Beloved bear Ilzīte turns 20
On Monday, January 11 the 20th birthday of the female bear Ilzīte is celebrated at the Līgatne Nature Trails, representative from the Nature Conservation Agency (DAP) Valters Kinna told LSM.
2020 left a lot of plastic waste behind
Estimates show that 2020 pandemic and its reduction measures caused an intensive consumption of plastic, according to environment expert Jānis Ulme, LSM reported January 7.
Gray partridge chosen as bird of the year 2021
The Latvian Ornithological Society (LOB) has on January 4 chosen the gray partridge (Perdix perdix) as its bird of the year for 2021, and is inviting the public to report sightings of the bird during the next twelve months. 
Latvia maps out bear populations
The Nature Conservation Agency (DAP) told Vidzeme regional television January 3 that keen residents are mapping out bear populations in Latvia.
Parks of Rīga light up for the holidays
Rīga has introduced a new pre-holiday tradition this year: along with the Christmas tree in central Rīga, parks and neighborhoods have also been decorated with light installations, Latvian Television said December 19.
Eight-toothed bark beetle poses threat to Latvia's forests
On Thursday, December 10, the Saeima in the final reading adopted amendments to the Gauja National Park Law so that landowners owners will be able to more easily fell trees that have become infected with the eight-toothed bark beetle (Ips typographus), a pest that is having an increasingly serious affect on spruce trees.
Oil leaked onto railway in Valmiera
On Thursday, October 8, a total of 26 tons of petroleum products were leaked from a railway tank at the East-West Transit oil base, the commander of the State Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) Vidzeme Brigade Janis Krastins said in an interview to Latvian Radio October 9.
Watch future of Baltic Sea being debated
The Baltic Sea is severely affected by general threats like biodiversity loss and climate change, and by specific local pressures such as eutrophication, overfishing, elevated levels of contaminants such as pharmaceuticals, and litter, in particular plastic waste. Concerned by the poor state of the Sea and its marine environment, EU Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Virginijus Sinkevičius has organising a high-level conference on possible actions to redress the situation, which takes place September 28.
Danish architects to shape part of future Rīga skyline
Krasta City SIA has announced the results of a public design competition for the territorial development vision for construction on the right bank of the Daugava (in the quarter between Salu Bridge, Krasta Street and Daugava (the territory of the historic Zvirgzdu Island).
Recycling goals set unattainable, say municipalities
By the end of this year, all municipalities in Latvia had to introduce mandatory separate collection of biodegradable waste. This week, the government decided to delay that deadline until 2023 because local governments haven't met those requirements, Latvian Radio reported September 10.


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