Dviete Nature Park gets too small for wild horses and cattle
Nature Park Dviete floodplains are one of the places in Latvia where, initially with the support of the Netherlands and later the World Fund for Nature, heck cattle and wild horses were brought to live in the wild. The herd of wild animals has now grown to nearly 400 animals and the meadows are getting a bit small, Latvian Radio reported on January 30. 
Fabric recycling goes slowly in Latvia
Latvia had committed to introducing a system for sorting textiles this year, but red containers are still not available in many areas, Latvian Radio reported on January 27.
Forest Service asks to give them a howl if wolves spotted
According to the State Forest Service, it is currently a particularly favourable time to go in search of forest animal footprints. At the moment, special attention should be paid directly to the footprints of the wolf, in order to help the service in compiling the number of wolves in Latvia, Latvian Television's broadcast 4. studija reported on January 26.
Flood damage starts to become clear in Jēkabpils
Water levels in Daugava near Jēkabpils have continued to fall, and the ice masses have also nearly left the city. As water levels fall, the damage caused by Daugava is revealed. Meanwhile, residents and local businesses are struggling to return to their usual daily and work routines, Latvian Television reported on January 18.
Lubāns is the biggest dammed lake in Europe
Lake Lubāns is not only Latvia's largest lake at more than 80 square kilometers, but it is the largest lake in Europe to be contained by dams, dykes or levees, being dammed on all four sides, reports Latvian Radio.
EUR 24,000 fine imposed for cutting protected tree
The court has imposed nearly €24,000 in fines to an arborist for the destruction of a great linden tree, said Ilze Reinika, senior communications specialist of the Nature Conservation Agency (DAP) on January 16.
Some Jēkabpils residents can return home Monday
In Jēkabpils, residents of the right coast of Daugava may return to their homes, but on the left coast, in relation to the severely affected city dam, the municipality cannot yet allow residents to return to their homes, Jēkabpils Mayor Raivis Ragainis (Latvian Green Party) said in a statement on January 16.
Jēkabpils water levels fall but still extremely high(update)
From Saturday until 6 AM Sunday, the water level in the Daugava at Jēkabpils has decreased by 24 centimeters, according to data from the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre. However, it is still critically high, exceeding the red alert criterion – 8.4 meters – by almost 30 centimeters, LETA reported.
Jēkabpils remains on flood alert Saturday(update)
The water level in the River Daugava near the city of Jēkabpils remains extremely high, with only the concrete embankment holding back the water, Jēkabpils mayor Raivis Ragainis told Latvian Radio January 14.
Mushroom of the year finally picked
It has finally arrived: the fun fungus, the wonderful webcap, the mighty mycological moment: the mushroom of the year 2023 has been announced by the Latvian Mycological Society.
Lizard tips the scales in its favor as animal of the year 2023
With drumrolls and trumpets, we are thrilled to announce the next winner in the series of nature phenomena awards – one of the most important ones! – the animal of the year 2023, as chosen by the Latvian National Museum of Natural History!
Latvia's beloved bear Ilzīte sends out birthday invitations
Latvia's dearly beloved bear Ilzīte marks her 22nd birthday this year, said Arta Krūmiņa, education and communication specialist at Līgatne Nature Trail. A traditional celebration cake will be handed to the birthday-bear on the morning of January 11.
Latvia sees big wave of African swine fever, say authorities
The prevalence of African swine fever, affecting wild boar and domestic pigs, is increasing again in Latvia. The disease is highly contagious and deadly. The first outbreak in Latvia was in 2014, and although many pig growers have learned to live with the disease and to comply with biosecurity rules and hygiene measures, the sector is also negatively affected by the fact that countries affected by African swine fever may not export pork, Latvian Radio reported on January 6.
Recycle your Xmas tree for free
With the Christmas and New Year holidays now passed, many people face the annual conundrun of what to do with their defunct christmas tree. Help is at hand thanks to the "Eco Baltia vide" recycling company which will take in trees (minus decorations of course), reports Latvian Radio.
Mountains of tires finally gone from Čiekurkalns, Rīga
1,200 tonnes of tires have been removed and recycled from Starta Street 8 in Čiekurkalns, as reported on January 2 by the environmental management company 3R, which has done so in cooperation with AJ Power Recycling and Zaļā josta companies.
Deposit system now accepts more types of packaging
As of January 1, the packaging of syrups and several alcoholic beverages which weren't included in the deposit system before are now accepted, representatives of the Deposit Packaging Operator (DIO) said.
Look for the flower of the marsh fern this year
The most exciting news in about two weeks has just begun to arrive in the form of the award ceremonies of the Latvian plant, moss, animal, bird, invertebrate, and just about any category of wildlife you can imagine, of the year! 
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