Anti-graft squad searches hospital, detains three people
The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) on April 5 launched criminal proceedings and detained three persons at a Rīga hospital in connection with suspected "abuse of official powers", according to information released by the agency April 15.
Businessman sentenced to three years for offering bribe to Jurašs
Responding to the prosecution’s protest, Riga Regional Court last week sentenced businessman Valērijs Vasiļjevs to three years in jail for offering a bribe to the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau's (KNAB) former officer Juris Jurašs (pictured above), the LETA newswire said April 8.
Daggers seized at border with Russia
Latvia's border customs officers have become quite accomplished at catching illegal consignments of cigarettes and other contraband coming into the European Union from Russia, but on April 3 they found something else: 28 military daggers hidden in the cab of a truck.
Interior Minister wants explanations about Rīga transport police investigations
Minister of the Interior Sandis Ģirģens (KPV LV party) has instructed Chief of the State Police Ints Ķuzis to explain whether and how the police intend to responded to allegations circulating in the media about possible corrupt practices and other violations in the Riga municipality company "Rīgas satiksme" and other companies subordinated to Riga City Council, according to the minister's adviser adviser Kārlis Miksons.
Two arrested in connection with double murder
Two pensioners were murdered in Talsi Region in western Latvia on Friday, March 22 with the two suspects already arrested, Ilze Jurevica from the State Police told the LETA newswire March 24.
Investment agency chief says minister should apologize for slur
Recent public comments by the Minister of Economy Ralfs Nemiro about alleged involvement of Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) staff in misuse of European Union funds met with strong criticism from Andris Ozols, the longtime head of LIAA on March 22.
Public's opinion of Latvian State Police continues to improve
Public opinion about the State Police's performance has increased to a record high this year, and a record number of residents said that they felt physically safe as a result, SKDS research agency's director Arnis Kaktiņš told reporters March 13.
Latvia's anti-graft squad says it needs more funding
Latvia's dedicated anti-graft police force, the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) needs an additional 1.5 million euros this year to fulfill its functions, KNAB Chief Jekabs Straume told members of the press after a Saeima Defense, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee meeting March 12, the LETA newswire reported.
Prosecutor demands 8-year jail sentence for Ventspils bigwig
During proceedings at the Rīga Regional Court March 7, the Prosecutor's Office demanded an eight-year prison sentence, with confiscation of property, and a fine in the amount of 150 minimum monthly wages, or €64,500, for Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs who stands accused of a number of serious crimes, as the prosecutor on the case Juris Juriss told LETA.
Anti-graft cops swoop on another Rīga transport official
The Latvian Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) has detained Aleksandrs Brandavs, a member of the Honor to Serve Riga party, a board member of the Rigas Karte company and an official of Rigas Satiksme municipal transport company, on suspicion of bribery.
Court leaves Škoda Transportation official in custody
The Rīga City Vidzeme District Court on February 26 ruled to leave Škoda Transportation official Vladislav Kozák, who has been detained in connection with Rigas Satiksme municipal transport company’s corruption case, in custody, LETA learned.
Rimšēvičs case: European court says he can return to work
The Court of Justice of the European Union said February 26 it was annulling the decision made by the Latvian authorities to suspend central bank governor Ilmārs Rimšēvičs from his position pending an investigation into allegations he solicited large bribes from banks.
KNAB anti-graft squad needs dozens of employees
Latvia's dedicated anti-graft force, the Corruption Combating and Prevention Agency (KNAB) is currently working despite a serious lack of manpower, the agency's head, Jēkabs Straume, told Latvian Radio February 14.