British minister pays brief visit
British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt paid a brief visit to Rīga August 15 as part of a whistlestop charm offensive as the UK braces itself to leave the European Union.
13th Saeima elections: The parties (Part 1)
Now that all the candidate lists have been submitted and the ballot numbers have been assigned, it's time for a brief overview of the parties contesting Latvia's Saeima elections on October 6.
Latvia to continue trade with Iran, says Foreign Ministry
Latvia's Foreign Ministry has confirmed that it would follow the EU in not stopping trade with Iran, despite US calls for the contrary. Nevertheless, Latvia's trade with the country is very limited and has kept on falling for the past few years, reported LTV August 12.
Party ballot numbers revealed
On August 10 the Central Election Committee drew lots of MP candidates registered for the 13th Saeima election on October 6th.
16 parties will contest Saeima elections
With the deadline having passed August 7 to submit candidates to participate in the 13th Saeima elections on October 6th, it has been established that 16 parties will be in the running.
Latvia supports Georgia 10 years on
Latvia joined Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and others in expressing support for the territorial integrity of Georgia 10 years after Russia occupied a significant portion of the country.
Deadline day for political hopefuls
August 7 is the final day for political parties to submit their candidate lists to the Central Electoral Commission (CVK) for participation in the Saeima elections to be held on October 6.
13 presidents to hold 'informal' September summit in Latvia
What is the collective noun for a large group of presidents? A ruling? A constitution? A gaggle? Whatever, a large group of national heads of state will meet in Latvia in September, the office of the Latvian president announced July 30.
Former politician wins meteoric diplomatic promotion
Former politician and former speaker of the Saeima Solvita Āboltiņa will receive accreditation as Latvia's next ambassador to Italy, according to information by released by the office of the Latvian President July 27.
Latvia fully backs Pompeo on Crimea stance
Latvia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said July 26 it "expresses its strong support" for the Crimea Declaration issued by the United States Secretary of State on 25 July."
Steep rise in ratings for populist party
The latest party ratings polls commissioned by LTV and carried out by the SKDS polling agency put MP Artuss Kaimiņš' party, KPV LV, as the third most popular in Latvia.
"New Conservatives" reveal top election tickets
The right-of-center New Conservative Party (JKP) has named its ministerial candidates and party leaders who appear at the top of the election ballot for the October 6, 2018 parliamentary elections, reported Latvian Radio and LTV July 18.
Parliament to vote on open presidential ballot
The Saeima Legal Affairs Committee on July 17 supported amendments to the Latvian constitution that would introduce an open presidential vote, reported LSM's Latvian-language service.