Three Peaceful concerts for the Weekend in Latvia
For some, December is the time of waiting; some just like to watch the snow fall; some prefer to hide away under a pile of blankets. Whichever category you may fall in, this weekend offers a few concerts which will fill the room with peace and expectation.
Positivus festival will stay in Rīga next year
Next year, the popular “Positivus” music festival will take place in Rīga again, on Lucavsala island, the organizers' representative Elva Lorence told the LETA news agency.
Survey: Latvians generally enjoy music
92% of Latvian residents aged 18-60 listen to music records every day, according to the results of the annual sociological survey on music consumption habits of Latvian society carried out by Latvian Association of Artists and Producers (LaIPA), in cooperation with the sociological research agency Kantar.
Opera singer Jānis Sproģis dies
On Friday, October 7, tenor opera singer Jānis Sproģis (1944–2022) passed away aged 77, Latvian Radio 3 said on Facebook.
Freedom Monument concerts for Ukraine
At the Freedom Monument in central Rīga, the well-known Latvian cello trio "Melo-M" together with Ukrainian musicians, who are currently taking refuge in Latvia from the war, are teaming up for fundraising efforts.
Performers team up to support Ukrainian Resistance
Musicians from Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, and Ukraine have united in a song called “Resistance” which calls on everyone to support Ukraine in its fight against the military aggression of Russia, says the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Positivus festival expects 20,000 visitors a day
On July 15 and 16, in the territory of Lucavsala, Rīga, the festival Positivus will take place after two years of pandemic silence. The organizer Ģirts Majors told Latvian Radio on July 13 that around 20,000 visitors are projected daily.
Jinjo Crew delivers a dose of Korean cool to Rīga
As you cannot fail to have noticed, Korea is cool at the moment. From K-Pop to Squid Game and Parasite, not to mention the growing popularity of its cuisine, Korean creativity is making its mark on world culture, often reinvigorating some tired western ways in the process.
Latvian-Ukrainian trio to perform in debut concert
On May 26, 19:00, a new music association called Shakima Trio, composed of Ukrainian musician Shakima Garunts, Latvian guitarist Jānis Ruņģis and bass Ainārs Majors, will give its first concert. The concert will take place in the hall of the wooden building renovation center "Koka Rīga" (Krāsotāju Street 12), the musicians' representatives said.
Latvia competes in first Eurovision semi final tonight
The first semi-final of this year's Eurovision song contest takes place tonight, with Latvian group Citi Zēni (Other Boys) hoping to break a dismal recent record of Eurovision competitors and make it to the final with their ditty about the joys of eating organic vegetables as part of a healthy and balanced diet.
Laba Daba festival returns after two years
From August 5 to 7, the twelfth music and art festival “Laba Daba” will take place, returning after two years of silence due to the pandemic, organizers said. 
Liepāja orchestra to offer Ukrainians free entry to concerts
To support Ukrainian civilians, the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra offers Ukrainian citizens to attend spring concerts on April 22 and May 14 at the Liepaja concert hall Great Amber free of charge, the orchestra's representatives said April 13.
Liepāja Lake Music festival to set sail in July
The tradition launched in recent years with summer concerts on Liepāja Lake has been transformed into a festival Liepāja Lake Music, which will take place over three days from July 7 to July 9 in the recreational park Austrumu forts, the organizers said.
Sunrise concert for Ukraine to take place Friday
On the morning of March 18, at 6:00 in the morning the first pop-up concert in the courtyard of the Latvian National Museum of Fine Arts will take place, the organizers said.
'Latvian Voices' sing Ukrainian folk song
The acclaimed vocal group 'Latvian Voices' has released a beautiful and emotional rendition of a traditional Ukrainian folk song on its YouTube channel.
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