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Latvian largest landfill wants to double service costs
“Getlini EKO” Ltd, which provides municipal waste disposal services at the landfill site “Getliņi”, submitted the intention of the Public Service Regulator Commission (SPRK) to increase the municipal waste disposal tariff by 89,8-90.6%, Getliņi said September 15.
Latvia prepares to launch packaging deposit system
On February 1 next year, the deposit packaging system will be launched in Latvia. Latvian Radio spoke to the representative of the State Environmental Service (VVD) Laura Anteina September 13 about how the system will work.
No swimming near Pasta island in Jelgava
In Jelgava, the Postal Island (Pasta sala) swimming location has developed increased microbiological contamination and is therefore banned from use, the Health Inspectorate said September 10.
Bicycle barriers are here to stay
While there are still ongoing experiments in the urban environment, it is clear that plastic poles are here to stay, Latvian Radio reported September 9.
Latvia third in EU for renewable energy use
Data compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) and published September 6 show that last year Latvia had the EU's third-highest share of renewable energy sources (RES) in its energy consumption mix. 
Poisonous mushroom of Latvia makes money abroad
While many take to chanterelle picking and sales in autumn, the latest hit is selling one of the most poisonous mushrooms in Latvia - the fly agaric (Amanita muscaria), Latvian Television reported September 6.
Latvia's military mushroom commandos come under heavy fire
The Latvian mania for mushroom-gathering is well documented in many forms, likely including medical literature, but hardcore fungus hunters are risking a hefty fine, as well as a slight chance of being blown to smithereens, by foraging in military zones, LTV reports.
Pandemic-time pets increasingly end up in shelters
The number of young dogs and cats in Latvian shelters is growing. Animal rights activists say this means that lockdown-time "toys" have become unnecessary, Latvian Television broadcast 4. studija reported September 4. 
Where can you pitch a tent in Latvia?
Latvia looks like a wild camping paradise and in many ways it is. But where are you actually allowed to camp and where not, and what other rules determine your choice of campsite?
Big bug found in Latvia for first time in 50 years
Sensation in the Latvian world of entomology -- a male stag beetle (Lucanus cervus L.) has been found near Dobele after more than 50 years, said Maija Rēna, representative of the Nature Conservation Agency, August 6.
Big bog fire in Sigulda municipality(update)
Forests and bogs are currently in flames in several places in Latvia due to the heat and drought. State Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) said this year's biggest fire is currently tearing through a forest and bog in Lēdurga parish, Sigulda municipality.
Water taxi could soon float on the Daugava in Rīga
A competition for ideas of the development of the Daugava and its banks in Rīga has concluded. The idea of setting up sunset-watching seats, as well as a water taxi, has won the contest, Latvian Radio reported July 27.
Plant wonders: Gladioli on the fringe of Soviet law
The arrival of fall in Latvia will be associated not only of the start of the academic year, chilly mornings or the chromatic burst of foliage, but also of gladioli (sword-lilies), the pride of many a gardener and an essential for any flower-stand man (or woman). 
Good year for honey, say Latvia's beekeepers
This year will be a good one for honey in Latvia after a few thin years, according to Ineta Eglīte, a veterinarian and researcher of the Latvian Beekeeping Association, who spoke with Latvian Radio July 21.
Plant wonders: Latvia ahead of the pack in flowering quince cultivation
The sweet-smelling yellow fruit of the flowering quince are a sour treat that's rich in vitamin C. The fruit usually ripen from mid-September to mid-October in these latitudes. Often used as a decorative shrub, this plant arrived in Latvia by mistake in the Soviet era but has now become a minor source of pride, seeing as not many countries have advanced creative uses of the flowering quince.
Forest fire hazards extremely high this summer
Due to extreme weather conditions, fire risks in forests are increasing. One spark can quickly destroy the forest over several hectares. The State Forest Service calls on the residents not to go in the forest during the hot weather, because it is the reckless behavior of people that is one of the main causes of fires, Latvian Radio reported July 13. 


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