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La Lettonie en Revue: 1
À partir de septembre 2021 le Média Public letton (LSM) vous propose une sélection d’articles en langue française sur les actualités politiques, culturelles et sociales en Lettonie. Cette rubrique “Lettonie en revue” sera mise à jour chaque deux semaines et aura pour but d’informer le lecteur francophone sur les évènements d’actualité en Lettonie.
Latvia's got personality: the Moravian Brethren
Three centuries ago, a handful of central European missionaries started a religious revival in Latvia which had far-reaching effects on the land and its people. Today, a small flock of the faithful have rekindled this movement.
The essential Latvian Midsummer celebration
The Midsummer celebration of June 23-24 - Jāņi - is almost upon us again. But if you are new to this festival which makes Christmas pale into insignificance, or if you just wonder why everyone is behaving so strangely, here are a few pointers to get you up to speed.
Latvia's got personality: Parks historian Anitra Tooma
This year, Rīga’s oldest park, Viesturdārzs (also called Viestura dārzs), celebrates its 300th anniversary. A scholar with green thumbs is researching its eventful life and sharing the stories with the latest technology.
Latvia's got personality: Ice swimmer Brigita Mironova
With temperatures this winter dropping well below minus 20 degrees, you might think Latvians have all been snuggling in bed with a steaming mug of tea. But a growing band have embraced the season by plunging into freezing water.
Latvia's got personality: Queen of the castle Dita Balčus
For many Latvians, the house in the country is the ultimate battery recharger, where long summer days are spent tending the tomatoes and splashing in the pond. Few do it with more style than Dita Balčus and her daughters, who have turned an old aristocratic pile into a hotel and cultural hotspot.
Latvia's got personality: Timber artist Harijs Stradiņš
In one famous Latvian folk song, a maiden declares “I walked through the silver birch grove, without breaking a single twig.” Of course, not even Latvians are perfect, but our mushroom gatherers, sauna switch makers and Midsummer Eve lovers do try to disturb Mother Nature as little as possible.

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