On the road with Latvian exporters: PharmIdea
I am intrigued to find out why molecular biologist Vitalijs Skrīvelis has chosen to meet me at Zilaiskalns. It is certainly a special place, a hill that rises from the flat fields and forests of north Vidzeme that is rich in legend and folklore, but not perhaps what you would expect from someone of a scientific mindset.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Troll
With just a few of these Red Jackets interviews to go, I have an unpleasant thought: I haven't actually used any of the products they sell, with the sole exception of Latvijas Piens, whose cheese I have indeed nibbled.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Mintos
As soon as you learn the setting for this meeting is Rīga International Airport, you will probably expect to hear it justified in a very predictable way: it's the gateway to the country, it's where clients arrive and depart, it embodies how modern, accessible and connected Latvia is, and so on.
On the road with Latvian exporters: One Wolf
“It should be easy to spot the owner of a fashion label,” I thought to myself as I checked if I had come to the right place at the right time, “after all, she is bound to be dressed head to foot in her own clothes, and the One Wolf look is quite distinctive.”
''Discounted'' prices were not accurate
The Consumer Rights Protection Center (PTAC) has fined Rimi Latvia retail company with EUR 20,000 for using unfair business practices in its sticker campaign, in which consumers were invited to collect stickers to buy various goods of the Bosch brand at discount prices, the consumer rights watchdog informed LETA.
Labor shortage puts brakes on employers’ optimism
Despite swift economic growth, the mood of Latvian business owners is still cautiously optimistic, and their opinion on the availability of employees has worsened from one quarter to the next, shows the most recent Citadele Index survey by Citadele Bank and SKDS.
FinTech firm Nordigen wins Latvian Startup Law support
Financial data startup Nordigen has become the second startup registered in Latvia to receive government financing for attracting highly qualified employees. The program is part of Latvia's innovative Startup Law, which came into force on January 1, 2018. The purpose of the law is to promote the establishment of start-up companies in Latvia, stimulate research as well as the use of innovative ideas, products or processes in economic activity.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Twino
Pavilosta has a reputation as a summer retreat for a trendy Rīga set consisting of hipsters, bohemians and startup heroes. But it can't be like that really, I reason, on the long drive out to the Courland coast. It's probably the same semi-sleepy fishing village it was last time I was there. The rumors of gentrification must be overblown fantasies of envious journalists like myself.
Startups challenged to join TechChill startup pitch battle
Early-stage startups are welcome to apply for Fifty Founders battle, hosted by the TechChill annual business event, and compete not just for recognition and investor attention, but also for the main prize - "10,000 euros with no strings attached." 
More Latvian companies dodging social contributions
The number of companies and individual entrepreneurs that do not make compulsory social contributions has increased almost twofold over the past two years, according to the State Audit Office's audit of state and municipal budgets in 2017, reported LETA.
On the road with Latvian exporters: PlayGineering Systems
If you believe the legend – and no Latvian has ever been known to disbelieve a legend – Kvēpene hill fort was where Rūsiņš, an allegedly mighty warrior chieftan lived, successfully defending himself from the incursions of dastardly foreign crusaders while running a highly successful protection racket levying charges on anything that happened to float by on the River Gauja, which still flows at the foot of his assumed stronghold.
Lattelecom to change name to "tet"
In spring 2019, Latvia's state-majority company Lattelecom will change the brand and the company name to "tet", the company told the press October 9.
Narvesen owner to buy 60 cafes in Baltics
Reitan Convenience, the owner of the Narvesen kiosk chain has struck an agreement to buy the Caffeine Roasters chain of cafes in the Baltics, which operates in 60 locations across the Baltics.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Peruza
I felt I was arriving at Ainaži well prepared. Halfway to the little seaside town in the very north-west corner of Latvia, I stopped at a cafe for lunch. On the table was the local Auseklis newspaper. The cover story was about tremendous interest in the first ever Blackcurrant Day. Page 2 featured the renovation of some steps. And then an absolute gift to a lazy writer: a detailed history of Ainaži.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Anatomy Next
From the outside it looks like a normal building in the Agenskalns district of Rīga. If you had to guess what went on inside, you would probably opt for the usual domestic dramas and dish-washing of any apartment block with perhaps a sprinkling of insurance brokering or book-keeping activity inside some smallish, cheapish offices.
Rīga readies for 5G technology conference
On September 27-28 the Baltic Sea Region 5G ecosystem forum ‘’5G Techritory’’ will take place in Rīga, bringing together key global players in 5G technology.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Sonarworks
Few locations, except perhaps a battlefield or monument, evoke the idea of place as strongly as a film studio. Riga Film Studio is no exception as, quite apart from the sound stages and studios used to produce numerous classic strips of Latvian celluloid from the 1950s to the 1990s, the buildings in which these pieces of fantasy were produced themselves look like a mismatched film set with a tower of brick here, a rusting iron water tank there, peeling plaster on an elegant outbuilding and an apple orchard stretched incongruously across the middle as if it is insisting we are in the deep countryside and not the capital city.
Allegations of corporate raiding in pharma sector
Signe Baldere-Sildedze, a guardian for Anna Maligina, the youngest daughter of former pharmaceutical company Olainfarm owner Valerijs Maligins, and Maligins' other daughter, Nika Saveljeva have turned to the authorities asking that a criminal process be started over a corporate raid on the company, fraud and abuse of office, reportes the LETA newswire.