Latvian eco cleaning product exports reach Abu Dhabi
Owners of a Latvian eco cleaning company realized the long-term sustainability of the market, invested a great amount into a production facility, and as a result are exporting their products to countries such as Canada and the United Arab Emirates, according to LTV's Rīta Panorāma broadcast on December 12.
Skonto Stadium mystery buyer revealed
On December 8 LTV's De Facto investigative team said they uncovered the identity of the mystery Skonto Stadium buyer who purchased the property in 2015 for 35 million euros via the Belize tax haven, His name is Andrey Rogachev, the report revealed.
Exporting Latvian fintech know-how and business ethics to Indonesia
In 2015 brothers Viesturs and Jānis Kuļikovskis decided to use Latvian know-how and technology to start Alfa Fintech Indonesia, an online P2P lending platform in the world's fourth most populous country, where half of the population doesn’t have a bank account and only 2.4% of people have a credit card (Forbes, May 2019).
Dabas dots exports juice from the “Future” to Germany
Dabas dots Founder Ronalds Briņķis decided to begin commercially producing the natural juices and teas he made at home to regain his strength after distance running. Now his company manufactures the products in the Nākotne, or “Future” district of Latvia, and began exporting to Germany in June, Briņķis told the LTV Rīta Panorāma broadcast November 26.
New York fashion designer Noor Bchara to give Latvian lecture
The United States Embassy in Latvia said November 14 that New York-based fashion designer and sustainability consultant, Noor Bchara will make a four day visit to Riga from November 19 to 22 to give seminars on upcycling and repurposing design items and to meet with representatives of the Latvian fashion industry in connection with Global Entrepreneurship Week.
Latvian Independent Television ceases independent operations
Fears about the future of the Latvian Independent Television (Latvijas Neatkarīgā Televīzija) news division came to fruition November 7 when All Media Baltics Communications Manager Alise Mališko announced that all of their products will be rebranded and unified under the TV3 brand.
Z-Towers: Rīga City Construction Board vs. Mayor Burovs
November 5 was an eventful day at the Rīga City Construction Board. Board Director Inguss Vircavs raised the alarm claiming that political pressure is being exerted, and that workers are being forced to hurriedly perform their duties and formally complete construction of the Z-Towers skyscrapers in Pārdaugava, Rīga, which belong to millionaire Yuri Shefler. The Mayor of the capital city, Oļegs Burovs ("Honor to Serve Riga"), has been named as the one exerting the pressure. He claims that the construction board is too bureaucratic.
5 golden rules for businesses talking to Latvian media
The tech ecosystem was already thriving when Latvia became the first country to pass a special 'startup law'. The number of new businesses being founded or moving to Latvia is increasing with every year, but whether you're a local, or got a visa via the startup law, new entrepreneurs can frequently find it confusing to navigate the Latvian media landscape.