Two-tier health insurance system put on hold
The two-package national health insurance system, which was set up and intended to be implemented by the previous administration, is postponed until 2021 – the Saeima decided at the final reading on June 13. Until then, it is planned to launch a one package system and set a health insurance contribution of 1% for every wage-earner.
Tonsillitis on the rise due to heat
The drastic fluctuations in temperature, from the swelter in the streets to the cool air indoors, have increased cases of pharyngal inflammation, some of which require serious medical treatment, the LSM Latvian service's reported on June 12.
Rigvir cancer treatment at center of fresh controversy
Rigvir, a Latvia-invented injectable cancer drug, finds itself at the center of fresh controversy after LTV investigative show De Facto revealed vials of Rigvir virus sold to patients appeared to be less than they seem.
Latvian government moves to ensure British citizens keep post-Brexit healthcare
On February 12, the Cabinet of Ministers approved amendments to the Health Care Financing Law prepared by the Ministry of Health which envisage that even after Britain's withdrawal from the European Union (EU) or "Brexit" on March 29, its citizens in Latvia will be able to receive state-funded healthcare services. 
Some condemned Polish beef has reached Lido restaurant chain
A small amount of beef from a Polish slaughterhouse where sick cattle were illegally butchered to be sold as meat has ended up in Latvia's Lido restaurant chain, Ilze Meistere, a spokeswoman for the Food and Veterinary Service, told LETA February 1.
Launch of new healthcare financing system postponed until July 1
Saeima on January 17 passed in the final reading a bill to postpone, until July 1, the launch of a new healthcare financing system that would separate healthcare services into two baskets of services accessible depending on one's social tax contributions.
Take care during coming freeze
This winter, fewer people than last year have received treatment for cold injuries. Nevertheless, people are invited to be watchful and inform emergency services.
Saeima committee to propose postponing new healthcare financing system
The Saeima social and labor affairs committee on January 8 plans to discuss a proposal to postpone application of the Healthcare Financing Law, providing that all healthcare services paid for by the state would be available only to insured residents, to June 1, the committee chairman Andris Skride (For Development/For) told the press.