clears way for Misāne's return to Latvia
A Danish court on February 20 upheld a decision by the Danish Attorney General to overturn the planned extradition of Latvian citizen Kristīne Misāne to South Africa, clearing the way for her return to Latvia to face criminal charges in her homeland instead of on another continent. 
Verdicts delivered in Zolitūde tragedy case
On February 18, 2020 – six years and three months after the catastrophic collapse of a Maxima supermarket roof - the Rīga City Pārdaugava Court passed down its verdicts for the defendants in the Zolitūde tragedy criminal case.
Unmarked police camera catches 1,600 offenders
Over the last four months a special unmarked police vehicle fitted with a 360 degree camera has been keeping an eye on the driving culture and violations of Rīga residents, and has already caught 1,600 offences on camera, according to the State Police on February 15.
Hospital bribery scandal culprits admit guilt
The defendants in the Rīga's Children's Clinical University Hospital (BKUS) bribery case pleaded guilty at the Rīga City Pārdaugava Court and agreed to the penalties suggested by the Prosecutor's Office by signing an agreement on February 13, according to Latvian Television.
Father gives other side of the Misāne case
The extradition case concerning Latvian citizen Kristīne Misāne and the legal systems of Latvia, Denmark and South Africa has been extensively reported in Latvian media, including LSM, but until now comment from the South African side and specifically from Johann Grobler, the father of one of the children concerned, has been notable by its absence.
Five more arrested in Rīga lift scandal
Five employees of the Rīga municipal housing management company “Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks” (RNP) have been arrested in connection to the ongoing fraud investigation, according to the State Police on February 4.
Man arrested for inciting ethnic hatred via online fake news
Authorities arrested Niks Endziņš, who has formerly been accused of spreading fake news, on February 2 for inciting national and ethnic hatred online, as well as for spreading fake news about the new Chinese coronavirus, according to the State Police on February 3.
Rīga municipal housing management company under investigation
Criminal proceedings, including conducting a company search on January 30, have begun against municipal housing management company “Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks” (RNP) in regards to large-scale organized fraud and money laundering, and two persons have been detained, including the “Liftu alianse” company owner Igors Babkins, according to Latvian Television on January 31.
Police warn about ransomware attacks
In 2019 the State Police Economic Crimes Unit recorded a possible cyberattack on a Latvian education institution, and over the past two years, small and medium sized enterprises have been frequently the victims of these types of attacks, according to the State Police on January 29.