Tax scam worth 325,000 euros shut down
On November 8 the State Revenue (VID) Tax and Customs Police Department began criminal proceedings against a criminal group for tax avoidance and money laundering, which created losses of more than 325 000 euros for the national budget, VID announced on December 13. 
State institutions and politicians experience cyber attack
The Information Technology Security Incident Response Institution announced on Friday, December 13 that over the last few days several state institution employees and politicians have experienced targeted cyber attacks using phishing emails purporting to be from the Russian embassy, formatted as a reply to previous correspondence.
Lembergs' family barred from entry to United States
Following the news that Latvian businessman-politician Aivars Lembergs has been placed on a United States Department of the Treasury blacklist, freezing his assets and those of several entities linked to him, the U.S. Department of State has added to his woes by barring several members of his immediate family from entering the U.S,, too.
Lembergs named on U.S. sanctions list
Aivars Lembergs, long-time big cheese in the port city of Ventspils, was named as the target of United States sanctions December 9, on International Anti-Corruption Day.
Free firewood, Christmas trees on offer in Latvia's state forests
Latvia's State Forests (LVM), a state-owned company that plays a major role in the national economy, is offering residents the opportunity to collect firewood free of charge, provided they have received permission to do so for personal use only, according to Latvian Radio on December 9.
United Nations recommends legal changes on definition of torture
On December 6 the United Nations committee against torture published its regular report on Latvia's compliance with international law regarding torture and related civil rights topics. It praised various recent legal moves, particularly with regard to ending the status of "non-citizens" and several custodial changes.
Latvia's PISA OECD education rankings give cause for concern
Latvia fares reasonably well in the latest Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) education rankings produced by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and released December 3, though there is definite room for improvement, and bullying appears to be a serious area of concern.
Latvians among top 10 spenders in EU on communications
Latvians spend more than Estonians, Lithuanians and Finns, and are only just behind Swedes, in terms of how much of their income is spent on communications, according to new data from Eurostat published December 3.
Rīga Christmas markets open for business
With the First Advent Sunday of December on December 1, residents of Riga and visitors alike will be able to appreciate how the city is gearing up for the upcoming Christmas this year. 
Three for the weekend in Latvia: music, art and Advent
This weekend will bring not only winter snows and the beginning of Advent, but also plenty of cultural events for the whole family to enjoy. Leave curling up by the fireplace for the work week and don't let the snow keep you indoors, there are so many fun and interesting events going on in Latvia this weekend!
Another large-scale food poisoning incident
70 people may have contracted an acute gastrointestinal infection in Liepāja after eating their lunch in a Baltic Restaurants canteen at Lauma Lingerie company, the Center for Disease Prevention and Control representative Ilze Araja informed the LETA newswire November 28.
Rīga Central Market terminates agreement with tenant over “cigarette mafia” case
Rīga City Council announced on November 28 that the Riga Central Market, which it controls, has terminated its tenancy agreement with the company Tirdzniecības nams Latgales priekšpilsēta (Latgale Suburb Trading House) after several searches were conducted on their premises related to the illicit trafficking of cigarettes. They have until January 13 to evacuate the territory.
Lots of leaves were collected in Rīga
According to a press release from Rīga city council, 1,308.2 tonnes of leaves were collected from residents of the Latvian capital during a four-week period this fall.
Defense Ministry releases some research
According to the Ministry of Defense, new research it has conducted shows that 80% of respondents to a survey believe that in the case of a national-scale threat they would be most concerned about knowing where to turn for information.
LTV investigative journalists infiltrate Central Market cigarette mafia
LTV's investigative journalism program Forbidden Method (Aizliegtais Paņēmiens) has produced another notable scoop after conducting a six-month operation in which reporters infiltrated the Riga Central Market's illicit cigarette mafia, releasing the first of several episodes covering the 12,000-euro-per-month operation on November 25.
Hope that road death toll will be lower than recent years
A total of 107 people have died in road accidents so far this year, and the traffic safety situation has not improved much, officials at the Road Traffic Safety Council officials said November 25, reported the LETA news agency.
Lauma returns to Latvia without a work contract
Lauma Mačule flew to the UK to visit her brother at the age of 18 with one suitcase after she realized she didn't want to study IT at the Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. The visit to Manchester ended up lasting seven and a half years, she told
Source of army information leak identified
Defense officials have identified a person involved in leaking text messages which included restricted information, Defense Minister Artis Pabriks (Development/For!) said in an interview with the LETA news agency November 24.