PM Kariņš: Tax system changes are not expected
The new coalition forming the next government has agreed not to change the tax system in times of crisis, Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (New Unity) said in an interview on Latvian Television November 30.
Court rejects Lembergs' claim for 'health damage' in prison
On November 23, the administrative district court in Riga rejected the application of former Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs for the recovery of €100,000 in a dispute with the state regarding harm to health, which the applicant believes was done when he was in prison.
Government declaration could be finished next wee
Proposals submitted by the partners of the future coalition for a government declaration are being compiled and processed. The declaration defines the objectives and tasks of the government. Saeima deputy Arvils Ašeradens (New Unity) told Latvian Television on Monday that work could be completed at the beginning of the next week.
LTV's De Facto: MP Rajevs has faced fraud charges from Defense Ministry
Saeima deputy, United List politician and reserve colonel Igors Rajevs has been accused of defrauding money from the Ministry of Defense, but three years ago the criminal proceedings were terminated due to him repaying the sum, Latvian Television's broadcast De Facto reported on November 20.
Rīga mayor Staķis: "This is Europe, here are European values"
All of Latvia’s integration programs for Russian-speakers over the past thirty years have been ineffective, according to Riga Mayor Mārtiņš Staķis. With more Russians coming to the country, Staķis says the choice is simple – “if you don't want to be integrated, or you want to live here but you still believe in Russia in your heart and mind, maybe this is not the best place for you.”
Still no significant progress in Latvia's coalition formation
Future coalition partners have not taken any steps closer toward the next government. Representatives of the United List (AS) are calling on potential coalition partners to sign another memorandum of cooperation. AS also met with President of State Egil Levits on Tuesday, November 15, and presented their plan. Levits confirmed that the parties involved in the government expressed their willingness to continue the negotiations, Latvian Radio and Latvian Television reported.
Start drafting government declaration, says President Levits
The partners of the promised new government coalition – Jaunā Vienotība (New Unity, JV), Apvienotais Saraksts (United List, AS), and the Nacionālā apvienība (National Alliance, NA) – can start work on their government's declaration, according to President Egils Levits after meeting with Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (JV) November 14.
Parties tight-lipped about weekend coalition talks
Representatives of "Jaunā Vienotība" (New Unity, JV) and "Apvienotais saraksts" (United List, AS) are currently making few comments about progress in government formation talks, reports Latvian Radio.
Smiltēns: Coalition talks stall due to 'style of negotiation'
The political association United List (AS) is skeptical of the negotiating style of the future government-building leader, Krišjānis Kariņš (New Unity), United List's representative and Speaker of the Saeima Edvards Smiltēns told Latvian Television on November 10.
Government-building talks still ongoing
Leader of coalition negotiations, current Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (New Unity) is expecting a clear response from the next coalition partners United List (AS) on the division of ministerial responsibilities by the end of the week, Kariņš said after a meeting with AS on Wednesday, November 9.
Harmony party wants Daugavpils mayor out
If the mayor of Daugavpils, the country's second-largest city, Andrejs Elksniņš does not leave the Harmony party himself then the party will decide on his exclusion, Harmony's leader Jānis Urbanovičs told Latvian Radio on November 9. Elksniņš said he was not thinking about leaving Harmony.
New ministry to be formed in Latvia
Continuing the formation of the government coalition, the party association New Unity, United List, and the National Alliance plan to sign a memorandum of cooperation this week. Politicians have managed to agree on the creation of a new ministry, the scope of which will still be debated, Latvian Television reported November 2.
Thirteen parties can apply for public funding in Latvia
This week, parties can apply for public funding in accordance with their results in the 14th Saeima elections. The money from the state will be received by 13 parties. Seven of them have overcome the 5% barrier to get elected into the Saeima, Latvian Television reported November 1.
Coalition talks will continue, says Levits
Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš will continue to lead talks on building the new coalition, as follows from the words of President of Latvia Egils Levits after the meeting with Kariņš on October 31.
New coalition to consist of three parties
President Egils Levits signaled October 24 that a three-party government coalition is now likely to take power in Latvia as opposed to an alternative four-party model.
Coalition talks could be quicker, says National Alliance
The pace of the coalition-building talks led by the party association New Unity (JV) leader Krišjānis Kariņš is not as quick as it should be, said Raivis Dzintars, leader of the National Alliance, in an interview with Latvian Radio on October 24.
Bordāns: Russia's interests won Saeima elections
Russia's interests have won the parliamentary elections, and 'four parties could have been funded with Russian money', said Justice Minister, leader of the Conservatives party Jānis Bordāns on Latvian Television October 21.
New Saeima deputy accused of possibly lying about workplace
The State Police (VP) has referred the case against the newly elected 14th Saeima deputy Glorija Grevcova (For Stability!) to the prosecutor, on the provision of potentially deliberate false messages to the Central Election Commission (CVK), VP said October 19.
PM Kariņš: Four-party coalition is still possible
Although the party association United List (AS) and the National Alliance (NA) have made it clear that they do not want the involvement of the Progressives in the next government, the coalition negotiator, current Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (New Unity), believes that a four-party coalition is possible, Latvian Television reported October 19.
Bigger news on coalition could be expected next Monday(update)
More significant news on the formation of the new coalition could be expected next Monday, said New Unity representative Arvils Ašeradens in an interview on Latvian Television October 18. Clarity on the new government could be expected in two weeks.
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