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Architects suggest three sites for new Rīga concert hall
The Latvian Architects Union (LAS) has drawn up a shortlist of what it believes are the most suitable sites for a new concert hall in Rīga -- and the location previously touted by the Culture Minister as the perfect spot doesn't make the cut.
Plant wonders: Healthy lingonberries can be grown in the garden, too
Lingonberries grow best in the wild, mostly in somewhat shady pine forests. Dense foliage reduces the berries. Deforested places in Europe seldom see good lingonberry crops, leading some to cultivate this healthy plant in their gardens. In Latvia, many still take to the forests to pick lingonberries, but there are enthusiasts who try to grow their own. Alfreds Ripa is a plant breeder and has authored a book as well as a new variety of lingonberries. He spoke to LSM about growing these plants in the garden.
Plant wonders: Humble potato on the decline but still an important staple
Latvians like to think they are more in tune with the seasons than most, and there may be something to it. With that in mind, we'll be guiding you through the next few months with this series on some of the plants you can encounter from summer onwards, how and where they grow, with expert advice.
What can and cannot be burned in your backyard
The State Environmental Service has observed that this year people and companies have taken to burning a little too much. What can and cannot be burned in the garden? Latvian Television broadcast 4. studija spoke to experts.
Take extra care during forest fire season
Despite generally damp conditions, April 26 brought the start of the annual forest fire risk season across Latvia, when special care must be taken in public forests and open spaces so as not to cause a potentially disastrous conflagration.
Biological waste processing plant to begin work
From May 2021 to January 2022, Getlini Eko plans to test the recycling of biodegradable waste in a new facility. The aim is to reduce the amount of waste to be stored in landfills by 50% and to allow the population to save up to 40%, Latvian Television reported April 26.
Eagle chicks meet unfortunate fate
The drama provided by a live webcam in a Latvian eagles' nest has taken a turn towards the tragic with the deaths of two eaglets observed.
Ban on lynx hunt to be debated in Saeima
In the next meeting, the Saeima will consider a proposal signed by by 11,376 Latvian residents to ban lynx hunting in Latvia, according to Saeima press service April 15.
Tree felling banned until end of June
From Thursday, April 15, until June 30, the annual ban period has been established throughout Latvia, during which felling of trees growing outside the forest is prohibited.
Ten plants to eat and drink in April
Time has come to combine walks with spring harvest. Not only is it a good way to boost immunity but also avoid a visit to the supermarket -- no need to buy packed lettuce, chef Ritvars Toms Logins told Latvian Radio 5 broadcast Piecas garšas. 
Eyes on the skies during 'Bird Days'
April 10 and 11 have been designated Spring Bird Days, when everyone is invited to go out into nature, to see and hear birds and testing their identification skills, according to Aiga Priede, a representative of the Nature Protection Board (DAP). 
Will Latvia be ready for packaging deposit system?
On February 1, 2022, Latvia should start operating a deposit system. Latvian Television's broadcast Vides fakti (Environmental Facts) explored what is being done about it and whether Latvia will achieve it on time.
Fire crews battle 76 grass fire blazes in 24 hours
Annual appeals to the public not to burn off last year's grass in so-called "kūla" fires appeared to have fallen on deaf ears again with the State Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) reporting March 28 that it had to attend 76 grass fires during the preceding 24-hour period.
Big Cleanup to take place April 24
As of March 26, it is possible to sign up for the Big Cleanup which will take place April 24, said said Nikola Matjušenko, the organizer of the event.


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