Poets of Latvia: Jeļena Glazova
Jeļena Glazova, the final poet to be featured in our mini poetry festival, is a very modern Russian-language writer and musician. Her cutting-edge poems clearly show a theoretical and exploratory interest in the modern world. She's a master jeweler putting together disparate points of view. The resulting poems are like compound eyes, which help us grasp the madness and folly of our times. 
Poets of Latvia: Vasilijs Karasjovs
Vasilijs Karasjovs is a Russian-language poet of the youngest generation. Of the very youngest generation - he's only sixteen, but it seems, both from talking to him and from his poems, that he's read a library and a half. He's also seen some recognition, having been nominated for the Arkadii Dragomoshchenko prize awarded to the best Russian poets under 27. 
Poets of Latvia: Marija Luīze Meļķe
The young poet and artist Marija Luīze Meļķa thinks it's important to reach her readers and listeners directly. She often reads to the public, and does it eloquently. When you hear her voice, it becomes clear why the place is packed with eager listeners. Her poems are not only amusing and intuitive--their intimacy is disarming. Listening to her perform, you want her self-assurance to overcome you and fill you. You want to become a little more like her. 
Poets of Latvia: Raibīs
Oskars Orlovs a.k.a ''Raibīs'' is a Latgalian poet and his poems are brimming with things characteristic of this particular region in Latvia's east. Unlike other young Latvian poets, Raibīs also talks politics, in his bleakly humorous manner illustrating the sometimes strenuous relationship between Latgale and the rest of Latvia.
Poets of Latvia: Raimonds Ķirķis
This is the first installment of LSM's week-long poetry festival showcasing modern Latvian poets which will be running on Latvian Radio as well as here on the LSM portal. Each day we will be speaking with a different poet and hearing them read their work.
London Book Fair line-up revealed
Organizers of the Baltic states' joint presence at this year's London Book Fair have released details of the accompanying program of events.
Literary beer release celebrates Latvian writers

A new sort of beer bearing downbeat quotes from Latvian writers has been released to celebrate Latvia's literary greats. Its name - #iamintrovert - is shared with the hashtag Latvia will use at the 2018 London Book Fair, and the recipe features potatoes, a true staple of the Latvian diet.  

National library has digital ambitions

The Latvian National Library (LNB) in the coming 18 months will implement a project concerned with digitization of cultural heritage co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and in cooperation with national information agency LETA and technologies company Fitek, LETA reported September 4.

Thief steals Latvia's literary treasure

On June 21 a thief stole several relics, including a typewriter used by Latvian literary hero Rainis, from the Rainis and Aspazija Summer House museum in Jūrmala, the State Police said on Facebook. 

LIVEBLOG: Latvia at the London Book Fair

The Baltic states are joining forces at the London Book Fair being held March 14-16 to promote the region's writers and writing. LSM is along for the ride and will update you on all the latest literary happenings.