On the road with Latvian exporters: Skonto Prefab
Skonto Prefab is a prefabricated concrete elements producer, founded in 2002 and based at an 8-hectare manufacturing site in Salaspils near Riga. But that's not where we are today. Concrete may be extremely useful but it is not the most poetic of materials. It would be hard to compose an Ode to Concrete or paint a magnificent landscape full of prefabricated concrete, even if it was livened up with a few dashes of steel reinforcement and cross-laminated timber.
On the road with Latvian exporters: University of Latvia
It is generally assumed that the chief benefit of running a profitable business is the ability to extract that profit and spend it on yourself in a manner that is either modest, immodest or downright luxurious, according to the level of profit achieved - and one's own appetite for the finer things in life.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Edurio
Asked to explain their success in business, many of the more modest multi-millionnaires in the world say it was to a large extent a matter of being “in the right place at the right time”. One of the other popular sayings among high-fliers is “You make your own luck”. 
On the road with Latvian exporters: Ette Tete
Children like to climb things. It might be a tree, a climbing frame, the stairs. In the case of Linda Riekstiņa-Šnore it was a wooden ladder leading to the loft of a tiny wooden house in the countryside beyond the city of Alūksne.
On the road with Latvian exporters: TestDevLab
No-one other than a serious fan of oil terminals and shunting yards would claim Venstpils is the most picturesque place in Latvia in February. Here, across the River Venta from the holding tanks, shunting yards and cranes is the city itself, which is certainly an improvement, if not exactly Shanghai. A driving blizzard and a temperature of -16 Celsius chills the large fiber-glass cows along the promenade that are an alleged tourist attraction.
First quarter saw boom in Latvia's construction sector
The latest data compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) show that, compared to the 1st quarter of 2017, in the 1st quarter of 2018 construction output increased by an impressive 35.7 % (according to calendar adjusted data at constant prices). 
On the road with Latvian exporters: D8 Corporation
Lielvārde is a small town with a big name in Latvia, being best-known for its association with the epic poem Lāčplēsis about the eponymous Latvian hero. But to Juris Ščerbickis of D8 Corporation, this place on the banks of the River Daugava has associations other than battles with the Black Knight.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Printful
Over coming months, LSM will be running a weekly series of features about some of Latvia's most successful and innovative exporting companies. We have been visiting them at locations all across Latvia and hearing about the places they say are important to them. The series is produced in cooperation with The Red Jackets, the organization championing Latvia's leading export companies.
Latvia to streamline tax payments for businesses
The Latvian Cabinet of Ministers on April 17 approved several legislative proposals by the Finance Ministry to unify the deadlines for regular payments of taxes administrated by the State Revenue Service.
Latvian audio companies go international
Music is art, but it's also a business, with technological advances proving to be a lucrative source of income for Latvia's brightest. A Latvian Television story looks at three internationally successful businesses that produce cutting-edge music software and equipment. 
Foreign investors "seriously concerned" about banking sector scandals
The influential Foreign Investors Council in Latvia (FICIL) said February 23 it was "seriously concerned" by the ongoing situation in Latvia's financial sector and urged the authorities to get a grip with thorough and speedy investigations of the swirling mass of accusations and counter-accusations.
Listen to the voices of TechChill!
More than 2,000 participants gathered in Riga February 8 for the two-day TechChill festival which is generally regarded as the season opener for the whole Baltic Startup scene. Three stages are in operation throughout the festival with a varied agenda ranging from the deadly serious to the decidedly lighthearted.
Assets of defunct steelworks to be sold at auction
The assets of Latvia’s insolvent steel company KVV Liepajas Metalurgs will be sold off by auction, the company’s insolvency administrator Guntars Koris has decided, reported LETA on January 15. 
Foreign investment climate improving, though challenges remain
The Foreign Investors Council in Latvia (FICIL) said December 10 policymakers had improved their communications over the last year and were less worried about the "threat from Russia" than they were two years ago but identified labor market access and sometimes scattergun policymaking as issues still to be tackled.