Thousands celebrate midsummer in Latvia
Latvia's traditional midsummer celebrations proved as popular as ever on the night of June 23 to 24, with generally benign weather conditions and centenary enthusiasm prompting hundreds of thousands to sing songs, eat cheese, drink beer and jump over bonfires - not necessarily in that order.
No access to secrets for central banker Rimšēvičs
Governor of the Latvian Central Bank (Latvijas Banka, LB) Ilmārs Rimšēvičs has had his withdrawal of access to state secrets confirmed after Prosecutor General Eriks Kalnmeiers underlined the move June 22.
Latvia struggling to keep toxic hogweed in check
Some parts of Latvia are having some success coping with infestation of the highly invasive and toxic giant hogweed (known as Latvānis in Latvian), but many parts of the country are seeing it spread with frightening speed and persistence, reported Latvian Radio June 22.
Tips & tricks for the Midsummer weekend
It's official - tomorrow marks the start of the Midsummer celebration - Jāņi. The chief activities include drinking beer by the bonfire; grilling meat; eating the traditional Midsummer cheese (with lots of cumin!) and singing and dancing in the open air.
Midsummer weather: Little rain, except in Latgale
"It's raining as if it's Midsummer!" a Latvian saying goes. Nevertheless, this year people celebrating the most Latvian of holidays can be without fear of spending a night by the bonfire - there'll be little rain, except possibly for the eastern region of Latvia, known as Latgale, reports LSM's weather man Toms Bricis. 
MP released from custody, three suspected of illegal party financing scheme
Saeima deputy Artuss Kaiminš was released from police custody late June 21. He emerged from holding cells in northern Rīga and quickly departed in a car, but appeared soon afterwards on social media with party colleague Aldis Gobzems from inside the vehicle claiming his detention was politically motivated.
Day of Pope visit will be a holiday
On June 21 the Latvian parliament supported making September 24, 2018 a holiday. It's the day the head of the Roman Catholic church, Pope Francis is visiting the country. 
Angry Estonians plan another tax protest
Many cars in Estonia are decorated with Estonian and Latvian flags. Though at first glance a gesture of neighborly respect, it is actually a protest against the tax policy of the Estonian government. Some of Latvia's neighbors up north are so fed up with their government that they're planning to spend August 20 - the day Estonia reinstated its independence - in Latvia, reported LTV June 20. 
Court acquits four in digital TV corruption case
Rīga Regional Court on June 20 delivered its verdict in the so-called digital television case, overruling the earlier conviction of former National Theater director Ojars Rubenis but giving fines and real jail sentences to other defendants in the case, though in some cases with slightly reduced penalties.
Murder of insolvency administrator could be linked to missing person case
Mārtiņš Bunkus, the insolvency administrator recently murdered in the Latvian capital, was linked to the construction business figure Andris Bojārs through an insolvency process, reported LTV's De Facto June 17. Bojārs went missing late last November after leaving his apartment in central Rīga. Police say the fates of the two may be linked. 
Saber Strike exercises wind up in Latvia
About 2,000 troops and 800 vehicles were moved from the Adazi military base in central Latvia to south-west of the country during the Saber Strike 2018 international military exercise, reported the LETA newswire.
Fire at military zone put out
On June 14 the fire at the Ādaži military zone was put out after it started June 10, the State Forest Service told LSM's Latvian-language service.
Education Ministry moves to regulate class sizes
There will have to be at least 25 students per class in high schools in Riga and other large cities, and at least twelve per class in high schools in the regions, according to the Education and Science Ministry's draft regulation on the minimum and maximum student numbers per class in high school, reported the LETA newswire.