Latvia's Covid-19 control measures are working
At the moment, the state emergency measures implemented to restrict the spread of the Covid-19 novel coronavirus seem to have been effective in preventing a spike in cases, but the situation could still change and require additional restrictive measures, according to Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital Department of Infection Control and Surveillance Director, Professor Uga Dumpis on March 30.
No sick ticks yet
Tick season has officially started, but none of the nine ticks that have been tested so far have been found to be carrying any diseases, according to Latvian Centre of Infectious Diseases Head Doctor Baiba Rozentāle.
Medic in Rēzekne contracts coronavirus
The Covid-19 coronavirus has been contracted by a doctor working at Rēzekne hospital in the east of Latvia, the Disease Prevention and Control Center (SPKC) confirmed on Twitter March 26.
Rīga air quality slightly improves during pandemic
It's been two weeks since a national state of emergency has been declared, but despite fewer cars and public transport vehicles on the roads, the air quality has only slightly improved since before the emergency declaration, according to a Latvian Radio broadcast on March 26.
New hotline for Covid-19 questions: 8345
The State Chancery, together with the state telecoms provider Tet, has come up with a round-the-clock hotline for people's questions concerning the novel coronavirus.
Number of coronavirus cases in Latvia rises to 111
The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 coronavirus in Latvia has passed the 100 mark, it was confirmed March 20. A further 25 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed on Latvian territory, raising the total number of cases from 86 on Thursday to 111 on Friday.
Latvia coronavirus case total reaches 86
A further 15 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus were confirmed on Latvian territory March 19, raising the total number of cases from 71 on Tuesday to 86 on Thursday.