Knit socks for Ukrainian soldiers, Latvian Post invites
In order to keep Ukrainian soldiers warm, the Latvian postal service (LP) resumes a campaign 'Knitting for Ukrainian Support'. This autumn, everyone with the skill is invited to knit large-size woolen socks for soldiers, Latvian Television reported on September 21.
Government approves stand-in head of tax service
At its meeting on September 20 the cabinet approved the candidacy of the Deputy Director General of the State Revenue Service (VID), Indra Kārkliņa, to fulfill the duties of the Director General of the State Revenue Service until the end of the suspension of her boss, Ieva Jaunzeme.
LTV slapped with fines by broadcast regulator
Latvian Television (LTV) has been hit with a large fine by the country's broadcast regulator after it was deemed to be guilty of breaching laws prohibiting pre-election agitation. 
Latvia takes two days to alert public in crisis: LTV's De Facto
If all citizens were to be notified quickly in Latvia in the event of a crisis, it would take nearly two days, as proved recently by the alert exercise carried out by the Ministry of Defense. A quicker way has been worked on for eight years but not much has been achieved, Latvian Television's broadcast De Facto reported on September 18.
7,000 Latvians returned home from overseas last year
In 2021, almost seven thousand returning migrants or 'remigrants' came back to Latvia from abroad, according to fresh data from the Central Statistical Office's (CSB) senior expert of the statistics department, Ance Ceriņa.
More than 2,000 Ukrainians found refuge in Latvia in July
In July 2022, among the EU Member States for which data are available, Poland granted the highest number of temporary protection statuses to Ukrainians fleeing Ukraine (57 290) as a consequence of Russia’s invasion. Poland was followed by Italy (11 020), Romania (7 395), Bulgaria (6 465) and Spain (6 305), according to latest Eurostat figures.
Ukrainians could be housed in Russian and Belarusian-owned real estate in Latvia
In the spring, two sanatoriums in Jūrmala belonging to aggressor countries – the Russian-owned “Dzintarkrasts” (also known as "Jantarnij Bereg" and not to be confused with several other properties called "Dzintarkrasts") and the Belarusian-owned sanatorium “Belorusija” – were forced to stop their work.
Tougher immigration and language rules envisaged
In order to "strengthen national security", the Cabinet of Ministers on September 6, supported amendments to the Immigration Law, which envisages setting stricter conditions for issuing residence permits to citizens of Russia and Belarus.
Ukrainian support center in Rīga to move location
Rīga Support Center for Ukrainian residents will start work on new premises on Amatu Street 4 as of September 5 and will be open to from 9:00 to 17:00, Rīga City Council told LETA on August 26.
'Sunflower path' weaves through Rīga on Ukraine's Independence Day(update)
To celebrate Ukraine's Independence Day and to show solidarity with Ukrainians, the association “Tavi draugi” (Your Friends) organizes a 'Sunflower Path' – a live chain of people handing sunflowers from the help center on Ventspils Street to the Ukrainian embassy on Wednesday, August 24.
Latvian residents' donations to Ukraine continue dwindling
The association “Tavi draugi” (Your friends) has been actively accepting the public's donations to Ukrainians since the beginning of the war. Although donor activity has declined, the organization has its hands full. On August 23, Latvian Radio went to find out how work was going at Ventspils Street 50, the association's warehouse.
Survey: Latvia's residents feel safer at night
Residents in Latvia are feeling safer at night - this year 69% of survey respondents have noted that they had no fear in the vicinity of their homes alone at night, according to survey data published by the research center SKDS director Arnis Kaktiņš, LETA reported August 21.
Latvian aid to Ukraine equivalent to 0.8% of GDP
On 18 August 2022, the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica, said that Latvia's assistance to Ukraine so far is equivalent to 0.8% of its gross domestic product (GDP).
Latvians leave home aged 26, on average
In 2021, the average age at which young people had left their parental home in the EU was 26.5 years according to updated Eurostat data published Augist 18.
Donations on the way from Latvia to Ukraine's hospitals
On Tuesday, August 16, two vans and a truck with Latvian residents' donated aid traveled towards Kyiv in Ukraine, where assistance will be provided directly to Ukrainian hospitals, Latvian Television reported.
'Expired' identity documents will be valid until April 2023
Passports and ID cards that have expired since March 1, 2020, will be valid to use until April 30, 2023, the government decided on Tuesday, August 16. The Saeima has yet to decide on the relevant amendments to the Personal Identification Documents Law.
Over 36,000 Ukrainian refugees registered in Latvia
Since the beginning of Russia's war against Ukraine, 36,648 Ukrainian people have been registered in Latvia so far, while 31,257 refugees have been issued residence documents with the right to employment, according to the latest information gathered by the Ministry of Interior on August 15.
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