Latvia has donated hundreds of generators to Ukraine
The Latvian public, businesses and local governments have already donated several hundred generators to Ukraine and several more cargos will travel to Ukraine in the near future, Latvian Television reported on November 30.
Migrant flow from Belarus to Latvia could increase in winter
In recent weeks, the flow of migrants organized by the Belarusian regime to Latvia has increased again. The construction of a fence essential for restricting illegal entry on the border between Latvia and Belarus will only be completed in 2024, so other means of protection must be ensured, Latvian Radio reported on November 30.
Roof collapses in apartment building in Bolderāja, Rīga
On Tuesday, November 29, in Rīga's Bolderāja suburb, at Stūrmaņu Street 3, a concrete section detached from the roof and fell into the attic of a five-storey apartment block. 24 people were evacuated from the building as a precaution, the State Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) said. No injuries were reported.
One in three young people began using more alcohol this year
In a survey commissioned by BENU pharmacy in cooperation with the research company SKDS assessing the changes in alcohol consumption over the last year, 31% of young people aged 18-24 responded that they had started drinking more alcohol in the last year, according to the results published November 27.
Social protection spending up sharply in 2021
Provisional data published by the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB) on November 25 show that in 2021 Latvian social protection expenditure accounted for EUR 6 billion 440 million, which is EUR 1 billion 183.1 million or 22.5 % more than in 2020. 
More than a tenth of Latvian population born in other countries
Latvia's cosmopolitan credentials may be stronger than many think with Eurostat data published November 24 suggesting that more than one in ten people in Latvia was born in another country, and that more than one in five people has at least one foreign-born parent. 
Charity campaign to collect gifts for refugee children in Latvia
A charity campaign has been launched collecting holiday presents for children who are growing up in Latvia in the families of asylum seekers and refugees, the Society Integration Foundation's representative Zaiga Pūce told LSM on November 24.
Contingency plans being made in Rīga to house more Ukrainian refugees
If the number of refugees arriving from Ukraine increases significantly this winter as a result of ongoing Russian barbarism, new arrivals may have to be accommodated on the premises of municipal institutions - schools, gyms and other places, said Jānis Lange, the executive director of the Rīga municipality, in an interview with Latvian Radio November 24.
Interior Minister: Fewer Ukrainians arrive in Latvia lately
In the last three weeks, the number of Ukrainian war refugees in Latvia has decreased – both the number of arriving and already housed Ukrainian civilians, Interior Minister Kristaps Eklons told Latvian Radio on November 22.
Another knitting campaign for Ukraine soldiers launched
Injured soldiers in Ukraine are in need of knitted socks and sleeves which can be unbuttoned so that they can be worn over their cast and injured limbs. Latvian organizations are holding a campaign so this can be done, Latvian Radio reported November 21.
Latvia's worrying demographic trends continue
Provisional data published by the Central Statistical Bureau on November 11 show that, though Latvia's death rate has reduced from 2021's Covid-affected level, the population of the country continues to decline at a significant rate.
1,880 Ukrainian refugees came to Latvia in September
Some 1,880 Ukrainians found refuge in Latvia in September according to Eurostat data published November 10. The monthly figure has been steadily declining since a high of more than 11,000 in March, following Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February.
Information line on migration issues launched in Latvia
In order to quickly and easily provide customers with information on migration issues, the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (PMLP) has established a migration information phone, the Office said on November 8.
Latvian post to issue new annual Christmas stamps
Latvian Post will issue three new postage stamps in the traditional Christmas series on Friday, November 11, so that every resident can send holiday greetings in time, LP said November 8.
Volunteers worry about helping Ukrainian refugees in winter
The Silene border inspection post on the Latvian-Belarusian border is the only one that can be crossed on foot. As the flow of refugees from the war in Ukraine grows, two weeks ago, an information support point was set up there. Volunteers, however, have concerns about the coming of winter, Latgale regional television reported on November 7.
Extra food packs handed out to disadvantaged people in Latvia
Due to the rapid increase in food prices, non-governmental organizations and local government social services are starting to distribute additional food parcels to low-income individuals. Representatives of the Red Cross have seen more people this year in need of help, with more young people emerging, Latvian Radio reported on November 2.
Rīga plans to equip building to house over 100 Ukrainians
It is planned to adapt the social residential house on Ūnijas Street 49 to the accommodation of Ukrainian refugees in Rīga. The Rīga City Council's Housing and Environment Committee is scheduled to decide on this on Tuesday, November 1.
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