Sharp increase in internet use in Latvia
Like in many other European countries, internet usage has increased during the Covid-19 crisis, with students studying and parents working from home. People watch more films and TV series. Despite data usage going up 25% for one telecoms provider, Latvia's internet infrastructure still shows resilience, reported Latvian Radio April 1.
Returning travelers banned from public transport
On March 31 the Latvian government supplemented the state of emergency measures implemented due to the current Covid-19 novel coronavirus pandemic with a ban on people who have come to Latvia from abroad from using public transportation, according to Latvijas Vēstnesis (Latvian Herald).
Latvia raises 550 million euros in bond sale
Latvia reinforced its war chest to tackle the coronavirus crisis on March 26 by going to the financial markets and issuing an additional tranche of EUR 550 million of outstanding bonds maturing in 2026, with a yield of 0.406% at a pre-fixed coupon of 0.375%.
Some companies hire employees seeing downtime
Many companies are closed during the Covid-19 outbreak, with employees staying home. But others are seeing increased demand for services and products. These latter now tend to absorb part of the workforce that is seeing downtime, reported Latvian Radio march 25.
Banks raise contactless pay limit to 50 euros
Latvia's retail banks have agreed to raise the standard limit for "contactless" transactions to 50 euros from the previous 25 euros, saying that doing so will potentially help counter the spread of coronavirus via buttons and keypads.
Send in your experience to Bureaucracy Award 2020
The interactive project launched on February 1 by Latvian Public Broadcasting (LSM) in cooperation with Latvian Radio and Latvian Television invites people to help minimize bureaucratic absurdities by sending in their experience and voting on things they think should be changed, so that the project can call for real-life change.
Vote, vote, vote for your favorite Latvian coin
If you're stuck at home doing your bit for social distancing, what better way to pass the time than by weighing up the comparative aesthetic merits of a small selection of Latvian coinage?