Redundancies as Latvian companies are impacted by economic sanctions
Several company applications for collective redundancies have been received by the State Employment Agency (NVA). Applications are mainly from companies where the sanctions on Russia have left an impact, NVA Director Evita Simsone told Latvian Radio on June 10.
Remote work visas to be introduced in Latvia
Latvian Saeima approved amendments to the Immigration Law on June 2 that provide for the introduction of remote work visas to facilitate the entry of high-skilled specialists to Latvia.
Unemployment down slightly in April
Data published May 19 by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) show that in April 2022 the actual unemployment rate in Latvia constituted 6.8 %, and that compared to March, it had decreased by 0.3 percentage points.
1400 Ukrainian refugees already work in Latvia
1,400 Ukrainian civilians have submitted an application to the State Employment Agency (NVA) for the commencement of employment relations in Latvia. The supply of vacancies from Latvian employers is well above demand, Latvian Radio reported April 28.
Monthly unemployment at standstill
Data of the Labour Force Survey published by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) on March 18 show that in February 2022, the actual unemployment rate in Latvia was 7.6 %, and it was unchanged compared to January.
Wages grew 11.8% in 2021
Data published by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) March 1 show that in 2021 the average monthly gross wage or salary for full-time work in Latvia comprised EUR 1 277. 
Unemployment rate in Latvia in December 0.5% up on month
Data of the Labour Force Survey published by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) January 20 show that in December 2021, the actual unemployment rate in Latvia was 7.6 %, up by 0.5 percentage points compared to November.
Many unvaccinated among the ranks of unemployed in Latvia
The national requirement to vaccinate against Covid-19 has led to many unvaccinated people joining the unemployment ranks. More than 40% of those acquiring unemployed status in recent months are not vaccinated against Covid-19, Latvian Television reported January 16.
The oldest and youngest face discrimination in job market, says association
Despite the lack of workforce in many sectors, there are two discriminated-against groups in the labour market in Latvia – young people freshly graduating school people over 50 years of age, Eva Selga, Chair of the Latvian Personnel Management Association, told Latvian Television January 10.
Latvia's catering employees move abroad
In the catering sector, a lack of workforce was prevalent before the pandemic. Now it is even more pronounced due to the constraints, and recently more and more employees decide to go abroad, Latvian Radio reported December 15.
Covid certificate mandatory to work onsite as of Wednesday
On Wednesday, the requirement for holding a Covid-19 certificate of vaccination or recovery comes into force to work onsite in the private sector. Around 60,000 employees will thus be unable to continue work, mostly in the transport and construction sectors, Latvian Radio reported December 15.
Saeima adopts 'no Covid certificate, no job' law
On Thursday, November 4, Latvia's parliament, the Saeima, supported the amendments to the Law which provide for the right of employers to dismiss employees who do not have an interoperable certificate of Covid-19 vaccination or recovery.
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