Lattelecom to change name to "tet"
In spring 2019, Latvia's state-majority company Lattelecom will change the brand and the company name to "tet", the company told the press October 9.
Narvesen owner to buy 60 cafes in Baltics
Reitan Convenience, the owner of the Narvesen kiosk chain has struck an agreement to buy the Caffeine Roasters chain of cafes in the Baltics, which operates in 60 locations across the Baltics.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Peruza
I felt I was arriving at Ainaži well prepared. Halfway to the little seaside town in the very north-west corner of Latvia, I stopped at a cafe for lunch. On the table was the local Auseklis newspaper. The cover story was about tremendous interest in the first ever Blackcurrant Day. Page 2 featured the renovation of some steps. And then an absolute gift to a lazy writer: a detailed history of Ainaži.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Anatomy Next
From the outside it looks like a normal building in the Agenskalns district of Rīga. If you had to guess what went on inside, you would probably opt for the usual domestic dramas and dish-washing of any apartment block with perhaps a sprinkling of insurance brokering or book-keeping activity inside some smallish, cheapish offices.
Rīga readies for 5G technology conference
On September 27-28 the Baltic Sea Region 5G ecosystem forum ‘’5G Techritory’’ will take place in Rīga, bringing together key global players in 5G technology.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Sonarworks
Few locations, except perhaps a battlefield or monument, evoke the idea of place as strongly as a film studio. Riga Film Studio is no exception as, quite apart from the sound stages and studios used to produce numerous classic strips of Latvian celluloid from the 1950s to the 1990s, the buildings in which these pieces of fantasy were produced themselves look like a mismatched film set with a tower of brick here, a rusting iron water tank there, peeling plaster on an elegant outbuilding and an apple orchard stretched incongruously across the middle as if it is insisting we are in the deep countryside and not the capital city.
Allegations of corporate raiding in pharma sector
Signe Baldere-Sildedze, a guardian for Anna Maligina, the youngest daughter of former pharmaceutical company Olainfarm owner Valerijs Maligins, and Maligins' other daughter, Nika Saveljeva have turned to the authorities asking that a criminal process be started over a corporate raid on the company, fraud and abuse of office, reportes the LETA newswire.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Nordtext
Driving to Tērvete, I suspect it might be a set-up. After all, I am writing in English, about Latvia and Latvians. There is a high probability I do not know what I am talking about. So meeting at the former home of one of Latvia's most famous writers, in Tērvete, a location loaded with historical associations dating back hundreds, and even thousands of years, in order to meet someone who has perfected the art of translation, would be a very good way of exposing my shortcomings.
Expensive airport showcase questioned
A stand constructed at Rīga International Airport with the purpose of promoting Latvian business has come under scrutiny from LTV's De Facto investigative journalism show, which asked if it was worth the 600,000 euro price tag.
September 12 will be "Startup day"
Startup Day will be marked in Riga for the second year on September 12th with masterclasses, a startup community forum, Startup Brand TOP10 presentations and, inevitably, an official Startup Day party.
Minsk-Riga startup train challenge winners announced
A few weeks ago LSM told you about an innovative railroad startup project linking Belarus and Latvia. As planned, on Friday, August 31, the "Minsk-Riga Startup Train" Grand Finale took place at the Overkill Ventures accelerator.
On the road with Latvian exporters: EKJU
It's not exactly the Grand Canyon or Mount Everest, but by Latvian standards it's not bad, and by any standards the Zvārtes iezis (Zvārte rock) is certainly picturesque.
Crowds flock to giant new furniture store
As expected, large numbers of eager consumers turned out over the weekend for the first days of business at the largest retail store in the Baltic states - under the blue and yellow banner of Swedish chain IKEA.
On the road with Latvian exporters: X Infotech
The French writer Guy de Maupassant famously said that the view from the Eiffel Tower was the best in Paris – because it was the one place in the French capital where you didn't have to look at the Eiffel Tower, which he disliked.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Nordigen
Business is often talked about in terms of a willingness to take risks. There is high-risk, low-risk, calculated risk, counter-intuitive risk and even gut instinct risk. All those risks are undertaken in the anticipation of getting something in return. Quite where the profit lies in climbing the swaying 34-meter tall wooden tower that we are standing beside in a howling gale is not clear.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Latvijas Piens
Driving into Jelgava on the main road from Rīga, you might be forgiven for thinking you were in provincial Germany rather than central Latvia. At least three of the large, modern new factories lining the route have the black, red, gold of the German flag fluttering outside them on a sweltering day.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Krassky
Svente is 217 kilometers from Rīga, 2,400 km from Rome and 149,600,000 km from the Sun. This much one learns from the signpost just behind St Michael's Roman Catholic church in the center of the village. It is a hot day. The asphalt is melting along the edges of the road. Step onto it and you leave an imprint of the sole of your shoe that may be found by some future civilization who will wonder what you were doing here. They will not be able to guess, because what you are doing is awaiting the arrival of a mysterious Russian billionaire called Mr Krassky who will tell you all about his remarkably successful luxury business.
Government and telecoms companies express mutual goodwill
A long-running controversy about the long-term future of two major Latvian telecoms companies appeared to be temporarily smoothed July 12 when a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Government of the Republic of Latvia and Telia Company AB on the improvement of strategic coordination between SIA Lattelecom and SIA "Latvijas Mobilais Telefons" (LMT).
On the road with Latvian exporters: Turība University
Cēsis looks good in the sunshine. It is a glorious spring day that feels more like a glorious summer day and the fountain in Rožu laukums pitters and patters invitingly. Every few minutes a child accepts the invitation by jumping in, prompting laughter and mock annoyance from parents.
On the road with Latvian exporters: CakeHR
Ķīpsala is a strange place. An island in the middle of the River Daugava directly opposite Riga Castle, it would be reasonable to expect ot to be a sort of Latvian version of the Ile-de-France in the middle of the Seine in Paris: historic buildings, exclusive apartments, eye-watering property prices. Instead it manages to squeeze a complete panorama of Latvia into just less than 200 hectares.