Legendary Latvian writer to get roasted during Poetry Days
Within the annual international festival "Poetry Days", the Rainis and Aspazija museum is hosting two interrelated events to offer the opportunity to speak and joke about the legendary writer Rainis and his play "Uguns un nakts" (Fire and Night, 1905), the Association of Memorial Museums said August 24.
Finnish translators participate in workshop in Riga
To help Latvian literature to reach readers from different countries, promote the performance of Latvian authors and educate young translators, the platform “Latvian Literature” organized a workshop for translators for the fourth time. This time, students and translators from Finland arrived in Riga, Latvian Television  said August 19.
New Latvian translation of "Ulysses" abloom
A brand new translation of James Joyce's legendary work "Ulysses" is being undertaken by acclaimed translator Ieva Lešinska-Geibere, said representatives of the Irish Embassy in Latvia on June 17.
Film production growing while publishing shrinks slightly
Despite the influence of last year's centenary celebrations, in 2018 fewer books and brochures were published in Latvia than in the preceding year, according to data published by the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia on August 5.
Italy's Angela Nanetti awarded children's literature prize
Italian writer Angela Nanetti was awarded the Baltvilks International Prize in Children’s Literature and Book Art, for the 1998 book My Grandfather was a Cherry Tree that was recently published in Latvia in a translation by Dace Meiere. 
Ancient Chinese text to be translated into Latvian
The oldest known Chinese text is the Book of Change (I Ching). The book is around 5,000 years old, and happens not only to be a unique relic of history, but also a popular source of wisdom in today's culture. It thus comes as no surprise that it has been translated and re-translated into countless languages.
Literature festival explores heritage of Soviet-era modernist poet
The third annual festival of the Punctum magazine starting May 20 investigates the heritage of Monta Kroma (1919–1994), an underexplored modernist poet who wrote about urban life and female desire in a manner defying the canons of socialist realism prevalent under the Soviet Union. 
Latvian Literature's toilet humor is ready for another try
One of the greatest compliments ever paid to Latvian literature occurred in the toilets of the London Book Fair 2018. I was on the Latvian stand when reports started to filter to us that Latvia's advertising campaign, as one of the featured countries of the book fair, was being censored – in the rest rooms.
Enjoy the aesthetic of being poetic
There is no need to wander lonely as a cloud in Rīga this weekend, as poetry-lovers will be able to flock together and hear a strong line-up of modern verse on offer from some of the brightest poetic talents in Latvia and the United Kingdom.
Latvian Literature... SAD!
Following on from the soaraway success of their "I am introvert" campaign about Latvian writers and their loathing of human interaction, our friends at Latvian Literature have a new strategy - namely, to make everyone weep bitter tears at the hopelessness of it all.