Government okays felling of younger trees in Latvia
At the meeting on June 21, the government agreed to allow the felling of younger trees for commercial purposes, despite objections by environmental protection organizations, Latvian Radio reported. 
Bio-waste recycling system in Latvia costly and late: State Audit
The State Audit Office has concluded that Latvia is implementing an ill-considered and costly bio-waste management system, plus it is delayed. If the current approach is not “restarted”, the proposed system will be costly for the country and unfriendly for the population, and potential European Union (EU) sanctions may have a negative impact on the public budget if the system is not implemented in time, Latvian Television reported June 9.
Demo to call for faster improvement of urban environment in Rīga
Activitists of the "City for People" association have called a public picket for June 1 with the attention of pressuring Rīga City Council's governing coalition to "bring about positive change in the urban environment, especially in the field of road safety, not only in words but also in deeds."

Organizers say that after more than a year and a half at the new Riga City Council, promised changes in the urban environment have failed to materialize.
Common problems with package recycling points
There are currently almost 1,400 deposit points in Latvia for the recycling of domestic waste, and a nationawide scheme of automated collection points for cans and bottles was recently introduced.
'Moscow' park in Rīga renamed 'Latgale'
Moscow Gardens in Rīga is to be renamed Latgale Park, as decided by Rīga City Council on May 18. It is a return to the original name it had during pre-war free Latvia in 1937.
Gardening boom in Rīga, overgrown plots elsewhere
Gardening on small plots or allotments is becoming more and more popular in Riga, to the extent that there are currently no vacancies in the plots of land offered by the municipality. However, it is still possible to rent a small garden in other areas, according to Latvian Television (LTV1) program "Revidents".
May I sit here? Not in Rīga, you may not
On May 10, Rīga activists plan to unveil a bench in the center of the capital in hopes to draw attention to the fact that there are simply not enough places for people to rest their weary legs, Latvian Radio reported.
The forests have eyes
In order to combat pollution in the forests of Latvia, cameras are increasingly being installed to catch litterers, Latvian Television reported May 5.
Latvia's use of pesticides has risen sharply
Latvia's use of pesticides in farming has increased more than any other country in the European Union for which data are available, according to Eurostat statistics published May 2.
Another bird-cam installed in Latvia
A new bird species - the bittern (Botaurus stellaris) joins the live broadcasts of the Latvian Fund for Nature (LDF) birds, said Liene Brizga-Kalniņa, LDF representative. The live nest is in Lake Engure.
Bear snacks on honey
A bear has been seen twice at a biological farm in Alūksne municipality Anna parish, Sandra Apine, chief editor of the newspaper Alūksne and Maliena News told Latvian Radio April 19.
Sunflowers will blossom at Victory Park in support of Ukraine
Urban gardens and parks are being prepared for the summer season. Besides the usual compositions and plants, cities are preparing new additions. In Rīga, for example, sunflowers will be planted at Victory Park this year in support of Ukraine, Latvian Radio reported April 18.
Lynx hunting forbidden in Latvia
The Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) has been included in the list of specially protected species in Latvia, the government decided on April 12.
Toad traffic regulators wanted
The Nature Conservation Agency (DAP) is warning drivers to look out for sleepy-eyed amphibians, DAP representative Elīna Ezeriņa told Latvian Radio April 13.
Whale whale whale, what have we got here?
A suspected whale sighting has been reported in late March in the Gulf of Rīga opposite Ragaciems, said Nature Conservation Agency's expert Valdis Pilāts.
African swine fever stalks Latgale forests again
As the wild boar population in Latvia grows, so does the number of cases of African swine fever. An increase in the disease was observed in the second half of last year and this year, African swine fever has been detected in more than 300 wild boar, half of them in Latgale region, reports Latvian Radio.
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