Latvia well below EU average on circular material use
In 2020, the EU’s circular material use rate (referred to as the circularity rate) reached 12.8%.  This means that almost 13% of material resources used in the EU came from recycled waste materials. This information comes from data on circular material use rate published by Eurostat today.
Bear duo no longer bother residents
Neither of the dynamic bear duo that has been causing a nuisance in northern Latvia has been spotted again after being separated and transported away, the Nature Conservation Agency (DAP) told Latvian Radio November 13.
Hello darkness, my old friend
In 2020, 5.9% of people in the EU reported not having enough daylight in their dwelling, meaning their dwelling seemed too dark and was viewed as a problem for the household, according to Eurostat data published November 1.
Rīga residents concerned new bicycle trail will harm old trees
A new bicycle trail from the Rīga city center to Ziepniekkalns is being built. Residents are concerned that the construction could damage an alley of historic horse-chestnuts. The construction authorities say the trees will be safe, Latvian Radio reported October 28.
Give us a howl if wolves bother you, forest service urges
The State Forest Service (VMD) has confirmed 33 wolf attacks (on other animals, not people) this year, a third of which were registered in Latgale. VMD asks residents to report any damage caused by wolves, Latvian Radio reported October 13.
Bird seen for first time in Latvia
The Siberian stonechat (Saxicola maura) was observed in Latvia for the first time ever on October 9, birdwatchers Jānis Ukass, Andris Klepers and Ivars Brediks told LSM.
Bear scare in Vijciems prompts permit to scare bears
The Nature Conservation Agency (DAP) has granted the municipality of Valka a permit to frighten away the bears rummaging through people's properties in Vijciems, DAP representative Gita Strode said October 1.
Great knot observed for first time in Latvia
The great knot (Calidris tenuirostris) has been observed for the first time in Latvia on the Asari Beach in Jūrmala, Kitija Balcere, representative of the Latvian Ornithology Association, said September 28.
Heating season begins with frequent fire accidents
Year after year the State Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) begins the autumn season with frequent calls due to accidents related to heating systems. This year there have already been over 500 calls by September 28, Latvian Radio reported.
Green happiness: the growth of urban gardening in Rīga
Escaping the confines of your own four walls, keeping distance and relaxing – in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic this currently works particularly well in your own garden. Lucky are those who have a summerhouse, an allotment garden, or a green space in the countryside. For those that don't, mobile urban alternatives are now available in the Baltics.
Latvian largest landfill wants to double service costs
“Getlini EKO” Ltd, which provides municipal waste disposal services at the landfill site “Getliņi”, submitted the intention of the Public Service Regulator Commission (SPRK) to increase the municipal waste disposal tariff by 89,8-90.6%, Getliņi said September 15.
Latvia prepares to launch packaging deposit system
On February 1 next year, the deposit packaging system will be launched in Latvia. Latvian Radio spoke to the representative of the State Environmental Service (VVD) Laura Anteina September 13 about how the system will work.
No swimming near Pasta island in Jelgava
In Jelgava, the Postal Island (Pasta sala) swimming location has developed increased microbiological contamination and is therefore banned from use, the Health Inspectorate said September 10.
Bicycle barriers are here to stay
While there are still ongoing experiments in the urban environment, it is clear that plastic poles are here to stay, Latvian Radio reported September 9.
Latvia third in EU for renewable energy use
Data compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) and published September 6 show that last year Latvia had the EU's third-highest share of renewable energy sources (RES) in its energy consumption mix. 
Poisonous mushroom of Latvia makes money abroad
While many take to chanterelle picking and sales in autumn, the latest hit is selling one of the most poisonous mushrooms in Latvia - the fly agaric (Amanita muscaria), Latvian Television reported September 6.
Latvia's military mushroom commandos come under heavy fire
The Latvian mania for mushroom-gathering is well documented in many forms, likely including medical literature, but hardcore fungus hunters are risking a hefty fine, as well as a slight chance of being blown to smithereens, by foraging in military zones, LTV reports.


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