Biowaste processing gradually picks up in Latvia
Food and garden waste, when properly recycled, can be used as a secondary raw material. Last spring, a biodegradable waste recycling complex started work in Getlini, which recycles around 80,000 tonnes of biological waste per year. Where is the waste used at the moment, and what can be done with it in the future? Latvian Radio seeked answers on September 23.
Fur farming to be banned in Latvia as of 2028
As of 2028, farming of animals will be prohibited in Latvia if its sole or main purpose is obtaining fur, according to the amendments to the Animal Protection Law, supported by the Saeima in the final reading on September 22.
Peat as fuel: an untapped resource in Latvia
In Latvia, it is possible to extract up to 700,000 tonnes of combustible peat every year, thus providing an additional 2 million MWh of energy. Time will tell if this potential resource will be used during the current energy price crisis.
Liepāja launches campaign to cut down on disposable dishes
“Don't buy extra, come with your own!” – this initiative has been proposed by Liepāja municipality to reduce the use of single-use dishes. The local government has involved more than 20 catering businesses - restaurants and cafes, Latvian Radio reported on September 13.
Forest fires were less devastating this year in Latvia
As the fire hazard season in Latvian forests comes to an end, it is concluded that this year forest fires have affected much smaller areas than last year, the State Forest Service said on September 12.
Invasive jellyfish species found in Latvia
Invasive freshwater jellyfish Craspedacusta sowerbii has been observed for the first time in a pond in Drabeši parish, Cēsis municipality pond, the Nature Conservation Board (DAP) said September 8.
Bear populations have grown over past 10 years
The monitoring data for 2021 shows that there are around 60-70 bears living in Latvia. In the last three years, there have been signs that bears are also mating in Latvia, mostly in the border area of Estonia, Russia and Belarus, said Latvian State Forest Science researcher Jānis Ozoliņš on Latvian Radio September 1.
Tonne of fish removed from pool near toppled Soviet monument
On Wednesday, August 31, the remaining fish from the dismantled Soviet Monument pool at Uzvaras Park were removed, which had taken shelter in the sludge. Altogether, a tonne of fish has been removed from the pool, Rīga Zoo representative Ansis Egle told LSM.
How Latvian stores prepare for future ban on free plastic bags
Stores will no longer be allowed to offer free plastic bags as of 2025. Shops are preparing for this in a variety of ways: they offer different alternatives, such as paper and reusable bags, and they also charge for thin plastic bags, representatives of supermarket networks told Latvian Radio on August 30.
Expert: Make space for compost corner
Since food and organic waste make up almost half of the total amount of waste in every house, starting to compost it can significantly reduce waste management bills, Maija Krastiņa, board member of Zero Waste Latvija, told Latvian Radio August 30.
Bug species found in Latvia for first time
On August 18, a new species of a caddisfly (Parasetodes respersellus) was found in Latvia, Olaine municipality, which is the northernmost finding of this species, entomologist Uģis Piterāns told LSM.
100 million drinks packages deposited in Latvia
In six and a half months, the first 100 million empty drinks packages have been deposited in the refund deposit system, while up to 1.5 million empty packages are deposited daily, representatives of the deposit system operator said August 18.
Rīga Zoo to include 'Himalayan' zone
Latvia may lack mountains of its own, but a new feature at Rīga's zoological gardens will attempt to give visitors the feeling of being high in the Himalayas – though still with plenty of oxygen.
Plant wonders: Natural remedies for cough
As the Covid-19 spread continues and is on the rise after a calmer period, it is particularly important to think about lung health. What are the plants to gather when preparing for the next autumn and winter season?
Rīga Airport installs donation-deposit system
As of August 9, it will be possible to give away empty drink containers at the Rīga international airport and donate the deposit fee of ten cents to Latvian Fund for Nature for the conservation and recovery of natural meadows in Latvia. The donation process is coordinated by the charity Ziedot.lv, the airport said Tuesday.
Solar panel boom in Latvian homes
Currently there is a boom in the installation of solar panels in private housing, the Chairman of the electricity transmission network State JSC Sadales tīkls Sandis Jansons said in an interview to Latvian Radio on August 1.
Lucavsala water deemed fit for swimming again
After repeated inspections, it has been concluded that water on the beach of Lucavsala meets the quality requirements for bathing, the Housing and Environment Department of the Riga City Council said July 22. 
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