Colony of 1,000 bats found in Ķemeri
Last week, researchers found the largest known bat colony in Latvia, said Maija Rēna, representative of the Nature Conservation Agency (DAP) on July 7.
Doubts about level of hunting permitted in Latvia
The hunting limits for animals of protected species at European level – lynx, wolves and deer – in Latvia are determined proportionally to the number of animals. However, data differs across sources, causing discrepancies and allowing manipulation, said the State Audit Office (VK) on July 7.
Latvian Green Point wants your plastic bags
Today, July 3, the Day Without Plastic Bags is taking place around the world, prompting people to opt out of buying plastic bags and support more nature-friendly packaging for their purchases.
Plant wonders: Linden tea chase
The linden bloom time this year coincides with rainfall. Since tea is only harvested in dry weather, you must ready on your feet for the moment, said Raimonds Lignickis, owner of the Rūķīšu Tēja (Dwarf Tea) family company on July 1.
Illegal waste imports into Latvia stopped
The State Environmental Service (VVD), in cooperation with the competent authorities of Poland, suspended illegal import of 549.38 tonnes of plastic and rubber waste into Latvia, the VVD informed on June 18.
Chill out with the sounds of Latvian nature
If coronavirus lockdown and the numerous other stressful situations of the modern world are getting on top of you, a rural district of Latvia is offering an hour's escape.
Nature tourism sites to re-open
Nature trails and observation towers managed by Nature Conservation Agency (NCA) will be available again to visitors starting this weekend, said representative Maija Rēna on May 14.
Bear cub spotted near Limbaži
Latvia's State Forests (LVM) has posted a video online of a bear cub spotted near the village of Ārciems in Limbaži district.