No more EU cash for problem-plagued e-health system
No further European funds will be invested in Latvia's e-health system, therefore the third round of planned upgrades to the system will not be implemented, Health Minister Ilze Viņķele (For Development/For) told reporters February 21, according to the LETA newswire.
Scientists create new bone-replacement material
A new method has been implemented in face and jaw surgery using an innovative bioceramic material that ensures bone density and a restoration of volume for osteoporosis and bone atrophy patients, according to Latvian Television's morning news broadcast “Rīta Panorāma” on February 11.
Male suicide rate declines by almost a third over decade
The rate at which men in Latvia commit suicide is still alarming, but a lot better than it used to be, according to data highlighted by the Central statistics Bureau (CSB) February 11. A graphic published by the CSB on its Twitter feed shows that the rate of suicide among men is 29 per 100 000 of the population, compared to 4 among women.
Creating “spare parts” for people with technology
Several important human “parts” tend to undergo wear and tear throughout our lives, but now scientists and medical professionals in Latvia are using technology to work towards creating increasingly better “spare parts”, according to Latvian Television's “Izziņas impulss” (“Cognitive Impulse”) broadcast on January 1.
Another large-scale food poisoning incident
70 people may have contracted an acute gastrointestinal infection in Liepāja after eating their lunch in a Baltic Restaurants canteen at Lauma Lingerie company, the Center for Disease Prevention and Control representative Ilze Araja informed the LETA newswire November 28.
61 students fall ill at Smiltene Secondary School
61 children in a Smiltene Secondary School building have fallen ill with an intestinal infection due to a virus, according to Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) Epidemiologist Rita Korotinska.
Government hopes to pacify angry medics with future pay promise
Next year, the lowest monthly salaries for medical workers might rise by 20 percent for medical residents and by 10 percent for other staff, according to the Health Ministry's proposal the government is due to consider on November 12, reported the LETA newswire.
Hundreds of medics protest low wages in front of Saeima
On Thursday, November 7 hundreds of healthcare workers protested in front of Saeima. They're calling the protest “One day without medical practitioners”. This was one of two protests on that morning, as a separate regional reform picket was also taking place.
Healthcare workers plan industrial action
In the hope of getting more funding for the medical profession, healthcare workers will hold a meeting and a picket at the Saeima on November 7, journalists were told by representatives of medics' unions October 29.
"Diagnosis - cancer": patient care standards
In taking on the “Diagnosis - cancer” multimedia project, LTV and were surprised by the amount of people who mentioned communication with doctors as one of the main problems in their diagnosis and treatment process. The issues are most acute when it comes to diagnosis, as well as during discussions about further treatment for patients. No one likes presenting or hearing bad news, but communication issues plague the Latvian medical system from diagnosis, to notifying the next of kin in cases of death.
“Dignosis - cancer”: doctor competence
Doctor competence varies greatly in Latvia when it comes to detecting cancer in its early stages. Most general practitioners detect one to five instances of early stage cancer per year. There are some doctors with a three times better result, however others have not diagnosed any cases.
“Diagnosis - cancer”: health and personal responsibility
Each year 11,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in Latvia, contributing to the total of 77,000 people suffering from oncological diseases. Patient organisations have calculated that cancer directly or indirectly affects one-fifth of the population, taking into account patients' families, friends and those involved with patient care.
“Diagnosis - cancer” multimedia project launched by LTV and LSM.LV
In Latvia 16 people lose their lives to cancer every single day. Proportionally, this is a higher percentage than in Estonia and Lithuania, and it’s too much. Everyone knows that cancer kills, and sometimes very quickly, so this diagnosis causes alarm for patients, relatives and society as a whole.
Worrying rise in tick infection rates
By October 7, the number of people infected with tick-borne encephalitis in Latvia this year has increased by 6.8 percent as compared to 2018, according to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control.