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Hundreds line up for a Covid jab in Rīga
On the morning of Friday April 16, even before the start of the work of the mass vaccination center in Riga on Krasta Street, more than 100 people were starting to line up for a jab against Covid-19, according to eyewitnesses' accounts.
Infectologist Dumpis: little hope for a midsummer party
It is unlikely that the first half of the summer, including the Jāņi (Midsummer) festival there will be much cause for rejoicing and mass gathering, Uga Dumpis, chief infectologist of the Ministry of Health, told Latvian Television April 15.
How much does Latvia spend on vaccine purchases?
The prices of vaccines against Covid-19 for which they are purchased by Latvia range from EUR 1.78 to EUR 26.21 per dose, according to a presentation prepared by the Ministry of Health to the Saeima Public Expenses and Audit Committee April 13.
Covid-19 found on Latvian mink farm
Covid-19 infection has been detected in nine dead mink at the Baltic Devon Mink farm in Iecava municipality, Food and Veterinary Service (PVD) told LSM April 10.
At-risk groups can line up for Covid vaccines Saturday
On Saturday, April 10, people belonging to one of the priority groups currently getting Covid-19 jabs will be able to show up at mass vaccination centers in Rīga without an invitation, the Health Ministry said in a statement April 8.

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