More free movement could be allowed
The requirement for self-isolation for people who enter Latvia could be reviewed in the near future, said Jurijs Perevovščikovs, director of the Department for Disease and Prevention Control (SPKC) in an interview to Latvian Television on May 27.
Plant wonders: Nutritious Nettle
Nettles (Urtica urens) may be harder to harvest but certainly worth the effort. Expert and doctor of pharmaceutics Vija Enina talks about the extensive use of nettles.
Plant wonders: Delicious Dandelion
May is in full bloom, and natural treasures are everywhere. One of the most valuable plants worth harvesting now is the dandelion, says expert and doctor of pharmaceutics Vija Eniņa.
Plant wonders: Natural cough remedies
During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is particularly important to think about lung health. What are the plants to gather when preparing for the next autumn and winter season?
DoctorOnline platform demanded in Latvia
Demand for remote consulting platform DoctorOnline has increased significantly due to COVID-19, said business development director Santa Batuhtina-Banga to Latvian Radio on May 14.