Security Police arrest notorious pro-Russia activist
Latvia's interior police force, the Security Police, have detained Aleksandrs Gaponenko, a pro-Russian radical and the leader of an unregistered organization, the Congress of Non-citizens, over possible anti-Latvian activities, according to LETA's sources.
Russia's rocket plan proves to be another dud
Russia's threatened plan to fire rockets over the Baltic Sea proved to be less SpaceX than waste of space for a second time when no projectiles were blasted into the wide blue yonder between April 17 and 19.
Birth rate and population still declining
Provisional data from the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) show that since 2016 the number of births in Latvia is declining – in 2017 number of live births was approximately one thousand fewer than in 2016.
ABLV name crops up in deadly Maltese corruption investigation
ABLV bank, the local Latvian bank which is currently liquidating itself in response to U.S. allegations of institutionalized money laundering, is making new international headlines as part of an ongoing investigation in Malta about corruption among senior officials.
Saeima supports making military remembrance day a holiday
The Latvian parliament on April 19 supported - in the first, non-final reading - making November 11 a holiday. Called Lāčplēša Diena, it is a day of remembrance for the military and freedom fighters who died during the struggle for independence. 
Donkey dong done wrong
In another unusual day at the office for Riga's municipal police, officers were called to the scene April 14 after reports of a lewd and drunken donkey in the back of a delivery lorry.
Latvian armed forces and emergency services training in tandem
April 17 sees an exercise taking place in eastern Latvia organized by the National Armed Forces (NBS) in Audriņi and Vēreme parishes of Rezekne district which will see them teaming up with the Emergency Medical Service, the State Fire-fighting and Rescue Service, the State Police and the State Border Guard.
National Alliance pushes plan to restrict Russian propaganda TV channels
The right-of-center National Alliance party has called on its coalition partners – Unity and the Union of Greens and Farmers – to agree on a joint plan for restricting the broadcasting of Russian propaganda TV channels in Latvia, the party’s representative Dace Kalnina told LETA April 16.
Kin bury wrong body
In early April a family in the Jūrmala resort town underwent nothing short of a nightmare. They laid to rest who they thought was their recently deceased father. It was instead someone else. The police are investigating the case. 
Russia to repeat Baltic airspace shutdown
Latvia's Defense Ministry reported April 13 that the Russian military will for the second time in as many weeks shut down air traffic over parts of the Baltic Sea, apparently in order to fire missiles.
Anti-graft authority probing public road maintenance company
The recent raid at the offices of Latvia's public road maintenance company, Latvijas autoceļu uzturētājs, was carried out as part of an investigation over abuse of power and organized fraud, Jēkabs Straume, the head of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau told LTV April 13. 
Liepāja proves lucrative for exporter of modular houses
The demand for Latvia-made modular houses has been growing in Scandinavia. Another shipment of such houses made by MODHUS was delivered to Sweden in April. Its factory is located at a formed Soviet automotive factory, using post-occupation heritage for modern manufacture, reports Latvian Radio April 12.
More officials being fined for data misuse
Latvia's data protection law allows individuals to provide what information the authorities had collected about him, though this opportunity is used rarely. Nevertheless, the number of officials fined for peeking around in databases has grown over the last few years. 
Watch: Wild marten bosses around in empty stork nest
It could have been tragic. A wild marten was seen bossing around the nest of Latvia's two most famous black storks--but it was empty, and instead the animal could only poke around confusedly finding nothing of value on top of the tree.