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Police detain more suspects for vaccination fraud
Over the weekend, police have discovered another location in Riga where bogus vaccination against Covid-19 was allegedly organized. Two persons were detained in connection with the incident, the State Police said August 16.
Latvia calls on China to stick to international cyberspace rules
Latvia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said July 19 it was concerned by "malicious cyber activities targeting and affecting democracy, security and economies of the EU Member States and our allies and partners, both at the state level and the level of private entities and institutions".
Police warn against counterfeiting Covid certificates
As the interest in obtaining a Covid-19 certificate increases, tales of people who want to circumvent the procedures for obtaining it have also emerged. The State Police (VP) said at a press briefing July 14 that this is a crime, so it is necessary to inform the public about the consequences of such actions.
Three detained at anti-masker gathering
On Sunday, June 20, in Mārupe municipality, an illegal event took place with the participation of dozens of people - opponents of vaccines and masks. The State Police (VP) has launched three administrative proceedings, Latvian Television reported.

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