5,000 sign up for Pope's Aglona roadshow
So far some 5,000 people have signed up to attend a mass led by Pope Francis in Aglona next month, according to the top Catholic clergyman in Latvia, Archbishop Zbigņevs Stankevičs.
Catholics gather at Aglona
Thousands of members of the Roman Catholic church have gathered and continue to arrive in Aglona, eastern Latvia, for an annual pilgrimage.
United Nations is being lied to, claims Latvia's rights ombudsman
Some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are providing inaccurate and even false information to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in an attempt to discredit Latvia, said Latvia's Chief Ombudsman responsible for civil rights, Juris Jansons.
Four companies fighting for four by four contract
Latvia's Ministry of Defense is currently conducting a final assessment to decide on the purchase of 4x4 light and medium-range tactical vehicles that meet the operational and technical requirements of the National Armed Forces, the ministry has confirmed in a statement.
Song and Dance Festival director dies
On August 9 the director Uģis Brikmanis passed away, his colleagues confirmed to LTV. Born in 1956, he is chiefly known for his work at the Latvian Song and Dance Festival. 
Pensions to grow an average €18.27 this year
Latvian pensions and compensations or their parts not exceeding €382 will be recalculated on October 1, Welfare Minister Janis Reirs (Unity) said at a news conference August 9, adding that €30 million have been earmarked in the budget for this purpose.
Valdgale firefighting efforts conclude
Rescue services will leave the location of the Valdgale fire, ongoing for several weeks, as there are no open fires at the location anymore, the State and Rescue Service (VUGD) told the press August 7.
Boy dies in Liepaja bluff landslide
A boy died last weekend when a landslide buried him at a coastal bluff in the southwestern Latvian seaside city of Liepāja, police spokeswoman Signe Steinberga told LETA.
Fire near Estonian border put out
On August 5 the fire at the Saklaurs bog at Ramata parish, Mazsalaca Municipality has been put out fully, said State Forestry Service representative Selva Šulce.
Fire near Estonian border still being fought
Firefighters are still at work monitoring or combating three simultaneous bog blazes on Latvian territory; of these, the fire at Rāmata parish near the border with Estonia is still being fought actively, according to State Forestry Service representative Zigmunds Jaunķiķis.
Estonia, Lithuania helping tackle big bog fire in northern Latvia
The Estonian fire service has sent a special tracked vehicle and crew to help their Latvian colleagues tackle a major fire raging in bogland near the Latvia-Estonia border and Lithuania will send a helicopter to work alongside the helicopter of the Latvian armed forces, LTV reported August 2.