Rail Baltica delayed for at least two years, says Transport Minister
The major Rail Baltica railroad has been delayed for at least two to two-and-a-half years, and it is clear that the track will not be built in its entirety by 2026, said Transport Minister Tālis Linkaits (New Conservative Party) appearing on Latvian Radio's Krustpunktā February 21.
Subsidy for Rīgas Satiksme might grow despite belt-tightening
Despite the belt-tightening measures taken so far, the subsidy needed by Rīgas Satiksme municipal transport company this year might increase by another €12 million to €134 million, the company’s acting CEO Anrijs Matīss told LETA February 20.
Finn Timo Riihimäki to take charge of Rail Baltica
The supervisory board of RB Rail AS announced in Vilnius February 12 it had appointed Finnish executive Timo Riihimäki as the new Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the Management Board of the Rail Baltica Joint Venture.
Forecast: 3.6 million to 5.5 million trips to be taken on Rail Baltica in 2026
The biggest arguments against building the Rail Baltica rail link through the Baltic states have always taken the form of claims that it will not be worth it, as there won't be enough passengers or freight to make it economically feasible. The truth is that, while no one knows what the future will bring, forecasts do point a more optimistic picture.
New Rīga tram line tenders stopped
The Rīgas satiksme municipal company on January 18 stopped tenders over buying trams and building a tram line to serve the Skanste region of Rīga, the company told the press.
airBaltic claims record-breaking year
Latvian airline airBaltic said January 16 it carried 4,135,711 passengers or 17% more than in 2017 on its network. It is the highest number of passengers carried annually in airline’s history.
Lufthansa cancels Tuesday flights between Rīga and Frankfurt
German carrier Lufthansa has cancelled all its flights on the Rīga-Frankfurt route scheduled for this Tuesday (January 15) as security staff at Frankfurt airport are going on a one-day strike Tuesday, Laura Karnite, a spokeswoman for Rīga International Airport, told LETA.