Official newsletter offers updates on financial sector reform
It has not been the easiest year so far for Latvia's financial sector, to put it mildly. ABLV bank has gone into liquidation following allegations of money-laundering from the U.S., the central bank governor has been charged with corruption and officials have scrambled to introduce reforms to prevent the sector being frozen out of the mainstream financial trading systems.
On the road with Latvian exporters: X Infotech
The French writer Guy de Maupassant famously said that the view from the Eiffel Tower was the best in Paris – because it was the one place in the French capital where you didn't have to look at the Eiffel Tower, which he disliked.
Unemployment continues downward path
Results of the most recent Labour Force Survey conducted by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) and released August 15 show that in the 2nd quarter of 2018 the Latvian unemployment rate constituted 7.7 %. 
Rail electrification tender open
An invitation for bids was issued August 10 as part of the first stage of the Latvian Railroad Network Electrification project, Latvijas Dzelzcels railroad company informed the LETA newswire.
Annual inflation dips in July
The latest data of the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) released August 8 show that in July 2018, compared to July 2017, the average level of consumer prices rose by 2.6 %.  Prices of goods grew by 2.4 % and prices of services by 3.2 %.
PM asks prosecutor's office to look into unlawful issue of MPC licenses
Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis (Greens/Farmers) has submitted to the prosecutor’s office his report on the implementation of the mandatory purchase component (MPC) system from 2007 to 2018, including information on an allegedly unlawful licensing of ten wind farms for government support under the MPC system, the prime minister’s spokesman Andrejs Vaivars told LETA August 8.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Nordigen
Business is often talked about in terms of a willingness to take risks. There is high-risk, low-risk, calculated risk, counter-intuitive risk and even gut instinct risk. All those risks are undertaken in the anticipation of getting something in return. Quite where the profit lies in climbing the swaying 34-meter tall wooden tower that we are standing beside in a howling gale is not clear.
Banks have ditched shell companies, says regulator
Latvia's banking regulator, the Financial and Capital Market Commission said August 2 that the financial sector "has got rid of undesirable shell companies" following an intense U.S. - inspired crackdown on money laundering.
On the road with Latvian exporters: Latvijas Piens
Driving into Jelgava on the main road from Rīga, you might be forgiven for thinking you were in provincial Germany rather than central Latvia. At least three of the large, modern new factories lining the route have the black, red, gold of the German flag fluttering outside them on a sweltering day.
Latvia earns data thumbs-up from IMF
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said August 1 Latvia had earned recognition for the quality of the economic data it produces in an official capacity, placing it among the top tier of countries for data standards. Latvia becomes only the seventeenth country in the world that implements the highest tier in the IMF's data dissemination standards initiatives.
IKEA store completed
The IKEA store building in Stopiņi, just outside Rīga, has been officially completed, the Construction State Control Bureau told the press July 31.
Retail trade posts solid growth in June
Calendar adjusted data (at constant prices) compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) and released July 30 show that, compared to June 2017, in June 2018 total retail trade turnover rose by 5.6 %. 
Latvia racks up strong economic growth in second quarter
A flash estimate released July 30 by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) shows that, compared to the 2nd quarter of 2017, in the 2nd quarter of 2018 Latvia's gross domestic product (GDP) value increased by 5.1 % (seasonally and calendar non-adjusted data).